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DENIAL:  Refusal to accept the truth, subconsciously, which allows one to disbelieve “something”…consciously. That is my definition for how I am referring to the word “denial” in my posts.

So…back to “DENIAL”…

I can remember “hearing” about denial utilized as a coping technique to “get individuals through traumatic experiences”.  I would have to say my analysis of this word, “denial,” probably first occurred somewhere in my 20’s.  (This is my best guess.  Made because this is the time when “MY JOURNEY” consciously began, looking for…”ME”…)

I remember that I never REALLY “bought into” this phenomenon of “denial”.  I simply could not relate to what that meant.  In short…I didn’t believe that one’s mind could actually “block-out” those things that were too painful to deal with.  Boy, I have found out, FIRST HAND, how denial is REAL.

So, denial is a valid coping technique???  To cope = “To struggle with successfully”.  Hhmmm…To struggle with???  Successfully?  Wow, I took that right out of the Webster’s dictionary, and I REALLY mean that I looked the word up in an actual dictionary…a book!  Not by Google search…I am LOW TECH, remember?

To struggle with?   Hhmmm…  Successfully?  Double hhmmm, hhmmm…  This is deep, folks.  This means that one’s “inner turmoil” in dealing with “something” has been handled, subconsciously, by one’s own mind, thereby allowing one to continue living “life”.  This is what I refer to as…”SURVIVAL” throughout this blog, folks.

MANY “something’s” occur throughout everyone’s life that each of us must be able to deal with positively in order to keep moving forward…to keep struggling…to keep living…LIFE.  Deep stuff, huh?  I still tend to “over”-analyze  EVERYTHING!  Everything “means” something…according to “Jill”(me)!!!

So… “to struggle with successfully”…subconsciously.  Wow.  How do we “struggle successfully”?  To keep living?  NOW…HERE WE GO…I propose that those negative habits, beliefs, idiosyncrasies we develop are what help us “struggle” with life “successfully”!  Drugs.  Alcohol.  Eating disorders.  Driving fast.  Bullying.  Stealing.  Cheating.  Adultery.  On…and on…and on…  This may not, FULLY, explain EVERYTHING, but if the shoe fits…WEAR IT!!!  I do think you might like to change both “shoes” if possible, right?  But wait…I need to change MORE than just 2 “shoes”!!!  😉

Look at your behaviors and habits realistically and try to find the answers that may “explain” them.  What, in life, are you running from that is causing you to struggle successfully in those negative manners…simply seeking to survive life?

So, so sad.  But this is “LIFE”.  One struggle after another.  Please keep that in mind, folks.  EVERYBODY “struggles” EVERYDAY!!!  There may be pauses between our struggles, but you can always rest assured that there will be another “struggle” somewhere up the road on your journey through life.

“Struggling” = “living”???  This is my proposal, folks.  LIFE IS DIFFICULT!!!  Now can we please try to help each other?  Help each other to survive life?  “P.H.P”:  PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.  This is my “VISION,” folks.  EVERYONE giving the best of themselves…Daily…to make this world a better place for EVERYBODY.  Helping each other to help themselves which enables “them” to help others, directly…AND INDIRECTLY!!!

Many individuals get so overwhelmed by their “struggles” in life that they feel unable to continue “struggling”.  Yep, I am referring to suicide.  This destroys families…to the core.  Kids.  Teenagers.  Adults.  WE HAVE GOT TO HELP EACH OTHER!!!  Please, let’s “get ahold of ourselves” and  be the best each of us can be…for ourselves ( GO JILL!!!).  For our families (GO TEAM ALLEN!!!).  For our communities (GO TEAM ST. AUGUSTINE!!!).  For our states (GO TEAM FLORIDA!!!).  For our country (GO TEAM USA!!!).  For our world (GO TEAM WORLD!!!).  MY VISION IS BIG, folks.

Please be a beneficial member to all of your teams in life.  We are all teammates.  Our smaller teams come together to form bigger and bigger teams.  Please join me folks…let’s all be “IN IT TO WIN IT”!!!  TOGETHER!!!


Try to answer this next question…honestly…



OKAY, are you ready?



What do you think allows you to go ahead and do something wrong even when you “think” it may be wrong?  EVEN WHEN YOU “KNOW” THAT IT’S  WRONG??? 

Please, please ponder that question…and answer to yourself… HONESTLY… We will look at possible answers “TOGETHER”…   LATER  🙂