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OMG!!!  DOUBLE OMG!!!  OMG!!!  You WILL NOT believe it folks!  OR… now that you are getting to know me, perhaps… YOU WILL BELIEVE IT!!!  HERE WE GO AGAIN…

Wednesday, 2/19/2014.  I took this day off work so that I could attend the monthly Republican Women’s Club meeting at TGI, Fridays here in St. Augustine, FL.  Guest speaker was Michael Werner, North FL Director of Development, The James Madison Institute.

So, to begin my morning… I COULD NOT GET UP!!!  Well no, I COULD get up, I JUST DID NOT “WANT”… TO GET UP!!!  I had big plans for the morning in that I would stop over at The Alpha-Omega Miracle Home to discuss volunteering opportunities before the meeting which, I thought, began at 11:00 am.  I rolled out of bed LATE ( I thought ) and raced around.  Stopped to get cash at a bank ATM machine on the island… NO CASH AVAILABLE!!!  Hurried on to the restaurant, arriving “late” at, 11:05 am-ish.  NOONE THERE!!!  Restaurant locked and closed!!!

In my “rush” to get cash and race to the meeting, I had forgotten my cellphone!!!  So, I hurried back home intending to phone Iliana, our club President, to discover where the meeting had been moved to.  Yep, my cellphone was right where I had left it… ON MY BED… where it remained… RIGHT WHERE I LEFT IT… playing my favorite motivational song… “The Climb”.  Yep, RIGHT THERE…WHERE I LEFT IT!!!  Oh look, hhhmmm…a “missed” call that I felt certain must be from the club President, revealing the meeting… “change”.  Nope!!!

I had felt horrible (lazy) for not getting around to stop by the Alpha-Omega Miracle Home prior to the “club”meeting, BUT…GUESS WHAT???  That “missed” call was from “them”(Alpha-Omega Miracle Home) seeking to schedule an interview… ON THE EXACT  DAY I HAD PLANNED TO VISIT THEM(unannounced)…BUT  WAS TOO LAZY TO GET OOB (Out of Bed) early enough to stop by… BEFORE THE “club” meeting!!!  I was so upset with myself… AGAIN… for being too lazy to get things done!!!  Aaahhh!!!  Could “THIS” be… ANOTHER SIGN…???  I did not make it in, unannounced, to see them regarding an application I had submitted weeks ago.  However, “THEY” phoned ME” to schedule an interview for this Friday!!!  BAM!!!  DOUBLE BAM!!!  BAM!!!  Coincidence?  Or something else???

I realized there had been a “problem” with my cellphone for awhile.  The “ringer,” apparently, was “OFF”.  How could this be?  I didn’t “turn” it “OFF”!!!  So, I reported “this” to my daughter, hoping she would “fix” the problem(“I” am low-tech.), however… LIFE IS TOO BUSY… for ALL of us!!!  So the “RINGER” has been “OFF” for, perhaps, awhile now!!!  Maybe that’s why I never answer my phone, right?  HELLO…IT NEVER RINGS!!!  Whew!!  One problem fixed!!!

Another problem???  I referred to the e-mail regarding our “meeting” …it did not report a time or location!!  I phoned Iliana twice, panicking!  I HATE…TO BE LATE!!!  And it was already 11:15 am– the meeting was to begin at 11:00 am… I THOUGHT!!!  I messed with this email for a few minutes before realizing that I needed to “download” the rest of the message!!!  🙂  I’m so embarrassed!!!  The downloaded portion of this email revealed the location, TGI, Friday’s.  And the time, 12:00 pm!!!  An hour later than I “thought” I “knew” it was supposed to be!!!  WHEW!!!  I could relax!!!  I WASN’T LATE, after all!!!  I still had time to get there… “EARLY”!!!

The clincher?  Oh, yeah…there IS “ONE” …I am a bit embarrassed to report exactly how “un-glued” I may become when “stressed,” but remember those 2 phone calls I made to Ilianna( club President)…in a panic?  Well…I think I got confused and I may have thought I was leaving a message for my husband…  🙂  I ADMIT IT!!!  Somewhere in this “jumbled” message… I “think” I may have said…”I LOVE YOU”…  to Iliana, “President” of the Republican Women’s Club of St. Johns County!!!  OMG!!!  DOUBLE OMG!!!  OMG!!!  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! Oh, “WHY” did this have to happen…TODAY!!!  I was trying so hard to make a “good impression”!!!  🙂

Believe it or not, folks…tears roll down both cheeks as I recall how absolutely ridiculous I must have sounded in those messages to the President of this club!!!  So, So embarrassing!!! JUST ANOTHER DAY, FOLKS…  WELCOME TO “MY” WORLD!!!  I couldn’t make this stuff up!!!

GO TEAM!!!  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!! (you do want to be my teammate, right?  😉