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You are NOT going to believe this…

Anastasia Baptist Church…OUR CHURCH FAMILY…”TEAM ABC”!!!

Lead Pastor:  Dr. Walter West

He, Pastor Walter West, was speaking DIRECTLY TO ME…AGAIN…at church this morning, 1/12/14!!!  The message was regarding “Presence!” Acts 27…

“Presence to personally declare truth.”  This was actually the first point in today’s sermon of which we, the congregation, can take “notes”, A.K.A. “fill-in-the-blanks” in the weekly bulletin.  😉  I  repeated that statement, “Declare the truth,” to my husband…IMMEDIATELY…2 OR 3 TIMES!!!

Folks,  I get in trouble, ALL THE TIME, for speaking the truth!  I do not sugar-coat my opinions.  I say what I think, trying to ensure that those who are listening will “GET” what I mean.  My husband says I could use more tact.  People often get irritated with me…at least they used to…

Ya see, I try not to get involved with other people’s “problems” anymore.  I try to “fly under…the radar!” (now, picture that on-land, total-body swan dive right here, okay…’cause that’s right where Nena(my girl-crush)  and I would fit it in!  Yep, RIGHT HERE!!!)

I used to “upset” people, esp. co-workers, by saying exactly what I thought about anything…everything!  Moral issues.  Ethical issues.  Legal issues.  “You-name-it” issues!  If you could call it an “issue”… then I HAD AN  OPINION!!!

OMG!!!  You have got to be kidding me!!!  “ISSUES?”  Did I just type about “ISSUES”?  Double OMG!OMG!  That is one of my MAIN topics with numberoneteam.net!!!  “EVERYONE HAS ISSUES”!!!  “TISSUES FOR ISSUES”!!!  WOW!  Now tell me…DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?  Is this just a coincidence?  Or could it be something else?

I am now questioning my recent quest…”to fly…under the radar”?  Perhaps I should continue inserting my opinion?  Hhhmmm. I need to pray about this one…aren’t the “lines”  between right and wrong always blurred?  WOW.  Makes you think, doesn’t it?

“Presence to exemplify thankfulness.”  Pastor West actually commented about the need to pray before dining out at a restaurant.  BE THANKFUL…EVEN if your order isn’t exactly how you’d prefer.  Don’t complain.  Be thankful you have food to eat!  Be thankful someone else prepared it.  Be thankful you don’t have to clean the kitchen!  BE THANKFUL!!!

I am chuckling so, so hard right now…DEEP INSIDE.  And you better believe that I got a good chuckle out of this at church this morning, also!!!  Poor Chris took a few good “elbows” into his left arm!!! (not sure, but he “may” have some bruises!)  Now… THIS, truly bothers me…when people, complain and send food back…especially if they get “ugly” with the waitress, WHO DID NOT EVEN COOK THE FOOD TO BEGIN WITH!!!  Boy, my husband KNOWS exactly how I feel about THIS topic!!!  No, he doesn’t complain or send food back, but we have been out with “others” who sure do!!!

One last reference to church today…Pastor West also stated, more than once, how “The world is lost”.  OMG!!!  Thank goodness I could find humor in this as I have repeatedly referred to my leaving Ohio in order to “find myself”.  Tell me, is it even possible to “find” my lost “self”…IF…the whole world is lost, too???  🙂 Yep…I’m chuckling…

There were many other GREAT points made in church, worthy of reference, however I just picked those few that were REAL meaningful to ME.  Yep, Pastor Walter West delivered ANOTHER amazing message today!!!  I DO think he was speaking directly to me…AGAIN!!!  😉