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WOW!!!  The opportunities available in this country continue to be boundless.  THIS IS AMERICA!!!  THE LAND OF THE FREE!  HOME OF THE BRAVE!!!

IF you can DREAM it, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT!!!  Once achieved… DREAM BIGGER!!! 

And what gauge determines YOUR success?  Money?  Things?  Lifestyle?  What is it that “drives” YOU… to do more OR to want “MORE”?  This is tough, folks.

I used to think that success was determined by money and/or things.  How much or how little one had.  Boy, “STUFF” has happened during my life, changing my perception of virtually EVERYHING!!!  My “eyes” are now “open” and I can “see”.

How do I gauge success today?  It’s about… “HELPING PEOPLE”.  P.H.P., get it? PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE!!!  What can I possibly do to help anybody in any situation?  AT home.  At work.  In the community.  “HELPING”…is what I do best.  That is one of my favorite sayings at work… HELPING…IS WHAT I DO BEST”!!!

And helping others is so, so easy to do.  Now “helping” can include doing anything that reduces any kind of burden on someone other than yourself.  Even the smallest acts of kindness make a difference to so many individuals.  P.H.P., folks.  PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.

Now, those of you out there who are a bit annoyed by this idea of… “HELPING OTHERS,” ssshhh!!!  I think you may have “issues,” called “INNER TURMOIL”.  And that’s okay, folks!  This is life!!!  We are all living and learning…DAILY!!!  Please give the best of yourself for “JUST” TODAY…EVERYDAY!!!  And it’s okay to be a little “selfish” once in awhile… 😉  






5:30 am, ET Fri. 5/31/13.  I invite you to join me on another adventure to “MY WORLD”…

HERE are my exact words, as scribbled on a sheet of paper early that morning:

“OH NO.  I feel [the] need to scream…”I’m coming home”!  [I] Think I am very happy as tears roll down my face.  [I] have to call Walter West…AGAIN.  I think I may be dying.  Is this crazy???  THIS IS REALLY CRAZY!  This is [the] 2nd time in my life when I’m questioning death…What does this mean???  I need guidance

~5:30 am Fri, 5/31/13


LEAD and I shall follow…”

WOW!!!  That is EXACTLY what I felt in the early hours of that Fri. morning, 5/31/13.  I can remember crying so hard…but feeling so HAPPY!!!  I, evidently, feared…yet welcomed…my apparent death.  When ?  Where?  How?  NOW???  I was saddened to think I “might” be dying…soon…er than desired, however I was crying “HAPPY” tears.  “I’M COMING HOME!!!”

I cannot explain to you the DEEP, DEEP EMOTIONS, flooding every  minuscule cell of my entire body!  I, truly, believed that I was dying at that exact moment.  I DID telephone Pastor Walter West and leave a message on his church answering machine THAT EARLY AT THAT EXACT MOMENT!!!  (I am certain that he must have thought to himself:  “Yep, that lady IS CRAZY!!!” 😉

I spend ALOT of time, as you all know, in my own little world inside my over-active mind.  That time during my life was VERY
   The “GOOD NEWS,” however???   I’M ALIVE!!!    And  Living each day to better myself while glorifying God!!!  AMEN!!!

So, what do I now think about that early Fri. morning back on May 31, 2013?  Well, I was crying, but they were happy tears as I “wanted” to scream:  “I’M COMING HOME!!!”  Folks, I  believe that it was all due  to my steadily growing FAITH!  I DO BELIEVE!!!  AND I CAN NOW STATE:  “YES!!!  PRAISE JESUS!!!  I KNOW THAT I WILL BE GOING TO HEAVEN” upon my exit from this earth!!!  Thus, I WILL THEN  BE… “COMING HOME”!!!





That’s it, folks.  People helping people… SURVIVE LIFE!!!

