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HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  I am “borrowing” this idea from… “political correctness”!!!  GET IT???  Stick with me, folks.  This is funny…

Life is so crazy, busy these days.  My kids are growing up too quickly.  I was delighted to spend some time with my daughter Sunday afternoon…  “SHOPPING”!!!  Oh yeah, mother-daughter “bonding” time!!!  🙂

While leaving Target there were many cars waiting to pull away from 3-way stop signs.  Now, each of these three stop signs continue onto the short, 4th way, which leads to the main road stop-light.  WHEW!!!  Can you picture that?  The driver of another car, sitting at the stop-sign to my LEFT… before I arrived there, and myself got into a little “gesturement” –like argument (I JUST made that word up!)  “GESTUREMENT”  = 2 or more individuals gesturing, angrily, in disagreement!!!  😉 HA!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

This rendition of the “ACTUAL” scenario is a bit fabricated to add some…”flavor,” okay? 😉  So, here we go…this other driver, who was definitely at “her” stop-sign before I got to “my” stop-sign, and myself each waited.   And waited… for the other to proceed through the sign and onto the light.  Neither one of us moved.  We each motioned the other on…”nicely” and waited.  Still no movement!!!  Angry, but friendly gestures began…”SHE” motioned with her hand for me to go…”I” motioned for her to go!!!  Now, the light for us is “Green,” but nobody is moving!!!  AND …this light only stays “green” for a short time!!!  So,  I push  the button to lower my window(a bit agitated), pointed my finger AT her angrily…and it was my “POINTER” finger (meaning that “I” meant business!!!), and quickly “swooped” my arm in the direction of the stop-light, gesturing her to MOVE!!!   FINALLY!!!  We both make it through the light!!! 

Danielle and I re-played that scenario a few times after we finally made it out onto the main road.  Try to “picture” our hand “gesturement” inside the vehicle actually saying the words that might go along with those gestures!  HA!!!  Her: “You go”;  Me:  “OH no, YOU go”; Her:  “YOU can go first”; Me:  “LOOK LADY, you were there first!  NOW GO!!!”  This was so, so hysterical, folks!!!  AFTER… we made it out onto the main road!!!

This reflects the frustration that both of us drivers felt while simply trying to be “polite”.  POLITENESS TURNED UGLY!!!  Folks, I do believe that we all “want” to be friendly, however we are ALWAYS rushing here or there to hurry-up and do something that should have been done yesterday!!!  And you know what?  I’m sure it would still be there waiting for you to get it done tomorrow…IF…it really needs to be done at all!!!

THIS IS LIFE, folks!  Sometimes happy, sad, easy, difficult… “CRAZY” (shhh, this is my favorite word)… FOR ALL OF US!!!  Try to enjoy it.  ALL OF IT!!!





Ha!!!  DOUBLE HA!!!  HA!!!  We live at the Beach…on Anastasia Island.  Yep, a “FLOODING ZONE”!  🙂  Our house has survived Hurricanes and Tropical Storms– we have not suffered a direct “HIT” … to date, but we’ve “enjoyed” evacuations (mini vacations to our children), high winds, hard and heavy rains, rising water levels, angry ocean waves, etc.

Our house has survived it all… until our 2014 Battle”… with the pipes!!!  Those dreaded pipes…they’re EVERYWHERE!!!  In the yard.   In the garage.  They’re even in bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, closets, etc.  THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!!!

Our house is a bit “weathered,” from years of daily living, Hurricane scares, Tropical storms, 2 separate families, including parents, children, and pets.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to keep up with renovation needs since Medicare reform hit the economy in Jan. 1999, A.K.A.:  P.P.S(Prospective payment system).  We are now being hit… AGAIN… with Healthcare reform, A.K.A.:  Obamacare .  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  OBAMACARE?  NO, OBAMA DON’T CARE!!!” Please revisit that post, dated 2/8/14, to review…for “fun”.  😉

Our household piping “issues” have been plaguing us for going on 3 weeks now!  Week 1:  identify problems and begin re-piping the Allen household.

