Daily Archives: February 7, 2014


WOW!!!  Where to begin?  Where to end?  It is impossible to cover EVERYTHING impacted by this, VERY REAL, “FEAR”.  Our uncertainty regarding the outcome of many “decisions” we make will often prevent us from “MOVING FORWARD”.  BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!!!”

Let us first look at the “fear” of changing… JOBS.  This is HUGE for me.   I still get “queasy” just thinking about where I have been and what I have gone through.  NOT GOOD AT ALL.  To make a LONG story short…I resigned from one position to “make a statement”.  Every member of that entire Rehab. Dept., EXCEPT ONE, resigned.  One each week until all of the OT’s and PT’s were gone.  And guess what?  Yep, I WAS THE FIRST!!! (I did “know” enough not to put in my resignation until having another job lined up:)

That “other” job I had “lined-up” before resigning, however, was a complete nightmare!!!  I was miserable, PHYSICALLY SICK!!!  I stayed there for 3 months and then had to “move on”.  THIS new position that I “MOVED-ON” TO, however, was even worse than the last position I had just left!!!  And each “change” had been a bump up on the pay scale!!!  That “FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN” that I  developed from the first job “change” is what caused me to “stick it out” at the second place for 9 months.  By the time it was ALL said and done, I had “LOST” a year from my life!  I CAN NEVER…get that year back, folks.

My point?  Yes, I would still resign from the initial position, BUT…I wish I had been “strong” enough to make the necessary “changes” sooner.  Do you remember that previous post about needing to make changes if you are not happy where you are?  I just checked…it was Sept. 5, 2013:  “Moving Forward…”.  Please refer back to it if you’d like… 😉

This is Life, folks.  Very short.  Very precious.  There is no time to waste.  “IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WHERE YOU ARE, THEN MOVE!!!”   

MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA…AND THE WHOLE-WIDE WORLD!!!  (Yep, another song:  “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”!)  AMEN!!!