OMG!!!  I, simply, cannot take it ANYMORE!!!  😉

I DO NOT “GET” IT, folks!!!  WHY???  WHY… are individuals so “MEAN” spirited?  Why is there so much NEGATIVE “STUFF” out there?  WHY do people ALWAYS try and tear down other people?  Where is all of this anger coming from?

Please… “GET OVER YOURSELF”!!!  Your opinion may be EXACTLY…”RIGHT”… TO YOU…from YOUR perspective!!!  But, don’t individuals develop opinions regarding issues based on personal experiences AND where they’re at emotionally, psychologically, physically, mentally, financially, etc., etc., etc.???    So, there you have it… EVERYONE’S opinions are uniquely formed and they are “specific” to each person’s “LIFE,” based on their experiences.  NOT YOURS.

Case point…and example #1:  2 patients undergo the same surgery, performed by the same surgeon, but they experience opposite results.  This will yield one GOOD review…  and one BAD review, correct?  So, what does this mean?  Is this doctor a “GOOD” or “BAD” surgeon? IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!  2 individuals forming opposite opinions  based on their own personal experience.  That’s “LIFE”.

I chose this example because I work in the medical field.  There are examples dealing with EVERYTHING imaginable.  The bottom line?  People form opinions based on their own personal experiences.  NOT YOURS!!! And most experiences are not alike,  PERIOD!!!

Case point…example #2:  5 friends attend the same “event”…TOGETHER.  Each individual “remembers” specific details… DIFFERENTLY!!!  But wait… they were at the exact same event!!! How can the details be… DIFFERENT”???  Aaahhh!!!  So tell me… WHO IS RIGHT???  AND…WHO IS WRONG???  THEY ARE ALL RIGHT!!!   Most people perceive things differently due to each brain’s uniqueness.  Therefore,  YOUR REALITY”…IS NOT “MY REALITY”!!!  PRETTY DEEP STUFF, HUH???  Our differences make each of us… “SPECIAL,” right?  EACH IN OUR OWN WAY!!!

And, how do we form opinions regarding things we’ve never experienced?  We “hear” about somebody else’s experience.  “Word-of-mouth.”  Now, realize that one’s opinions can and “DO” change over time.  This occurs as “LIFE” happens all around us… EVERY DAY!!!  Here comes that same ole’ premise again:  “WE ARE WHO WE ARE BASED ON WHERE WE’VE BEEN AND HOW WE’VE RESPONDED TO SITUATIONS WHILE SIMPLY SEEKING TO SURVIVE LIFE”!!!  We are the result of our experiences.  Now…it is up to each individual to determine their final… “destination”.  WOW!!!  DEEP STUFF…AGAIN!!!  Folks, we are ALL different.  And that’s OKAY.  Please don’t trivialize someone else’s opinion.  It’s theirs.  Not yours.

LIFE IS DIFFICULT, folks!!!  IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!  To me.  To you.  To him.  To her.  AND YOU KNOW WHAT???  THAT’S OKAY!!!  WHY???  “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!”  GO TEAM USA!!!