So…what is it that allows us to go ahead and do something that we think “might” be “wrong”?  Or what about doing something when we “KNOW” that it is “wrong”?  Tough question, huh?  The truth is,  we all do things that we think might be wrong.  Many of us do things that we know are wrong…

Well…just how bad are the wrongs that we do?  Some things, certainly, don’t “matter” as much as other things, right?  And what do we say to ourselves, EXACTLY, that makes it seem “okay” for us to go ahead and do something that we “think” or “KNOW” is wrong?

Wow…not real sure how we got here…but “let’s roll”( another 9/11 tribute )…

HERE I GO…AGAIN…with this notion that…”LIFE IS NOT FAIR”…for ANYONE!!!  Is it, perhaps, the unfairness of life that allows us to cross over that line and actually do something “wrong”?  “This” or “that” is NOT FAIR, so I am allowed…entitled…to do wrong.  Somebody owes you something for whatever reason…

This is so bothersome to me, folks.  I, truly, believe this is much of the problem our country faces today.  People feeling that they are owed something from others, instead of desiring to “give” TO others.

First of all, I will try to say this as nicely as possible, but…aside from money or moral obligations…NOBODY OWES ANYBODY… ANYTHING- especially as a “pay-back ” for wrong-doing by others.!!!  I feel for the pain of ALL individuals who have suffered, needlessly.  As people, we are still “LEARNING”.  LIVING…AND…LEARNING according to whatever “rules” we abide by, individually.  And remember…shhhh…”some people are slow learners”.  😉

Those of us living today had nothing to do with the “wrongs” committed many, many years ago.  Please allow the “healing” to occur by moving forward and taking advantage of today’s opportunities to be the best that you can be.  Set your goals HIGH, but try to reach  even HIGHER.  We can all move forward, together.  As equals.  The opportunities are endless.  Do not allow anger or hatred to deny you those opportunities.  Where there is a will…THERE IS A WAY.  It’s up to all of us to find those ways.  Individually…and as a team…TOGETHER!!!

“Giving” can include so many different things, such as time, things,  or money(EVERYTHING, somehow, involves the giving of money).  Time is money, right?  Things cost money, right?  And well, MONEY IS MONEY, right?  Money/WEALTH…a requirement for many things “good,” but the source of evil, as well.

We are now getting back to the reality that everything in life has both good and bad consequences depending on intentions and/or outcomes.  EVERYTHING must be weighed very carefully by each individual.  This is America.  You are still able to make many”choices” regarding your life.  Choose wisely.  EVERYTHING AFFECTS EVERYTHING.