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Stop and think about this for a moment…”Are you a selfish person?”  And answer truthfully…to yourself (now…”you” are the only one “listening” to “your” thoughts).  It’s pretty tough to admit to yourself that you’re a selfish person.  It’s tougher yet, to even recognize yourself as being such.  🙂

This goes along with the FACT that life is DIFFICULT.  And it’s difficult FOR ALL OF US!!!  So, so many of us try hard to make ourselves believe that life has been GREAT!  Who wants to admit that circumstances in life lead to some negative results?  Many of us don’t even choose to acknowledge that there were any difficulties at all.  This is DENIAL, folks.  “Sugar-coating LIFE.”  Shoving that pain deep inside, refusing to “deal” with reality.  “Denial”…sounds like a “topic” for another post, huh?  Later…

Right now we are looking at “selfishness”.  Children should grow out of this at some point during childhood.  This indicates healthy emotional/psychological growth.  Selfishness extending into adulthood, however, causes reason for concern.  Selfish adults  are  displaying their “inner turmoil,” mostly to themselves by keeping those negative feelings hidden, but also to others via uncontrollable outbursts .  This is so, so true folks.  Cut to the core.  Deal with reality.  These individuals are completely UNABLE to control their selfishness.  Emotions hit them suddenly.  Undesirably.  Uncontrollably. I know this…because I LIVED THIS.

Heightened emotional reactions to situations that make no sense to anyone.  But they are so, SO REAL.  Anger, jealousy, resentment.  Any negative emotion associated with any occurrence.  For example,   I can remember not wanting to share food with friends, co-workers, or EVEN my husband!  I would get “upset” by individuals asking to “share” MY food or I would get “upset” if I perceived others to be taking “more” than “their” share of food.

Now, does that sound absurdly ridiculous to YOU?  It sure does to ME!  And I’M the ONE typing “it” out!!!  What?  Getting upset (I REALLY meant “angry”) when it came to “sharing”…MY… “food”???   ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? (That REALLY means…”Am I kidding myself”?) Sharing had ALWAYS been difficult for me…sharing “my stuff” with others.  It’s kind of funny, but I never had difficulty borrowing from or “sharing” other people’s stuff!!!  HA!  DOUBLE HAHA!!!  BOY… that’s “selfishness” at its worst, isn’t it???

What was mine…WAS MINE!  HANDS OFF!!!  Food, clothes, boyfriends, or anything else that I might possibly consider being “mine”.  But, what was YOURS… COULD  ALSO BE MINE…TOO!!!  😉  I know that sounds “crazy,” but that was MY life.  This also ties in with my obsessive desire to “control” things, especially people and my weight.  “Control” issues…sounds like another “topic” for… another post, huh?  Later…

Wow, can  you see how one thing just seems to lead to another thing?  And on, and on, and on…  It never stops, folks.  Negative breeds negative.  Bad = Bad + more bad.  Things keep piling up.  And they seem to get worse and worse.

Please ask yourself those questions that you may not want to find the answers to.  I truly believe that there is something that explains everything.  And finding those answers…just may…set you “FREE” to enjoy life the way God intended.  Ya see, I TRULY believe that there is a reason that explains everything.  I have been an “over-analyzer” my entire life.  EVERYTHING MEANT SOMETHING!!!  I analyzed every word, every mannerism, every facial expression…EVERYTHING!!!  And as a pessimist…EVERYTHING ALWAYS meant something… BAD!!!  No wonder I was never happy, huh?

This is why open and honest communication is so VERY important to me.  That kind of makes sense, huh?  Please try to explain yourself thoroughly.  DO NOT leave any room for interpretation…with ANY individual you encounter…DAILY.  Everything you say has a high likelihood of being translated into meaning something completely different from what you actually meant!!!  Ah, the difficulties of communication between any two or more individuals.  People will ALWAYS attach their own meaning to what you said.  And what they thought you “meant” by what you actually said can be completely opposite!!!  HA!!!  That makes you wonder if we EVER really “listen” to what people are saying or not?  Perhaps “not”.


My current theme…”P.H.P.”  People Helping People…this has been shortened a bit from my previous “random” statement:  “Helping people.  Help people.   Helping people want to help people.”  I know, I know… THAT IS SO RANDOM… IT MAKES NO SENSE,… BUT…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT “NO SENSE” STATEMENT!!!  Did you “get” my little joke there?  “No sense” = “No sense”…but I REALLY meant  “Nonsense”.  Get it???  No sense = Nonsense???  🙂  Yep, I’m “drifting”…OVER THERE… to another part of MY WORLD…SOMEWHERE OUT THERE… (yep, I am thinking of you, Laura…and “that” song)  😉

WOW!!!  I apologize, folks.  This one post touched upon many different “topics”.  I guess I went ALL-OVER-THE-PLACE with this one, didn’t I?!?  I hope you were able to follow it…AND ENJOY IT!!!