Week 2:  continue re-piping and begin “repairs” of holes made, purposefully… in walls AND holes made, accidentally… in ceilings!  Pipes began “BURSTING” in our master bath and bed rooms with water covering tile and carpet floorings, late on Fri., 3/29/14!!!

WEEK 3:  I leave house at 6:30 am on Sat. 3/30/14 to volunteer at Mud Mania event.  Enter “Johnny” from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Jacksonville, FL.  He “fixes” the pipe problem and both my guys head over to help out with the Eagle Scout project.  We all return home around 1:00 pm-ish, chilled from the nasty weather conditions.  2 warm/hot showers completed and guess what?  THAT’S RIGHT!!!  The pipes “BURST”… for a second time… within 15 hrs.!!!  WATER EVERYWHERE!!!  AGAIN!!!

“Johnny,” from Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Jacksonville, FL identified the cause.   Our pipe “ISSUES” have now been resolved… I HOPE!!!  I do believe the repair “team” will be back this next week for “patch-up” work so that we can close this case file on the Allen Household plumbing project!!!  AMEN!!!


FL MUD RUN, 2014!!!



Continued water/pipe trouble at the Allen household.  (For those keeping track…this is week #3 of   “pipe probs” at the Allen Household!!!  I am still “Gliding” along, folks!!!  🙂

MUD RUN, 2014…WAS AMAZING!!!  I… oh yeah… “Jill Allen”(that’s me)…worked the a.m. finish line!!!  I handed “MUD RUN 2014” lanyards to finishers as they crossed… that line!!!  “THIS”… WAS SOOOOO “ME,” folks!!!  Mud Run 2014… cheerleader… OH YEAH… “CHEERLEADER” at the FINISH LINE!!!  Almost like… “BARNIBAS,”…encourager from the Bible …or perhaps a bit more like that “role” I played as facility, “MCNRC  CHEERLEADER” at our annual “TALENT-LESS SHOW”!!!  SO, SO FUN!!!  Yep, MCNRC cheerleader was one of those roles I assumed to “fake” my way to feeling “GREAT”!!!  Refer to the post from 9/8/13, “Getting through Each Day…” for a re-cap.

Yep, I was the finish line “lady,” lanyard passer-outer, at today’s FL SAVAGE RACE 9am-12:30 pm.  SO, SO FUN!!!  And I would like to pay a special tribute to those “finishers” who celebrated by hugging the finish line lady (me) post their crossing of “that” line…Yep…”THX.!!!” I arrived home, 1pm-ish ET, SOAKING WET (mostly from the rain), MUDDIED ( from those “HUGS,”)  AND FREEZING!!!  GO TEAM!!!  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!  Thanks for including me in your “MUD MANIA” FUN!!!

A Clean-up crew will be there on Sunday, 3/30/14 to restore the grounds for up-coming events.

For info. on bringing this amazing EVENT to your area please go to for details.  AGAIN, I had such an amazing time volunteering for  FL MUD MANIA, 2014!!!



THE FLOOD, 3/28/14

“WHOOOOSH”… the sound of running water… sends my husband into “RED-ALERT” mode, approximately 11:15 pm, Fri. 3/28/14.  The Master bathroom floor immediately covered with warm water!!!  Bedroom carpet absorbing this warm water quickly!!!  TOTAL CHAOS AT THE ALLEN HOUSEHOLD…A-G-A-I-N!!!

Christopher Allen… my husband… my “ROCK,” (Captain of team Allen ) quickly races out to shut off the water supply!!!  Chris, Chase, Danielle, and myself throwing towels down to soak-up water from the floors…A.S.A.P.!!!  We then move furniture, accordingly.  Contact plumbing company to schedule service… A.S.A.P!!!

The chaos continues at the Allen household, folks.  “Demolition crew” to return in the a.m.  I am volunteering at the “FL Mud Run, 2014″… beginning at 7 in the a.m., to be held at The St. Johns County Fairgrounds in FL.   Chris and Chase will assist a Scout with his Eagle project in the a.m.  Think I’ll have to give-in right now (1 a.m.) to catch a few winks before the… MUD RUN, 2014!!!  Hhhmmm…”Mud Run”… quite appropriate, huh?  HELP!!!  OUR HOUSE IS FLOODING…ON ANASTASIA ISLAND!!!  😉

Calling it a night… “GO TEAM ALLEN,” (while yawning).  It COULD have been DISASTROUS …here…at the Allen household!  BUT…”Team Captain, Christopher Allen” KEPT OUR HOUSE…ABOVE WATER!!!



