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So, who’s fault is it, anyway?  Who can be the scape goat…”this time”?  Folks, WHY do we always go looking for somebody else’s head to put on that chopping block?  AMERICANS ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR SOMEBODY…OR…SOMEBODY “ELSE”…TO BLAME!!!  This is so very aggravating to me!!! FOLKS, we are ALL imperfect humans…doing the best we can do simply seeking to SURVIVE… LIFE!!!  SURVIVAL… that’s it, folks.  WE ARE ALL SIMPLY SEEKING TO SURVIVE “LIFE”!!!

Please quit looking for someone to blame…and start looking at every opportunity as a chance to learn and grow.  This can be applied to so, so many different situations and different relationships, folks.  Now, I know there comes a time when we must ALL admit that some folks have had a bit too many “learning experiences,” but have not…LEARNED A THING!!!  Deal with each situation appropriately.  Please try to keep things positive.

EXPERIENCE… is the best teacher, right?  WE ALL KNOW THIS, RIGHT?  Don’t we ALL know this???  Evidently NOT!!!  I am now transitioning to a “BIGGER” picture of the blame game…local, state, federal agencies…officials…”THOSE PEOPLE”…that we all like to blame when things go wrong.  The President, Governors, agencies(FEMA-I live in FL), etc.  They may even be pointing their fingers at one another when things go wrong.  Now, “THOSE” are the “PEOPLE” everyone likes to blame for, perhaps, not using “book knowledge” to prepare them for responding appropriately to situations NEVER EXPERIENCED before!!! Book knowledge helps…DEFINITELY!!!  BUT…it cannot train you like experience…for…ANYTHING!!!

And the different magnitudes of experiences encountered, definitely, account for that “lack” of preparation or what seems like a “slow” response.  People get “shell-shocked”!!!  Stunned!!!  You know…like…”OMG!!!  WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW???!!!”  How do you prepare, FULLY, for something you can’t even imagine?  We are human, folks.  And… LIFE… teaches us new lessons everyday!  All I’m asking is that we allow each other to…LEARN THOSE LESSONS.

Cut some slack…”most people”…DO NOT want to make a mistake!   When and if one happens…LEARN FROM IT so that you’re better prepared to respond appropriately the next time… to this EXACT same situation or to one of a lesser magnitude.

My main objective with this post is to try and get people to stop looking to blame somebody for being…HUMAN?  What???  How can we blame and then be upset with people for making mistakes?  For being imperfect.  WE ARE ALL IMPERFECT!!!  How’s that glass house you live in holding up?

LIVE…AND LEARN… allow yourself…AND…others that opportunity to live and learn.  How can we persecute folks for, perhaps, not responding exactly as they should have during their first encounter with a certain type or magnitude of a situation?  They will be better prepared next time, right?  Isn’t that what we’re expected to do?  Things will always get better as long as we keep learning from our mistakes.  EXPERIENCE, folks… IS THE BEST TEACHER!!!  Accept whatever failures we experience, keen and thankful for the lessons learned.

LIVING AND LEARNING.  This is life, folks.  Just keep doing the best you can do in a society where NOTHING ever seems to be good enough.   All I know is that I appreciate the effort all of us put into simply seeking to survive each day.  LIFE IS DIFFICULT!!!










PERFECTIONISM… is often a guise which allows one to “complain” regularly to release the tension which is “REALLY” caused by unrelated, underlying hidden issues. 

WOW!!!  Do you follow me?  I have recently come to believe that “perfectionism” is a chosen characteristic which allows unhappy people to complain regularly and to release some of their inner turmoil.  “TOSS that idea around in your brain for a bit.”  Are you hungry???  “Chew on that!”  WOW!!!  It’s sure a possibility, isn’t it?

