I do hope this post will be “bright and cheery” to ALL who read it, HOWEVER… I AM NERVOUS!!!  BUT, HERE WE GO…AGAIN!!!

Okay, folks.  I… tend to be a “RULE FOLLOWER”.  My husband, however…is a “RULE BREAKER” (please forgive me, Chris).  He tends to get upset when, according to him, people are unable to “think outside the box”! THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX?  Folks, this REALLY means “BENDING THE RULES”,” right?

For example…I dropped a new pair of sun-glasses right outside the store I bought them from and one of the lenses got scratched.  Chris said to go right back into the store, return them as “defective,” and get a new pair!  What?  Are you kidding me?  Return a pair of sun glasses that I, myself, damaged and expect to get a new pair?  FREE???  You’re kidding me, right?  Needless to say…those sunglasses are still in my van…somewhere…just in case…???  I might… need them???

All of this brings me right back to “ETHICS”!!!  I REALLY struggled with that course in college!  So, where do you draw that line between “right” and “wrong”?  How far can you “push” that line before it goes from being “RIGHT” to being “WRONG”?  And why even make rules in the first place… IF… it doesn’t really matter whether you follow them or not?

Am I over-thinking?  Or, perhaps, under-thinking?  This, TRULY…MAKES NO SENSE TO ME, folks!  I just don’t “GET IT”!!!  Why, on earth, would ANYONE…in their right mind ;)…expect someone else to “BEND THE RULES”?  Isn’t that like…cheating?  Or lying?  Come on,folks…RIGHT is RIGHT and WRONG is WRONG, right?  Or wrong?  😉

Folks, I am having such fun with this post.  I do hope that no one is offended.  I am simply pointing out that there are definite differences between all of us.  What may be “okay” or “right” to you, may be completely “WRONG” to someone else.

Here’s another example…  Wanting to return an item to a store after the receipt expiration date.  “RULE FOLLOWERS”-shoppers- will never try to return items after the return date expiration AND- the sales clerks- will probably be unable to accept a return even 1 day late.  “RULE BREAKERS,” however,  will ALWAYS try to return items after the receipt return date expiration and they will EVEN get angry with the sales clerk for not allowing this!!!  Please try to respect EVERYONE’S opinion when it comes to “following the rules”.  And if possible…come back another time and speak with someone different who “might” think the way you think.  🙂

I AM A RULE-FOLLOWER!!!  (MOST OF THE TIME!!!)  I could never feel good about  breaking “serious” rules myself or by expecting someone else to break “serious” rules, either.  And what is “serious”?  To each their own, folks.  After all… RIGHT is RIGHT…WRONG is WRONG, right???  😉