Daily Archives: December 16, 2013


I am simply loving EVERY MOMENT of the holiday “chaos”.  Lots of traffic out on the streets…speeding…honking that “irritated” honk at another speeding vehicle on their way to…???  And then there’s the holiday “shoppers” in the stores.  Holiday shoppers are different from ALL OTHER TYPES OF “SHOPPERS”!!!

What makes them different?  Their focus!  Their passion!  Their tenacity!!!  Holiday shoppers WANT… what they… WANT!!!  AND…THEY KNOW…WHAT THEY WANT!!!  And heaven help you… IF…YOU…WANT…WHAT THEY WANT… TOO!!!

As an adult, I used to be one of those angry, frustrated “shoppers,” racing all over the place to get EVERY LAST item on my shopping lists.  I NEVER paid attention to anything except what I was doing or needed to do.  And I often got angry or frustrated with slow cashiers or “in-my-way,” other shoppers!!!  I guess you could say that I never stopped to enjoy ANY part of the holiday prep. time.  Thank goodness I, no longer, “rush” through the holidays!!!

Enjoying this “holiday prep.” part of the season can add some length to the holiday duration.  I now enjoy “watching” other people race around in order to prepare for the holidays.  This can be ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL!!!  People are so funny when they don’t know…or they don’t “CARE”…that they’re being watched!!!

Folks, please allow yourselves to enjoy some of the holiday chaos!!!  Holiday “peeps” are the funniest “peeps”… EVER…  to sit and watch…  WHILE… they shop!!!  Try to take note of the happenings around you during your next holiday shopping excursion…you will surely get a chuckle, if not two!!!

God bless you all!!!  And please try to enjoy as much of your holiday prep. time as possible.  THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, 2013…WILL SOON BE OVER!!!  Have some fun!!!  Hurry, Hurry, Hurry-up…and enjoy part of the chaos!!!