“PERFECTIONISTS” = Unhappy people who JUST NEED TO COMPLAIN…ABOUT ANYTHING!!!  (shhh…keep this quiet…”some” people just need to complain to feel…???…better???…)  WHAT!!!???  Complaining to “FEEL” better?  To feel better about what???  WAIT…complaining is a negative…or, “BAD”…thing, right?  Negative breeds “negative,” right?  BAD=BAD, right???  So, “WHY” focus on the negative???  NOBODY… in their “right” mind needs MORE…”negative,” right?

Is it possible…perhaps…that maybe “perfectionists” are NOT “in their right mind”?  Go ahead…”Toss that idea around a bit.”  Let’s think about this realistically, folks… “WHO” do these “perfectionists” think they are???  NOTHING or NOBODY… is PERFECT… in LIFE!!!  ONLY JESUS!!!  You don’t REALLY hold yourself to “THOSE” standards, do you?  Again…”WHO do you think you are?”  I want to say…”GET OVER YOURSELF!!!”

Hmmm, this makes you think, doesn’t it?  Could “perfectionists” simply be fabricating “things”…ANYTHING…to release their inner turmoil?  BE A FRIEND…open your heart up to those “SUFFERING” from “PERFECTIONISM”.  They are simply seeking to be miserable about…something…ANYTHING!!!

So, so sad…BUT TRUE…

I used to be a “PERFECTIONIST,” folks.  In my younger years.  My husband.  My soul-mate has helped me to let go of that stupid reason allowing me to be “unhappy” about “something” ALL THE TIME!!!  Right?  NOTHING IS PERFECT!!!  We already know this, don’t we?  Why, ON EARTH, put yourself through that???

Now, in taking this a step further…examine those “things” you tend to desire perfection regarding.  Do you demand perfection from yourself?  Thereby always being upset by your deficiencies…AGAIN???  OR…Do you tend to “expect” perfection from others?  Blaming others when things go wrong?  This is pretty deep, folks.

I submit that it is much more acceptable to try and demand perfection from ourselves, HOWEVER…it is NEVER acceptable to demand perfection from others.  IF YOU have “issues” that require impossible expectations, please place those huge BURDENS on yourself!!!  NOT OTHERS!!!

WOW!!!  I need to stop here, folks.  This is quickly leading me down another path…”THE BLAME GAME”…and I will address that topic in an entirely different post, dedicated to itself…

Now…let’s all go out there today…EACH OF US…giving the best of ourselves that’s available…FOR TODAY!!!






All right sisters…this one is strictly for the ladies…

It is way past time for us to come together and “PINKIE-SWEAR” the OATH of SISTERHOOD!  We, as women, need to understand the importance of keeping hands off our sisters’… men!!!  They are OFF LIMITS!!!  Please don’t pretend that you don’t understand the type of, deep-hurt, or pain you would be causing a “sister”.   Married men are simply OFF LIMITS!!!  And, ANY man is OFF LIMITS if you are married to somebody else!!!

You can enjoy a developing friendship…JUST…DO NOT LET IT GO BEYOND FRIENDSHIP!!!  And is this even possible?  To be close friends and not be intimate?  Perhaps “close friendships”  should be reserved for spouses only.  Unless you have that, rare, life-long friendship that has been in place for years…extending back to pre-school years!!!

Marriage is the ultimate commitment.  I believe this union should be solid and “it” will fulfill all of those “needs” a person can have from friendship…to “spouse-ship” (I just made that word up) and EVERYTHING in between, below or beside!!!???  What???  And “… EVERYTHING in between, below or beside???  sorry, folks.  My mind is “drifting” over…to another location…in this place called…”JILL’S WORLD”…”JOLLY JILL’S WORLD”!!!  (help…)

Now, in being completely forthcoming, I will admit to having had an affair during my first marriage, during those “difficult years”, 17-22, during which my life…”fell apart”…completely.  I am not proud of that…AT ALL!  I do realize, however, that it was a necessary part of this thing I call…”MY LIFE”…”MY JOURNEY”.  I am a sinner, folks.  And I have always been doing the best I can do to SURVIVE LIFE, seeking forgiveness and guidance along the way.  Amen.

