Daily Archives: January 18, 2014

CREATING…??? (destination of this post = unknown)…

“The mind is a powerful thing!”

“See it…become it…”

“Want it?  Just do it!!!”

WOW!!!  I am not real sure “WHAT”… this post’s true message is; “WHERE”… it will lead us; “WHEN”… I will “get it”; or “WHY”…???  I started with what I thought was a specific “intention,”  regarding our minds’ ability to “create” illness, but I am “drifting” off…somewhere…I am not sure where, but I will follow…

“The mind is a powerful thing!!!”

“See it…become it…”

“Want it…Just do it”

BAM!!!  BAM,BAM!!!  (Thank you, Ms. Pam).  I, now… “GET” it!!!  Sorry, folks…just a little “break”.  I have just got to “STOP RIGHT HERE”!!!

WOW!  Did I just say “BAM,BAM”???  Well… “Mi’ nombre’ es Pebleci’ta“!!!  Get it?  “BAM,BAM,”…”Peblec’ita”…???  Do you “get it” yet?   I submit… Pebbles and Bam-Bam!!!  THE FLINTSTONES!!!  Oh, yes…I just “KNEW” this post would lead me somewhere!!!???…  😉  You will not understand any of this unless you have been following me and you “GET”…”Pebleci’ta”(es mi’ nombre’ y mi’ en su’ casa!!!).  Sorry, folks.

All joking aside, I do “GET” where this post is taking me/us…and yes, the message was delivered by Dr. Walter West, lead Pastor at our “family church” with our “church family” at Anastasia Baptist Church, St. Augustine, FL.  The “message” that I took home with me from a specific church sermon, somewhere between now and last May, 2013 was that we each need to go out there in “life”…SOMEWHERE…wherever He may be leading us and… JUST DO IT!!!  This brings me back to:  See it…become it…” and “Want it…just do it!!!”  (Dr. West informed all of us that we do not “have” to seek his approval to do anything we may feel the need to do in Jesus’ name.  Amen.  Just do it!)

WOW!!!  Thank you, Walter West!!!  I guess we all take home our own individual “message” from each sermon you lead.  I told ya so, folks.  Pastor West was, truly, speaking directly to “ME”!!!  And thus, we have the development and growth of “numberoneteam.net” involving different, but specific goals or objectives.