5:30 am, ET Fri. 5/31/13.  I invite you to join me on another adventure to “MY WORLD”…

HERE are my exact words, as scribbled on a sheet of paper early that morning:

“OH NO.  I feel [the] need to scream…”I’m coming home”!  [I] Think I am very happy as tears roll down my face.  [I] have to call Walter West…AGAIN.  I think I may be dying.  Is this crazy???  THIS IS REALLY CRAZY!  This is [the] 2nd time in my life when I’m questioning death…What does this mean???  I need guidance

~5:30 am Fri, 5/31/13


LEAD and I shall follow…”

WOW!!!  That is EXACTLY what I felt in the early hours of that Fri. morning, 5/31/13.  I can remember crying so hard…but feeling so HAPPY!!!  I, evidently, feared…yet welcomed…my apparent death.  When ?  Where?  How?  NOW???  I was saddened to think I “might” be dying…soon…er than desired, however I was crying “HAPPY” tears.  “I’M COMING HOME!!!”

I cannot explain to you the DEEP, DEEP EMOTIONS, flooding every  minuscule cell of my entire body!  I, truly, believed that I was dying at that exact moment.  I DID telephone Pastor Walter West and leave a message on his church answering machine THAT EARLY AT THAT EXACT MOMENT!!!  (I am certain that he must have thought to himself:  “Yep, that lady IS CRAZY!!!” 😉

I spend ALOT of time, as you all know, in my own little world inside my over-active mind.  That time during my life was VERY
   The “GOOD NEWS,” however???   I’M ALIVE!!!    And  Living each day to better myself while glorifying God!!!  AMEN!!!

So, what do I now think about that early Fri. morning back on May 31, 2013?  Well, I was crying, but they were happy tears as I “wanted” to scream:  “I’M COMING HOME!!!”  Folks, I  believe that it was all due  to my steadily growing FAITH!  I DO BELIEVE!!!  AND I CAN NOW STATE:  “YES!!!  PRAISE JESUS!!!  I KNOW THAT I WILL BE GOING TO HEAVEN” upon my exit from this earth!!!  Thus, I WILL THEN  BE… “COMING HOME”!!!