Daily Archives: February 5, 2014


God is showing himself to me so clearly these days!  I feel scared, yet so VERY excited…AT THE SAME TIME!!!

I simply cannot begin to explain how God is working within me and through me.  You simply would not believe everything if I told you…I have been sharing “things” throughout this blog that indicate my sense of His presence.  Mainly by stating something like:  “Is this just coincidence?  Or could it be something else?”  But, I kid you NOT…God’s presence is so, so obvious in my life these days.

He is leading me through “ANOTHER” door during this VERY busy time in my life with family, career, website/blog development/maintenance, recent membership to a political women’s club, potential “volunteering” opportunities AND now Evangelism Explosion (EE), a 12 week course provided at Anastasia Baptist Church.  The first EE meeting was tonight.  “I have decided…” to commit to this 12 week course!!!  I am so, so excited!!!  I pledge to follow wherever He may lead.  Now, to finish with that line from the above mentioned song… “I have decided to follow Jesus.  No turning back.  No turning back.”  AMEN!!!

Please have a blessed evening, folks.  And remember to give the best of yourself for JUST” today… “EVERYDAY”!!!