HEY EVERYBODY…  I just made a profound realization…

“LIFE WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER IF WE JUST DIDN’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH OTHER PEOPLE”!!!  ( Okay…maybe I’ve said that a few times already)  This is so, so true, folks.  I am amazed by the miscommunications that occur between ALL of us… EVERY DAY!!!  “I” always know EXACTLY what I mean when I write or say something, however, OTHERS DON’T!!! 

I have an idea, folks…How about making “POSITIVE” assumptions first… and then… “ASK QUESTIONS”… to clearly define situations before responding in a negative manner?  This is difficult…I KNOW!!!  I lived many years as a pessimist.  EVERYTHING…WAS NEGATIVE!!!

Information is misunderstood… SO OFTEN.  People respond, prematurely, in a negative manner that quickly causes controversy.  A “Fight or Flight” response occurs, folks get angry or upset, and it’s always easier to cut all ties than to attempt clarifying information.  How many relationships do you think have been ended, UNNECESSARILY, due to misunderstandings?  ALOT!!!  This is so sad…BUT TRUE!!!

LIFE IS SO DIFFICULT, folks.  FOR ALL OF US!!!  P.H.P.People Helping People.  Give the best of yourself for “JUST” today… EVERY DAY!!!  “Try” to clear up misunderstandings…immediately.  We all deserve the benefit-of-the-doubt, at least once!!!  Right???




OMG!!!  I, simply, cannot take it ANYMORE!!!  😉

I DO NOT “GET” IT, folks!!!  WHY???  WHY… are individuals so “MEAN” spirited?  Why is there so much NEGATIVE “STUFF” out there?  WHY do people ALWAYS try and tear down other people?  Where is all of this anger coming from?

Please… “GET OVER YOURSELF”!!!  Your opinion may be EXACTLY…”RIGHT”… TO YOU…from YOUR perspective!!!  But, don’t individuals develop opinions regarding issues based on personal experiences AND where they’re at emotionally, psychologically, physically, mentally, financially, etc., etc., etc.???    So, there you have it… EVERYONE’S opinions are uniquely formed and they are “specific” to each person’s “LIFE,” based on their experiences.  NOT YOURS.

Case point…and example #1:  2 patients undergo the same surgery, performed by the same surgeon, but they experience opposite results.  This will yield one GOOD review…  and one BAD review, correct?  So, what does this mean?  Is this doctor a “GOOD” or “BAD” surgeon? IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!  2 individuals forming opposite opinions  based on their own personal experience.  That’s “LIFE”.

I chose this example because I work in the medical field.  There are examples dealing with EVERYTHING imaginable.  The bottom line?  People form opinions based on their own personal experiences.  NOT YOURS!!! And most experiences are not alike,  PERIOD!!!

Case point…example #2:  5 friends attend the same “event”…TOGETHER.  Each individual “remembers” specific details… DIFFERENTLY!!!  But wait… they were at the exact same event!!! How can the details be… DIFFERENT”???  Aaahhh!!!  So tell me… WHO IS RIGHT???  AND…WHO IS WRONG???  THEY ARE ALL RIGHT!!!   Most people perceive things differently due to each brain’s uniqueness.  Therefore,  YOUR REALITY”…IS NOT “MY REALITY”!!!  PRETTY DEEP STUFF, HUH???  Our differences make each of us… “SPECIAL,” right?  EACH IN OUR OWN WAY!!!

