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LIFE… ;)

You all “get” the secret, right?  Many “ideas” for this blog are “born” out of actual events occurring in “DAILY LIFE”.  “STUFF” happens…and ends up appearing in this blog!!!  “LIFE” happens, folks.  FOR ALL OF US!  GOOD things.  BAD things.  EXPECTED things.  UNEXPECTED things, etc., etc., etc.

Therefore… it is only fitting that… “LIFE” gets a post all to itself…

                                                LIFE…  😉



LOVING TO TEAR THEM BACK DOWN!!!  Why do we do this, folks?  We ALL love watching someone’s “CLIMB” to the top.  We even help to PUSH them up to the top…ONLY…to tear them back down to the bottom.  THIS… is so, so true of each and every one of us.  WHY???

I will use RECENT/CURRENT EXAMPLES… #1:  Miley Cyrus.  I remember this very talented, young, sitcom. actress making her debut as Hannah Montana.  Then she quickly progressed to a talented singer on stage  and movie star on the Big Screen.  It was AMAZING… to “witness” her developing talent.

#2:  Justin Bieber.  I remember this young, “cute” boy making appearances on morning news programs.  I believe he became “FAMOUS” by posting videos on Youtube?  This young boy went straight to the TOP!!!  AND NEVER LOOKED BACK!!!

So, what happened?  We hear how both of these young individuals are currently struggling.  “STRUGGLING”… while seeking to “SURVIVE LIFE”.  I am choosing to try and… “HELP,” folks. I love both of these very talented young adults.

Our family, including MYSELF… helped to propel these two individuals to the top.  How does a child mentally “process” thousands and thousands of “fans” treating them like royalty?  Having access to unfathomable wealth?  THEIR WORLD… IS DIFFERENT THAN… OUR WORLD.  PERIOD!!!

Teach children to look to their peers for behaviors/characteristics to “copy”.  WEALTHY, CHILD STARS…ARE NOT OUR CHILDREN’S PEERS!  THEY LIVE IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORLD!!!  NOT OURS!!!

Wealth attracts… EVIL.  Evil surrounds these “GOOD KIDS,” 24/7.  Let us try to support them.  Love them.  Nourish them… BACK TO FAME.  We helped them make it to the top, originally.  We have torn them back down to the ground by speaking negatively of their inability to ward off EVIL.  Let us all be supportive and  nourish them back to… “REALITY”.  Allowing continued growth and development of their God-given talents.

GOODLUCK MILEY and JUSTIN.  “I CAN ONLY IMAGINE” what it must be like to have all those fans AND $$$… JESUS LOVES YOU…AND SO DO WE!!!