Each of us have our own difficulties, DAILY!!!  Please don’t take your difficulties out on other people.  They already have their own plate of “stuff” to deal with!  This applies to EVERYONE!!!  EVERYWHERE!!!  Children.  Adults.  ANYBODY…ASSUMING…ANY ROLE…ANYWHERE!!!  (in short, this includes any living and breathing human being!  😉

Complainers… BOTHER ME!!!  ANYONE talking “down” to ANYONE… BOTHERS ME!!!  First of all, I AM VERY “PASSIONATE” about this, folks.  I can tolerate a wee bit of this.  After a few minutes of listening, however… I CANNOT KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT!!!  JUST “WHO”…DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!???  I am sorry, but doesn’t everybody deserve to be treated-and spoken to-respectfully?

I guarantee that SOMEBODY…SOMEWHERE… would disagree with you or…think that you are absolutely “WRONG”!!!  YOUR WAY… is not… THE ONLY WAY!!!  GET OVER YOURSELF!!!  (Sorry, but I am feeling the need to take a “break” right here as my “PASSION” is starting to “boil” over ;).

Folks, please just realize that:  WE ARE ALL OUT THERE, DAILY… DOING THE BEST WE CAN…SIMPLY SEEKING TO SURVIVE… LIFE!!!   Can we PLEASE just try to help each other?  P.H.P.:  People  Helping People.  That’s all, folks.





Think about that for a moment, folks.  Let’s turn it around a bit, okay?  How about… caring about somebody simply for selfish reasons.  Get it?  SELFISH CARING.  Now, toss that idea around a bit!  Hungry?  Chew on that nugget for awhile!

So, what does that really mean?  Simply stated…”selfish caring” is when your value of an individual is based, strictly, by what they are able to do “FOR” you.  TO HELP YOU!!!  Any concern you have for them is based around their contribution to making your life “easier”.  PERIOD!!!

Yep, I have “been there, done that”!  I am, truly, ashamed to admit that.  However, my desire is to help individuals identify “signs” of what I believe is… “INNER TURMOIL”.  There is something…somewhere that explains this unattractive character flaw.  I believe that it is our individual responsibility to live each day, seeking to better ourselves for the over-all success of those teams to which we belong!  REMEMBER:  each smaller team joins together at some point to form TEAM USA, and ultimately…TEAM WORLD!!!

LIFE IS DIFFICULT!!!  FOR ALL OF US!!!  There is absolutely no shame in seeking assistance to get a grip on life.  I sought assistance for over 20 years, folks.  From medical, psychological, psychiatric, and eventually pastoral which lead me directly to God.  I AM, FINALLY…”HEADING HOME”.

Wow, folks.  I had no idea where this post would take me.  I sit here AMAZED…AGAIN…as the realization is hitting me.  I will search through my mountains of papers consisting of notes I’ve been scribbling down since last May, 2013 in search of an entry where I felt as though I was “going home”.  An upcoming post will be regarding that specific, “CRAZY,” moment-in-time when I felt like screaming:  I’M COMING HOME!!!” (in the wee hours of the morning).  Please check back.




When Jill decides not to “follow the rules”?  Traffic rules…

Once…I tried sneaking through a yellow light.  My daughter had a big role in the 4 yr. olds’ Christmas play at Daycare.  I had sooooo much to do before the show!  NO TIME TO WASTE!!!  Yep, a cop pulled me over!!!  I got a ticket!!!

Another time…I was exiting a shopping complex that directed you to continue onto the right, but I needed to go left.  I had observed MANY other cars do this exact same thing…NO PROBLEM!!!  I had just tried to get groceries with my 2 toddlers in tow…this did not go well!  Both kids were screaming.  I was PMS-ing!!!  I WAS GOING TO BREAK THE RULES!!!  Just this ONE time!!!  Yep, that cop must have been waiting for “ME” to come along!!!

So ya see, folks.  I am unable to break the rules…traffic rules…even when I allow myself to “try” and break them.  I ALWAYS GET CAUGHT!!!


