Daily Archives: December 8, 2013


READY OR NOT…HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!  OMG!!!  What am I DOING???  Am I NUTS???  CRAZY!!!  I believe that it has already been established that… YES… I AM CRAZY!!!

This is such a difficult and controversial subject matter in America.  It seems to be getting worse.  Do you remember my speaking of how disturbed I had been by a “beach brawl” that occurred in Jacksonville, FL at a Memorial Day celebration?  What???  Violence at a celebration in honor of those GREAT men and women who have sacrificed their lives fighting for our FREEDOM!!!  I, simply, DO NOT “GET” THAT, folks!!!

And… “HELP ME, JESUS”… , but here I go…jumping in…HEAD FIRST!!!  I saw a report about this on the local news and I must say…shhhhh…  IT APPEARED…RACIST-DRIVEN!!!”  I do not wish to anger ANYONE, HOWEVER…I observed a gathering of, mostly-if not ALL-black individuals fighting, VERY AGGRESSIVELY, at this event…on the local news…in JAX Beach.  That event “threw me over the edge,” causing me to take actions that, have since,  resulted in the development of this blog. I am not sure as to “WHY” the fighting began in the first place at that Memorial Day celebration, but PLEASE…can’t we refrain from such behavior, especially during an event to honor America’s heroes?

That REALLY bothered me.  As a white citizen I guess I MUST be racist since I am voicing disapproval of behaviors displayed by the, mostly, black individuals attending that specific event, correct?  I would have been as, equally, disturbed had it been a white group of brawling individuals.  It was the meaning behind “why” individuals had gathered together in the first place…to honor America’s military heroes during a Memorial Day celebration…that  REALLY disturbed me.

I have not experienced suffering due to race-driven hatred, so I can’t understand that kind of “pain, and unfortunately, racism lives on…in “SOME” individuals.  How do we completely rid our country, our world, of this?  I do not have the answer.  HATRED is driven by Satan.  And Satan is real, folks.

“WE CAN OVERCOME.”  And I believe that we can “OVER-come” by “COMING TOGETHER” as “ONE NATION UNDER GOD.”  Reach for the bible, folks.  There is comfort in The Written Word.  “FORGIVENESS” will allow you to find “PEACE,” here on earth.  It REALLY does, folks…

The pain I have experienced in my life is different from that suffered by anyone else, however, the bible offers comfort for ALL types of pain.  “FORGIVENESS”… set me… FREE”… allowing me to live without anger and to enjoy… “LIVING” life today.  TOTALLY HERE…IN THE MOMENT.  I, truly, enjoy a calmness in my life today that I never knew existed outside of my inner, chaotic turmoil.  FINALLY!!!

AGAIN… I lived a life full of total chaos, FULL-SPEED AHEAD, until that car accident in 1986 prompted my journey to “find myself”.  Finding myself took over 20 years, folks…of actively “searching,” knowing there was something “wrong” with me.  Life is so, so short, but LIFE is good.  God meant for it to be that way.  “SOME”  people have lost their way, folks…for whatever reason.  But… THERE IS A REASON…FOR EVERYTHING…

GOD.  FORGIVENESS.  We are all people.  Living today.  Stumbling and falling…HARD!!!  We were all created equal.  It is my hope that we can ALL stand together…AS EQUALS…helping each other…SURVIVE…LIFE!!!  TOGETHER!!!  AMEN.