Daily Archives: February 11, 2014


Making an “entrance”…

EVERYONE KNOWS… EVERYONE SEES… EVERYONE FEELS… your mood the second you walk into the room.  And what kind of a reaction does YOUR entrance elicit?  Are teammates excited to see you or do they ignore and, then try to avoid you?

Think about this for a minute.  Recount those memories you have of how exactly your teammates enter the “arena”.  This could include how family members approach the table for breakfast to start their day, how co-workers enter the place of employment, how class-mates enter the room, etc., etc., etc.  EVERYONE… makes an entrance… EVERYWHERE THEY GO.  That includes you, me, him, her… EVERYONE!!!

And… DO YOU KNOW WHAT???  Teammates “know” your mood BEFORE YOU EVEN SAY A WORD!  How???  YOUR ENTRANCE!!!  You get to know your teammates pretty quickly, don’t you?

There are those who carry themselves pretty consistently, and stoic…MOST OF THE TIME!!!  You have NO IDEA what’s going through their mind.  Others enter with a bubbly excitement that either brightens your day or “irritates” you.  Some enter, already withered and beaten down before the day begins!!!  There are the “professionals”.  There are those who seem to arrive angry or mad…even before exchanging greetings with anyone!!!  This is fun, huh?  Aren’t there so many variations?  Most teammates tend to “arrive,” or…”make their entrance” in the same or similar fashion daily, don’t they?  You are all visually picturing those key team members’ entrances RIGHT NOW, aren’t you?  😉

Please be aware of how your entrance into or onto the “playing field” affects each and every other individual on your team(s).  This is so, so important, folks!!!  LIFE IS SO VERY DIFFICULT FOR ALL OF US!!!  Remember… “OUR PLATES GO WITH US…EVERYWHERE…AFFECTING EVERYTHING!!!

Please make a conscious effort to enter each new “arena” determined to give the very best of yourself for “just” today…EVERYDAY!!!