I do hope this post will be “bright and cheery” to ALL who read it, HOWEVER… I AM NERVOUS!!!  BUT, HERE WE GO…AGAIN!!!

Okay, folks.  I… tend to be a “RULE FOLLOWER”.  My husband, however…is a “RULE BREAKER” (please forgive me, Chris).  He tends to get upset when, according to him, people are unable to “think outside the box”! THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX?  Folks, this REALLY means “BENDING THE RULES”,” right?

For example…I dropped a new pair of sun-glasses right outside the store I bought them from and one of the lenses got scratched.  Chris said to go right back into the store, return them as “defective,” and get a new pair!  What?  Are you kidding me?  Return a pair of sun glasses that I, myself, damaged and expect to get a new pair?  FREE???  You’re kidding me, right?  Needless to say…those sunglasses are still in my van…somewhere…just in case…???  I might… need them???

All of this brings me right back to “ETHICS”!!!  I REALLY struggled with that course in college!  So, where do you draw that line between “right” and “wrong”?  How far can you “push” that line before it goes from being “RIGHT” to being “WRONG”?  And why even make rules in the first place… IF… it doesn’t really matter whether you follow them or not?

Am I over-thinking?  Or, perhaps, under-thinking?  This, TRULY…MAKES NO SENSE TO ME, folks!  I just don’t “GET IT”!!!  Why, on earth, would ANYONE…in their right mind ;)…expect someone else to “BEND THE RULES”?  Isn’t that like…cheating?  Or lying?  Come on,folks…RIGHT is RIGHT and WRONG is WRONG, right?  Or wrong?  😉

Folks, I am having such fun with this post.  I do hope that no one is offended.  I am simply pointing out that there are definite differences between all of us.  What may be “okay” or “right” to you, may be completely “WRONG” to someone else.

Here’s another example…  Wanting to return an item to a store after the receipt expiration date.  “RULE FOLLOWERS”-shoppers- will never try to return items after the return date expiration AND- the sales clerks- will probably be unable to accept a return even 1 day late.  “RULE BREAKERS,” however,  will ALWAYS try to return items after the receipt return date expiration and they will EVEN get angry with the sales clerk for not allowing this!!!  Please try to respect EVERYONE’S opinion when it comes to “following the rules”.  And if possible…come back another time and speak with someone different who “might” think the way you think.  🙂

I AM A RULE-FOLLOWER!!!  (MOST OF THE TIME!!!)  I could never feel good about  breaking “serious” rules myself or by expecting someone else to break “serious” rules, either.  And what is “serious”?  To each their own, folks.  After all… RIGHT is RIGHT…WRONG is WRONG, right???  😉



Sat. 1/25/14, 6:00-7:00pm

College Weekend at Anastasia Baptist Church…

College students ran the entire program tonight from opening doors and handing out bulletins to musical performances and deliverance of tonight’s message:  Matthew 17:14-20.

WOW!!!  Tonight’s Student Speaker was, you guessed it…SPEAKING DIRECTLY TO ME!!!  NO KIDDING, folks!!! He spoke of FAITH… the size of a mustard seed… MOVING MOUNTAINS!!!  I submit… “THE CLIMB.”  He also spoke of TEAMS… TEAM USA and TEAM WORLD!!!  I submit:

NOW…is this all just coincidence?  Or could it be something else?





Hhhmmm…the BEST “thing” to wear.  What comes to your mind FIRST?  Clothes?  Shoes?  Jewelry?  Perfume?  Difficult choice, huh?  Too many different items within each category to consider, right?  Well,  I think it should be a whole lot easier than that, folks.  Make it simple.  Make it real…

“This” affects all who see you wearing it.  Those affected negatively…have “ISSUES”! Those affected positively will, immediately, be wearing one themselves!


