FB frenzy, 3/19/2014


A simple post on FB causing such an enormous argument via…the internet!!!  Are you serious???  You have got to be kidding me!!!

Boy, miscommunication occurs EVERYWHERE…EVERY DAY!!!  I simply do not “GET” folks!!!  “Certain” things are okay in “certain” environments!!!  We need to learn when and where to alter language and behaviors to “FIT” the audience appropriately.

I understand that our beloved service men and women might develop a whole new “language” that may be acceptable and, perhaps, appropriate during their years of service… IN A MILITARY-TYPE, OR WAR ZONE.  God Bless You and thank you.

We appreciate ALL you have sacrificed.  How can we make up for what you continue to suffer from?  Are or were you underpaid?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  Do you deserve our support after your years of service?  OH YEAH!!!  Who?  What?  When?  Where?  Why?  WE NEED SOME VALID OR APPROPRIATE SOLUTIONS… to this dilemma.

Many of us who were not in the military have been valued employees whose taxes have ALWAYS gone towards supporting our military as dictated by the ruling powers in Government.  MANY of us vote consistently for the party associated with a STRONG military support…THAT WOULD BE ME…AND MY HUSBAND…VOTING REPUBLICAN.  You’re welcome.

We are a nation comprised of military “folks” and the, so-called, civilian “folks”.  “ALL”… OF US DOING “OUR” PART…TO SUPPORT THIS AMAZING COUNTRY, AMERICA.

RESPECT. folks.  We just need to respect each other.  AND…I ADMIT THAT I AM IGNORANT!!!  About many of the things that I “SHOULD” have cared about  while growing up.  I didn’t care…about anything.  Why?  Child molestation…destroyed my life from  a young age until I was 43.  A serious car accident at the age of 22… SAVED MY LIFE …and sent me on a 20+ year journey… “SEARCHING” for “ME”.  Previous posts discuss those “pivotal” points in my “LIFE,” in case you “missed” them.

LIFE IS DIFFICULT, folks.  We all do our best, seeking to survive…”LIFE”.  And those who don’t do their best…need to step-up…and join the team…