Sunday, 12/22/13……….9:10 pm……….

The excitement is growing.  Christmas is coming.  Our special day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior.  December 25th.  Two days of work, filled with excitement and anticipation between “now” and “then”.  My poor husband is so, so “CRAZY” busy during the holidays as a wine sales rep.  Both kids are enjoying Christmas break from High School.  And then there’s me…working right up to the “wire,” totally enjoying this frenzied, hurry-up, chaotic rush to the “finish line” for “Christ”mas.

So, so much to do.  The excitement is palpable.  Somehow, the mood “feels” different at work leading up to “the day”.  Perhaps I am the only one feeling this “excitement” in my heart, but it always seems to capture everyone at about this time of year…EVERY YEAR.  That is how I perceive it.  The happiness, or “JOY” ( “to the world” ) is palpable…TO ME.

There are always those “Scrooges,” of course.  And I am sure that you “Scrooges” out there KNOW exactly who you are.  What are your “issues”?  Why begrudge someone else’s excitement?  Scrooge or not, if Christmas is not a day that you choose to celebrate, then you have that “right,” here in America, NOT to celebrate.  Perhaps you can simply enjoy a day off work.   Why not try to enjoy the “calmness” of this day when most days are full of frenzied chaos?  Please try to find the “positive,” which surely exists, surrounding this holiday.  “LOOK”…and you shall “FIND”.

I hope you all enjoy what’s left of our “prep time” for Christmas. Enjoy.  Enjoy.  Enjoy.  This is going to be a truly special Christmas for our family…”GIVING” to those in need.  I am not real sure as to how much I will disclose, but “” is truly my mission.  People Helping People.  Choosing to give the best of yourself daily to contribute to your teams’ success.  Living life, folks.  Surviving life.  ENJOYING LIFE by helping others to survive it.

“GIVING” is truly better than receiving.

God Bless America.  Amen.