Daily Archives: December 15, 2013



My very favorite time of the year!!!  It ALWAYS has been.  It ALWAYS will be!!!   Hhhmmm…I wonder WHY?

I guess you could say that I was the one child, of us four, who got overly excited every year for Santa to visit our house… “ME”! Oh yeah, Christmas was AMAZING!!! Yep… I BELIEVED…

“Christ”mas… the beginning of my escape into my own little world inside my crazy, chaotic mind.  I could “dream” this holiday into being exactly what I needed!  For example, my siblings used to joke how one year…I swore Santa came into my room and kissed me on the cheek!  And “no,” it wasn’t my father OR brother…we just weren’t “like that,” if ya know what I mean.  That was just my crazy mind trying to…”make believe”…that I was… SOMEHOW… “SPECIAL”.  You know, kinda like I mattered to SOMEBODY…ANYBODY… even if I had to “make-believe” it!!!

The excitement of Christmas lives on…TOTALLY…inside of me.  I cannot explain that excitement I feel in the pit of my stomach or the warmth I feel in my heart and soul that provides a calmness, or…“STILLNESS” deep within me that is simply unexplainable.  This is MY excitement, MY warmth which causes a sense of calmness and stillness…AND I now, TRULY, believe that my childhood “dream-world” of Christmas had EVERYTHING TO DO WITH CELEBRATING THE BIRTH OF MY SAVIOR…OUR SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST!!!

 My current co-workers would testify that I am… STILL…OVER-THE-TOP… when it comes to “Christ”mas.  They get tired of “hearing” my bells “jingle” throughout the facility beginning the very day after Thanksgiving and continuing on until Dec. 25!!!  Yep, I attach a “jingle bell” to any part of my body that I can and each bell rings as appropriate…according to how I “move” my body.  I hope that you are picturing a “CRAZY” sight because that is what I look like while over-exaggerating body-part movements just to get a specific “JINGLE”!!! So there you have my holiday, work persona… JINGLE JILL”!!!  I kid you NOT, folks!!!  They REALLY call me “JINGLE JILL” at work…because I, REALLY…”JINGLE”…ALL THE WAY!!!

AND… I, truly, sing the following rendition of “Jingle Bells” at work:

“Jingle Jill.  Jingle Jill.  Jingle all the way A-A-A.  Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse, open sleigh…A-A-A!  Jingle Jill.  Jingle Jill.  Jingle all the way A-A-A.  Oh what fun it is to ride…” (now SLOW down  a  bit)    “in…a…ONE…HORSE…OPEN…SLEIGH…A-A-A!!!”  So there you have it…MY… rendition of “JINGLE BELLS” A.K.A. “JINGLE JILL”!!!  This is, but, ANOTHER way of adding some enjoyment to… “just another day at work”!!!

In looking back over the 49 years of my life…I am 100% sure that God, The Father, and The Holy Ghost have ALWAYS been with me…beside me(to walk with me), in front of me(to lead me), behind me(to catch me) and MOST importantly…HE carried me through my darkest days when I was too weak or broken to continue moving forward!!!  (A single tear rolls down my right cheek as I type this. )Oh yes, HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR ME, HOWEVER NEEDED!!!  And you know what?  I DO matter!!!  WE…ALL…MATTER!!!

I had “issues” growing up, folks…A.K.A… “MY PLATE OF CRAP” that I managed the best I could while trying to “fake” that life was “PERFECT”!!!  Bottom line… EVERYBODY IS TRYING TO JUGGLE THEIR OWN, PERSONALIZED, PLATE OF CRAP…DAILY…



Now…can we all…  just try… to… “HELP” each other along the way???  AND…AMERICA…CAN WE PLEASE LEAVE “CHRIST” in the word…“CHRISTMAS”??? We will, FOREVER, be that AMAZING COUNTRY established as… ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”!!! 

All glory be to God.  AMEN!!!