And, how do we form opinions regarding things we’ve never experienced?  We “hear” about somebody else’s experience.  “Word-of-mouth.”  Now, realize that one’s opinions can and “DO” change over time.  This occurs as “LIFE” happens all around us… EVERY DAY!!!  Here comes that same ole’ premise again:  “WE ARE WHO WE ARE BASED ON WHERE WE’VE BEEN AND HOW WE’VE RESPONDED TO SITUATIONS WHILE SIMPLY SEEKING TO SURVIVE LIFE”!!!  We are the result of our experiences.  Now…it is up to each individual to determine their final… “destination”.  WOW!!!  DEEP STUFF…AGAIN!!!  Folks, we are ALL different.  And that’s OKAY.  Please don’t trivialize someone else’s opinion.  It’s theirs.  Not yours.

LIFE IS DIFFICULT, folks!!!  IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!  To me.  To you.  To him.  To her.  AND YOU KNOW WHAT???  THAT’S OKAY!!!  WHY???  “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!”  GO TEAM USA!!!














OPPOSITION TO…Capitalism;  OPPOSITION To…Socialism/Communism.




Do you believe God sacrificed His only Son, Jesus?  That Jesus died on that cross and shed his blood as payment for our sins ?  And that  each and every one of us are guaranteed a place in Heaven?  IF…we so choose to accept His free gift of eternal life?  Please get plugged in to a Christian network and let God begin working  within you TODAY.  OR…NOT!  Christianity vs. Atheism.

Do you desire to work hard to accomplish YOUR DREAMS and to enjoy all the luxuries obtained as the result of THAT hard work?  OR…NOT!  You can choose to do nothing and barely “get by” on what the Government “gives” you.  Keep in mind, however, that “OUR” Government is stealing that money from somebody else in order to “give” it to you!  I realize there are many scenarios to to be considered here.  I am currently referring to those individuals who have been unemployed longer than employed or to those who are physically and mentally ABLE to work, but choose not to.  WOW!!!  Capitalism vs. Socialism/Communism.

Do you want to live life as a FREE individual, OR NOT?  FREEDOM IS NOT “FREE,” folks.  Please stop and think about that for a moment.  Exactly what does that mean?  And what about “SLAVERY”?  It still occurs…TODAY!!!  FREEDOM vs. Slavery.


WOW!!!  This post R-E-A-L-L-Y…MAKES YOU THINK, doesn’t it?  Perhaps we can take a deeper look into each of those categories mentioned above…LATER.  So, so much to be considered about EVERYTHING!!!  Boy… “LIFE SURE IS DIFFICULT,” huh?





HA!!!  I LOVE THIS!!!  “THE SPIN”!!!

WE ALL DO THIS, folks!!!  “SPIN” someone else’s words around to mean what “we” think “they” REALLY meant to say by what they actually said…according to… “US” …not  “THEM”!!!

WHEW!!!  No wonder “LIFE IS DIFFICULT”!!!  And we each put our own little spin onto what other people say based on where “WE” are in LIFE!!!  Pretty “DEEP,” huh?  And so, so TRUE.

 I grew up as a PESSIMIST, folks.  EVERYTHING I THOUGHT… had a negative “SPIN” to it.  Therefore, EVERYTHING I SAID… also had  a negative… “SPIN”… APPLIED TO IT!!!  That was just how my mind worked… NEGATIVELY… based on how I had dealt with my “plate of crap” while growing up, SIMPLY SEEKING TO SURVIVE “LIFE”!!! 

EVERYTHING AFFECTS EVERYTHING, folks.  Everything about everything.  The people you are around (family members, relatives, friends…”teammates,” etc.)…their values, morals, opinions, etc., based on their “mind set,” attitude, emotional health, etc. which is ALL affected by EVERYTHING we experience EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  And guess what???  We then get to “interpret” EVERYTHING based on our individual circumstances/experiences.  THUS… we become who we are based on how we choose to respond to the circumstances faced in “LIFE”.  WE EACH GET TO CHOOSE.  POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE.  MAKE YOUR CHOICES COUNT, folks!

YEP…”LIFE IS A JOURNEY”.  And…”LIFE IS SHORT”!!!  Again, if you do not like who you are, where you are, or where you’re headed, then… “MAKE THE CHANGES NECESSARY” according to “YOU”!!!  ( According to God’s word )




FB frenzy, 3/19/2014


A simple post on FB causing such an enormous argument via…the internet!!!  Are you serious???  You have got to be kidding me!!!

