Daily Archives: January 4, 2014


CONTROL= to dominate… a person or situation.  To harm… yourself and others by trying to protect… your own interests.  To be in charge…of those people or things important to you for whatever reason.  CONTROL = being completely in control OR being completely controlled.   These are simply my thoughts, typed out for you to read…

Trying to capture the entire scope of this topic is difficult, if not impossible.  Control issues, for purposes of this blog , are intended to represent negative behaviorisms.  Now, “MY” negative control issues were indicative of feeling that I had no control regarding situations that occurred during vulnerable childhood years, thereby resulting in my obsessive need to “control” people or situations as a coping technique to help “stop the madness”.  MY…inner madness.

Control Issues may be symptomatic of numerous psychiatric disorders.  What causes psychiatric disorders anyways?  The malfunction of our physiological systems causing or inhibiting the release of certain chemicals designed, developed, manufactured, produced, and distributed by our own bodies.  WOW!!!  Amazing!  So…what causes this malfunction in the first place?

Could it be possible that some people are born with these chemical imbalances, malfunctions?  How about drug use?  Illness? Injury? Of, course!  There are many possible causes.  I’d also like to propose that many of these “malfunctions” are the result of some “bodies” subconsciously developing “COPING TECHNIQUES” enabling those “bodies” to survive…OR…to continue living by designing, developing, manufacturing, producing, and distributing those chemicals in excess…OR NOT!!! Hhhmmm.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  That sure could explain a lot of those…”oddities”…out there, couldn’t it?  MUCH OF THIS…I REPEAT… MUCH OF THIS is the result of “some”body…causing mental, physical, or psychological harm…WILLINGLY…to “some”body else.

I tried to “control” people, my weight, and my moods in an attempt to… STOP THE MADNESS!!!  “MY” INNER MADNESS.  This was the CRAZY life I lived.  And the coping techniques I used to help “me” survive were causing harm to others.  One thing leads to another.  And on and on and on…Control, paranoia, anger, depression, extreme happiness(mania)…Do you see what I mean?  Life becomes absolute chaos!  SINK…OR…SWIM!!!

WOW!  How bittersweet that is…I am “swimming,” folks.  That brings a tear to my eyes (and some of you will know why).  SURVIVING.  SUCCESSFULLY…no longer needing those negative coping techniques to  continue living…WOW!

PLEASE…be the best you can be…EVERYDAY!  For yourself.  For your family.  For your community.  For your state.  For our country.  And…FOR OUR WORLD.  Yep, my vision is BIG, folks.  REAL BIG!!