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“The authority to which I appeal dictates the chains that will bind me.”

“Appeal to selfishness and be bound to what is lost.”

WOW, folks!!!  This was part of last night’s message at church.  Our pastor actually said that selfish people = “needy” people = “LOST” people!!!  OMG!!!  I just did a post on “selfishness,” 12/18/2013 stating how selfish I had been.  I left Ohio many years ago on my journey… “LOOKING FOR ME”!!!  WHY???…  I WAS LOST!!! 

WOW!!!  Do YOU see what I see?  Is this just a coincidence?  So ,so much of my life seems to relate to the Bible…DIRECTLY!  And I can now see how my, FULL, plate of crap has been utilized by God to direct me…along my journey…to become the person I am today.  I am now 49 years old, folks.  The pieces of my life’s jig-saw puzzle  just began “fitting  together” at age 43 as “truths” were revealed to me by God, allowing me to be “FREE”…at last!

I sat in church by myself last night (my husband and children spent all day/evening in Daytona Beach ice-skating and car shopping), trying to maintain my composure as tears rolled down my cheeks.  I am not kidding, folks.  I felt as though our pastor was speaking DIRECTLY to “ME”!!!

Chris and I had experienced MANY difficult times during the first 12 years of our marriage due to my “NEEDINESS”.  I needed all of his time and attention.  I couldn’t even make decisions on my own…I “needed” others to do that for me as well!!!  I, truly, was unable to make any decisions on my own…about…ANYTHING!!!  From where to go out for dinner to whether I should move back to Ohio or stay in Florida.

I do NOT understand that to this day.  I was, slowly, turning to God…more and more, however I lacked FAITH…”FAITH” in God and/or…”Faith” in myself.  I just COULD NOT make any decisions on my own.

I seem to be more  confident these days.  Decision-making comes much easier, however…I guess I can still be a bit “needy” at times.  I’m hoping that’s alright, because…HERE IT COMES. FOLKS…

My theme is…”PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE,” right?  Well, why do we even “help” people in the first place?  I guess they must “NEED”  it, right?  Helping people in need is okay, right?  There’s a difference, however, between needing help…occasionally…and being “NEEDY”…all the time!!!

WOW!!!  Church is so amazing, folks.  And I absolutely love going  when the message holds such personal meaning.  The pastor was, truly, speaking… directly… to… ME… last night!!!