Boy, miscommunication occurs EVERYWHERE…EVERY DAY!!!  I simply do not “GET” folks!!!  “Certain” things are okay in “certain” environments!!!  We need to learn when and where to alter language and behaviors to “FIT” the audience appropriately.

I understand that our beloved service men and women might develop a whole new “language” that may be acceptable and, perhaps, appropriate during their years of service… IN A MILITARY-TYPE, OR WAR ZONE.  God Bless You and thank you.

We appreciate ALL you have sacrificed.  How can we make up for what you continue to suffer from?  Are or were you underpaid?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  Do you deserve our support after your years of service?  OH YEAH!!!  Who?  What?  When?  Where?  Why?  WE NEED SOME VALID OR APPROPRIATE SOLUTIONS… to this dilemma.

Many of us who were not in the military have been valued employees whose taxes have ALWAYS gone towards supporting our military as dictated by the ruling powers in Government.  MANY of us vote consistently for the party associated with a STRONG military support…THAT WOULD BE ME…AND MY HUSBAND…VOTING REPUBLICAN.  You’re welcome.

We are a nation comprised of military “folks” and the, so-called, civilian “folks”.  “ALL”… OF US DOING “OUR” PART…TO SUPPORT THIS AMAZING COUNTRY, AMERICA.

RESPECT. folks.  We just need to respect each other.  AND…I ADMIT THAT I AM IGNORANT!!!  About many of the things that I “SHOULD” have cared about  while growing up.  I didn’t care…about anything.  Why?  Child molestation…destroyed my life from  a young age until I was 43.  A serious car accident at the age of 22… SAVED MY LIFE …and sent me on a 20+ year journey… “SEARCHING” for “ME”.  Previous posts discuss those “pivotal” points in my “LIFE,” in case you “missed” them.

LIFE IS DIFFICULT, folks.  We all do our best, seeking to survive…”LIFE”.  And those who don’t do their best…need to step-up…and join the team…




Are ANY of us able to be fully proud of the person we are these days?  Unrealistic work demands.  Unobtainable job goals.  Companies expecting more.  And More.  AND MORE!!!  For Less.  And less,  and less.

The Government’s stealing more. And more.  AND MORE.  Via the guise of “taxes”, for WHO?  WHAT?  WHEN?  WHERE?  WHY?  Those who are successful in this country are punished.  Yep, some rich people, businesses, corporations, etc. ARE BAD!!!  MANY ARE GOOD, however, we just don’t hear about “them”.  This is America, folks.  Our media systems like to focus on reporting the BAD news!!!  NOT THE GOOD!!!

DISNEY.  What an amazing fairy-tale of a story.  Walt Disney had a VISION that no one else could quite “see”.  IT WAS HUGE!!!  Oh yeah, it was Walt’s “VISION”, alright.  And he chose to act on it.  So tell me, AMERICA…how would you feel buying expensive tickets to visit one of these amazing parks… IF and WHEN our Government takes over ownership of them as well?  After all…Disney hires a lot of employees, right?  Think of ALL those “lost” jobs if they were to…ssshhh… “GO UNDER”?  Our government could NOT allow that to happen, could it?  Hhhmmm… well, what do YOU think?

EVERYTHING changes… when the Government owns it!!!  There doesn’t seem to be that sense of pride anymore.  And I am sorry folks, but we see this ALL the time.  Government-run programs ALL lack that, MUCH NEEDED, sense of PRIDE.  Instead, we see run-down buildings, unsatisfactory “professional” service or products, irritable employees, EVERYTHING SCREAMS:  UNHAPPINESS, UNFULFILLMENT, UNWORTHINESS!!!  WOW!!!   YES …”UNWORTHINESS”!!!  AMEN!!!  Think about that, folks.  WE, as the people… ARE WORTHY OF SO MUCH MORE THAN OUR GOVERNMENT ALLOWS US TO HAVE OR ACHIEVE!!!

I had no idea where this post would lead, folks.  AGAIN… I sit here… STUNNED and AMAZED!!!

GO TEAM!!!  Folks, please hear me.  And please believe me when I say:  “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”!!!   Remember to give the best of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!