SURVIVING LIFE…IS DIFFICULT.  God is with me.  I have put all of my Faith in the Lord.  I am not alone.  I AM NOT AFRAID.  And my journey through life has been made so much easier and more enjoyable since Christopher,my soul-mate, is traveling with me, as well…

LIFE IS DIFFICULT!!!  We have got to help each other…”Helping people.  Help people.  Helping people WANT to help people!!!”  Let’s support each other, ladies, by…TAKING THE OATH…OF SISTERHOOD…”MARRIED MEN ARE OFF LIMITS!!!”  🙂






This is so, so FUNNY folks!!!  Have you all seen that movie?  Well, there REALLY is one…A MOVIE…about…”traveling pants”!!!

SO, GUESS WHAT???  We, currently, have a pair of those “traveling pants”…blue jeans…at work!!!  I am 100% SERIOUS!  NO KIDDING!!!  I CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP, FOLKS!!!  I do not know the whole story, but it goes something like this…

One of the therapists, a COTA/L, brought a pair of brand new jeans in to work.  WHY???  I do not know, but they are still there…sitting on the long documentation “desk” used by ALL of us…approximately 15 therapists!!!  We each have a little “bin” with our name on it for our “STUFF”!!!  EX.:  My little “bin” has a piece of paper secured to the front that says…”Jill #1″  🙂  HA!  HAHA!!!  THIS IS HYSTERICAL!!!  I AM NOT KIDDING, FOLKS!!!  We each have our own little “bin” with our name on it to put…”STUFF” in…pens, paper, food, keys, phone, whatever “stuff” we want to put in our “bin” can go in our “bin”.  And we can always go right to our “bin” to get our “stuff”…WHENEVER we may want or need our…”STUFF”!!!  Sounds like a kindergarden classroom, doesn’t it???

MOVING ALONG…So, anyways, back to these “traveling  pants”, jeans…Now, we are a rehab. dept. comprised of many women…and just a few men.  We, truly, have “joked” about these traveling pants…AND…I believe that just about EVERY single female therapist has tried them on!!!  I AM NOT KIDDING!!!  Only a few can fit into them, uncomfortably.  EXCEPT…ATHENA!!!  ATHENA…STEDMAN!!!  THESE TRAVELING PANTS WERE TOO BIG ON HER!!! I believe they are size 2, BUT…they look “big” for a size 2.  And…did I mention that they are…”stretchy”???  (Boy…have they ever been “stretched!”)

Anyways, this is so, so funny!  We are having so much fun with our little “sisterhood of the traveling pants” saga at work.  Just keep it “fun” in the work environment, folks.  Have fun!  Make your own fun!  Enjoy your days!  We spend so very much of our time on “the job”.  I used to get upset just thinking about how I spend more time with co-workers at work, than I do with my family at home.  That REALLY bothered me when the kids were smaller.  My co-workers will attest to that.  I NEVER participated in anything outside of work, with co-workers…NOPE…outside of work was my sacred “family time”.  And thank goodness both my husband and myself have been that way regarding our “time” with family…until recently…

See, our “children” are growing up quickly.  They no longer “need” us like they used to.  This is so, so sad…but true.  The years go by quickly and you can NEVER get them back.  Our kids need to feel that they are important.  That they “matter” to us.  Time is so very precious, folks.  Try to give as much of it to those who “matter” the most.  This…REALLY…makes a difference.  Examine your priorities.  Please, PLEASE…make a difference in the lives of your children by giving them not only your LOVE, but some of that highly, extremely precious…”TIME” ALSO!!!

SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING…PANTS!  I sure hope you enjoyed this post.  It is about working together, finding some “fun” during your hectic daily schedules.  And if you can’t “find” fun at your job or work, than “MAKE” some!!!  This will prove beneficial.  I promise.  Make finding some enjoyment a regular part of your work day.  Start small…with funny comments, small talk, whatever you can do to lighten or brighten the “mood”.