Folks, this is the cheapest, simplest “thing” you can wear that will yield the most rewarding results.  A smile, instantly, makes people HAPPY, right?  A smile on the face puts a smile in the heart…and this is very “warming” (Did you catch that?  Smile on the face = smile on the heart which = “HEART-WARMING”)  HA!  DOUBLE HAHA!!!

SMILE.  Try one on, okay?  And wear it for awhile.  You will certainly enjoy the positive results experienced by wearing the simplest and cheapest of all things to wear… A SMILE.  🙂
SMILE.  BE HAPPY.  It’s a choice, folks.





When I finally met with Pastor West, in a last-ditch effort to “make sense” of my latest bout with “craziness,” I can remember feeling such a huge sense of “RELIEF”.  I had always been aware of God’s insertion of Himself into my life at specific, pivotal points.  I was learning so much from Pastor West.

I can remember confiding in him that I had not been sleeping or eating much.  The “ideas” or “thoughts” were just flooding my brain at times.  I had numerous pages of thoughts scribbled  on the fronts and backs of numerous sheets of paper.

I commented to Pastor West how I didn’t like it when things slowed down which, I believed, meant that my “vision” would fade, yet again, into “NOTHING”.  Walter questioned my need to be in pain to feel as though accomplishments were being made toward my desired destination.  I had to chuckle at this.  I, truly, needed to “suffer” in order to feel successful.  The not sleeping, not eating had a huge impact on my job performance initially.  I  was “sick” tired all the time at work.  I couldn’t think straight.  My professional judgment was impaired dramatically.  I “NEEDED,” however, to feel badly in order to feel committed to this project.  Makes no sense, huh?

I never figured out “why” I felt as though I needed to be uncomfortable in order to believe in MYSELF…I STILL DON’T KNOW.  But I will tell you this:  I believe that there are MANY, MANY people out there who, also, believe that they need to be suffering…for something…???  This is NOT true, folks.  I now try to make sure that I am doing everything I can to sustain me through this current venture, functioning at my optimal performance level.  Wherever it leads me!  I WILL FOLLOW…

God loves all of us!  SO VERY,VERY MUCH!!!  Jesus suffered. GREATLY!!!  To pay for our sins!!!  So that we would not have to…SUFFER!!!  Please don’t make yourself suffer, folks.  LIFE IS SO VERY, VERY DIFFICULT.  God is waiting to hear from you.  He wants to be your hero.  Please… allow yourself to accept… ALL HE HAS TO OFFER YOU!!!  YOU DESERVE IT!!!

All glory be to God.  Amen.




Different approaches…

Folks, it is my belief that we are who we are based on where we’ve been and how we’ve responded to the different circumstances faced…in “LIFE”.    We react to EVERYTHING in such a way that helps to shape the person we become. Everything that happens during life alters the person we are, either positively…or negatively.  WE GET TO CHOOSE.

One such choice we make is how to interact or relate to others.  Spouses, children, friends, neighbors, co-workers, strangers, waiters/waitresses, sales clerks etc., etc., etc.!  Are we “different” pending the company we’re with at any given moment?  Or do we “CARRY” ourselves consistently in the presence of any group?  Consider those questions and answer, TRUTHFULLY…to yourself ( I promise that nobody else can “hear” your thoughts–your “secret” is safe with yourself ).

I try my best to approach EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE with the same degree of respect that is deserved by ALL.  EVERYONE IS EQUAL!  EVERYONE IS SPECIAL!  “I TRY,” folks.  I may not always succeed, but “I try”.

New situations tend to yield apprehension.  Aren’t most people  that way…INITIALLY?  It takes time to develop a sense of comfort and confidence around people. With friendliness, respect, and nurturing, you get growth.  With insults or degrading statements, you get stagnation, if not regression.

P.H.P., folks.  PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE!!!  Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?  Help people to grow…as people…helping people… to… SURVIVE LIFE.  Build people up.  Try not to tear them down.