Think about that for a moment, folks.  Let’s turn it around a bit, okay?  How about… caring about somebody simply for selfish reasons.  Get it?  SELFISH CARING.  Now, toss that idea around a bit!  Hungry?  Chew on that nugget for awhile!

So, what does that really mean?  Simply stated…”selfish caring” is when your value of an individual is based, strictly, by what they are able to do “FOR” you.  TO HELP YOU!!!  Any concern you have for them is based around their contribution to making your life “easier”.  PERIOD!!!

Yep, I have “been there, done that”!  I am, truly, ashamed to admit that.  However, my desire is to help individuals identify “signs” of what I believe is… “INNER TURMOIL”.  There is something…somewhere that explains this unattractive character flaw.  I believe that it is our individual responsibility to live each day, seeking to better ourselves for the over-all success of those teams to which we belong!  REMEMBER:  each smaller team joins together at some point to form TEAM USA, and ultimately…TEAM WORLD!!!

LIFE IS DIFFICULT!!!  FOR ALL OF US!!!  There is absolutely no shame in seeking assistance to get a grip on life.  I sought assistance for over 20 years, folks.  From medical, psychological, psychiatric, and eventually pastoral which lead me directly to God.  I AM, FINALLY…”HEADING HOME”.

Wow, folks.  I had no idea where this post would take me.  I sit here AMAZED…AGAIN…as the realization is hitting me.  I will search through my mountains of papers consisting of notes I’ve been scribbling down since last May, 2013 in search of an entry where I felt as though I was “going home”.  An upcoming post will be regarding that specific, “CRAZY,” moment-in-time when I felt like screaming:  I’M COMING HOME!!!” (in the wee hours of the morning).  Please check back.