Are ANY of us able to be fully proud of the person we are these days?  Unrealistic work demands.  Unobtainable job goals.  Companies expecting more.  And More.  AND MORE!!!  For Less.  And less,  and less.

The Government’s stealing more. And more.  AND MORE.  Via the guise of “taxes”, for WHO?  WHAT?  WHEN?  WHERE?  WHY?  Those who are successful in this country are punished.  Yep, some rich people, businesses, corporations, etc. ARE BAD!!!  MANY ARE GOOD, however, we just don’t hear about “them”.  This is America, folks.  Our media systems like to focus on reporting the BAD news!!!  NOT THE GOOD!!!

DISNEY.  What an amazing fairy-tale of a story.  Walt Disney had a VISION that no one else could quite “see”.  IT WAS HUGE!!!  Oh yeah, it was Walt’s “VISION”, alright.  And he chose to act on it.  So tell me, AMERICA…how would you feel buying expensive tickets to visit one of these amazing parks… IF and WHEN our Government takes over ownership of them as well?  After all…Disney hires a lot of employees, right?  Think of ALL those “lost” jobs if they were to…ssshhh… “GO UNDER”?  Our government could NOT allow that to happen, could it?  Hhhmmm… well, what do YOU think?

EVERYTHING changes… when the Government owns it!!!  There doesn’t seem to be that sense of pride anymore.  And I am sorry folks, but we see this ALL the time.  Government-run programs ALL lack that, MUCH NEEDED, sense of PRIDE.  Instead, we see run-down buildings, unsatisfactory “professional” service or products, irritable employees, EVERYTHING SCREAMS:  UNHAPPINESS, UNFULFILLMENT, UNWORTHINESS!!!  WOW!!!   YES …”UNWORTHINESS”!!!  AMEN!!!  Think about that, folks.  WE, as the people… ARE WORTHY OF SO MUCH MORE THAN OUR GOVERNMENT ALLOWS US TO HAVE OR ACHIEVE!!!

I had no idea where this post would lead, folks.  AGAIN… I sit here… STUNNED and AMAZED!!!

GO TEAM!!!  Folks, please hear me.  And please believe me when I say:  “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”!!!   Remember to give the best of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!