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Reading the Bible…DAILY…is so very, very important.  The  first Bible I ever owned is very nice, folks.  I JUST HAVEN’T READ IT!!!  What???  That’s right…I JUST HAVEN’T READ IT!!!

In my defense… I HAVE BEEN AFRAID OF IT!!!  WHAT???   AFRAID???  OF THE BIBLE???  Okay, I admit being afraid to open up my Bible!!!  WHY???  I could NEVER understand what I was reading!!!

I can remember that first, nice Bible.  Given to me as a gift from a friend.  A very special friend, named Brian.  “Special”… because God placed Brian in my presence to “initiate” introducing His “word” many, many years ago during that fateful college internship!!!

I have NO idea how that opportunity EVER presented itself.  It still amazes me ALL of these years later.  My final internship, involving actual “On The Job Training” as an Occupational Therapy Assistant occurred at the EXACT same Rehab.  facility where I had been a patient following my car accident!!!  Approximately 2 hours South of Toledo, OH.  Yep, I interned where I had been a patient!!!  WOW!!!  I cannot explain the emotions that experience entailed.  AGAIN… I cannot make this stuff up, folks.  And Brian was interning as well, but as a Physical Therapist.  I would sure love to let him know the positive impact he had on my life’s Journey of Faith, such a long, long time ago.

Sorry, my mind tends to “wander” a bit.  Back on topic:  Reading, but not understanding the Bible.  I can remember reading that bible, faithfully!!!  Until I finished what  I could understand…”Genesis”!!!  I am not kidding, folks!

Genesis is where it ALL begins.  I start reading every book at the beginning.  The Bible is a book.  I set out utilizing the exact same method to read this book…The Bible.  Yep, FRONT TO BACK!!!  Starting with the first page and ending with the last page.  Everything occurs in the proper order, correct?  I had never dreamed of skipping around to read portions of any book…”out of order” and expect to “follow” the story-line.

I made it through “Genesis,” writing up notecards regarding “what” was created “when”.  After “Genesis,” however, NOTHING made sense!  It must be written in a foreign language!!!  I didn’t “GET” it!!!  And I could not “skip” ahead to read later portions first.  That’s just WRONG, right?  You’re supposed to read a book from beginning to end, right?  Front to back, right?  Or WRONG?  I am serious, folks.  This is “ME” and that world I live in.  IT’S LONELY HERE!!!

The Bible was not an integral part of our up-bringing in my family.  We were introduced to the concepts of God, Jesus, sin, heaven, etc. as young children, but allowed to stray, at will.  I cannot remember the last time I attended regular church as a child with my family.

Thus, the Bible became important in my lifetime after my car accident as the result of Brian…and those Bible studies held during that final internship before employment in the medical field.  I still have that Bible.  My “first” Bible.  Given to me from Brian.  I will keep it FOREVER as one of my most treasured possessions.

Years later, 2013, I purchased a second Bible.  This one came recommended.  So I went to the bookstore, by myself… ALONE …to purchase “this” recommended Bible.  Asking for “HELP” has never been easy for me to do.  I always felt “stupid” for not knowing something.  So I went into the store by myself and came out…by myself…WITH A BRAND NEW BIBLE!!!  That I picked out… ALL BY MYSELF!!!  No knowledge, WHAT-SO-EVER, about ANYTHING concerning the Bible.  This second Bible… was as hard as the first one to understand!!!  I could read the exact same scripture presented at church, BUT it did not say to me what the pastor said it meant.  So, so confusing!!!  And we are informed, regularly, how VERY important it is to read God’s Word… EVERYDAY!!!  Aaahhh!!!  But I didn’t understand a thing I read!!!

ENTER…a VERY special co-worker, Jo.  She has been instrumental in my “Journey of Faith”.  She went with me in about Nov. of 2013 to purchase, yet,  my third Bible. A teaching Bible that I can not only”understand,” but one that also explains what I am reading!  Ha!!  Go figure.  Versions of the SAME Bible, reporting the exact same events with different wording that makes it more understandable!!!  I knew NOTHING about ANYTHING concerning The Bible.

I now have a Bible I can read…and understand.  I recently learned that I do not need to sit down and read it… “front-to-back”.  I am currently reading the Psalms.  These are easy and comforting.  But what about the “scripture”.  I need to learn “scripture,” correct?  Where?  What section of the Bible?  Where to start?  Where to finish?  I am so, so confused.  Literally, folks.  This is so, so “ME”.  I take everything at face value.  “IT IS…WHAT IT IS!!!”  And nobody can even guess what “IT”…”IS”… in Jill’s world.  NOT EVEN ME!!!

I am “ME,” folks.  I may not “GET” things.  I may be slow.  I may be too direct with what I say.  THIS is “ME”.  And you know what?  God loves me.  This…I AM SURE OF.  I may be a late Christian bloomer, but numberoneteam.net is MY testimony.  MY…JOURNEY OF FAITH.  And if I can help anyone in any way by sharing my story…