Remember…EVERYONE…I MEAN EVERYONE…carries around their own personal plate of crap DAILY…EVERY DAY.  EVERYWHERE THEY GO!!!  Perhaps we can add a little “seasoning” to others’ plate of crap so that…maybe, just maybe…it won’t…”taste”…so bad???  WHAT???  “TASTE SO BAD”???  OH yuck!!!  That’s disgusting!!!  I am so, so sorry folks!!!  DISGUSTING!!!  Welcome to another part of  “MY” world folks!!!  IT’S LONELY HERE!!!  I NEED COMPANY!!!  🙂

Okay, you have your assignment:  Go to work and find or make some “FUN”…a little…”ENJOYMENT”!  LIFE IS GOOD, FOLKS.  Now go out there and ENJOY IT!!!





Just feeling the need to “clear the air,” folks.  I DO NOT SMOKE…anymore!!!  ATTENTION!!!  ATTENTION!!!  BREAKING NEWS…


This is, actually, a pretty cute(sweet) story…a story about…LOVE… and what “LOVE” can do for ya…so, so true… “LOVE”… can “MOVE MOUNTAINS”!!!  WHAT???  DID I SAY… “MOVE MOUNTAINS”???


For those of you who do not know me…REAL WELL…MY #1, motivational, inspiring, go-to, pick-me-up, FAVORITE song is…THE ONE…THE ONLY… “THE CLIMB”… by… MILEY CYRUS!!!

OH yeah, sing it to me, Miley…

I can almost see it.  That dream I’m dreamin’, but there’s a voice inside my head sayin’ “you’ll never reach it”.  Every step I’m takin’.  Every move I make feels LOST with no direction.  My faith is shaken, but I,  I gotta keep tryin’.  Gotta keep my head held high. There’s always gonna be another mountain.  I’m ALWAYS gonna wanna make it move.  Always gonna be an uphill battle, sometimes I’m gonna have to lose.  Ain’t about how fast I get there.  Ain’t about what’s waitin’ on the other side.  IT’S THE CLIMB!!!

There ya have it, folks.  My #1, motivational, inspiring, go-to, pick-me-up, FAVORITE SONG!!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU MILEY CYRUS/HANNAH MONTANA!!! Wow, such a big, big part OF our lives during a very special time IN our lives…as a family.  Oopse!!!  I got sidetracked…  🙁

Anyways, I had TRIED, and FAILED… to quit smoking about 3 times, between 1992-1995… WIHOUT ANY LUCK!!! (via hypnotism, 2x and various other methods).  Serious, folks…I spent good money to get hypnotized twice…and failed!!!  And then one day I went to the Lord asking Him to please HELP me to quit smoking… AND GUESS WHAT???   Yep… I QUIT!!!  “COLD TURKEY!!!”  And I have NEVER wanted, craved, or desired another cigarette…SINCE… and that was back in 1995, folks!  ALL GLORY BE TO GOD!!!

Yep, I actually “wanted” to quit for Chris.  He did not smoke.  And quitting is something I wanted to do for him, all on my own.  He never gave me that ultimatum.  He NEVER complained…NOT ONCE!!!  I just wanted to quit for him… LUCKY ME!!!  Ya see, I later learned that he would NOT have asked me to marry as a smoker!!!  WHAT!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  He never once complained!  He NEVER ONCE said that he would not marry someone who smoked!!!  WOW!!!  And he would not have proposed to me as a smoker!!!  DOUBLE WOW!!!  I quit on my own volition… FOR HIM!!!  (Just wondering…who is the “HIM” that I quit for?)  ALL GLORY BE TO GOD… AGAIN!!!  I did tell you earlier that I felt certain God had something to do with bringing us together, didn’t I?  It’s fate.  Christopher Bartlett Allen is, truly, MY SOUL MATE!!!  ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!  AMEN.