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Please just know that no one escapes developing those dreaded “issues”!  We ALL have them, but MOST people don’t realize that THEY have ’em!!!.  MANY, MANY people may not like certain things about their behaviorisms, or idiosyncrasies.  Believe it or not…THERE IS SOMETHING THAT EXPLAINS THEM…SOMEWHERE…

I, truly, believe that everything we do has a reason, or purpose.  Otherwise, WHY DO IT?  We may react to situations in ways that we do not like, but yet, those reactions seem uncontrollable.  Instantaneous heightened emotional reactions to certain situations that make no sense…to ANYONE…but we experience them regularly and uncontrollably.  Okay ladies… “SOME” of this may be due to… PMS!  Jealousy.  Anger.  Fear.  These feelings are so, so real, but yet they  are so, so FALSE!!! (MOST OF THE TIME!!!).  “Issues” that are simply “fabricated” to release some of that “inner turmoil”.  Sound familiar?

Our minds tend to stay on HIGH ALERT…ready for that on-coming threat that we perceive exists, unnecessarily.  We stand…”ARMED”… and ready to “FIRE BACK” AT ALL TIMES!!!  WHY???  If we would just “get to know” the personality “quirks” of those teammates we have daily encounters with…than we might actually realize that most of what they say isn’t even directed “AT” us…it’s simply their added “seasoning” to add some flavor to what they are saying!!!  HA!  Double HAHA!!!

We all come from different backgrounds…what is “funny” to ME may be offensive to others and VICE VERSA… HERE I GO, FOLKS… DARE I?  WHY NOT???  🙂  No worries…I decided not to go there, but to you co-workers, family, and friends who REALLY “know” me:  “YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT”!!!  😉  Try to keep things “light, bright, and cheery”, okay folks?  WE NEED MORE ENJOYMENT IN LIFE!!!



So, who’s fault is it, anyway?  Who can be the scape goat…”this time”?  Folks, WHY do we always go looking for somebody else’s head to put on that chopping block?  AMERICANS ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR SOMEBODY…OR…SOMEBODY “ELSE”…TO BLAME!!!  This is so very aggravating to me!!! FOLKS, we are ALL imperfect humans…doing the best we can do simply seeking to SURVIVE… LIFE!!!  SURVIVAL… that’s it, folks.  WE ARE ALL SIMPLY SEEKING TO SURVIVE “LIFE”!!!

Please quit looking for someone to blame…and start looking at every opportunity as a chance to learn and grow.  This can be applied to so, so many different situations and different relationships, folks.  Now, I know there comes a time when we must ALL admit that some folks have had a bit too many “learning experiences,” but have not…LEARNED A THING!!!  Deal with each situation appropriately.  Please try to keep things positive.

EXPERIENCE… is the best teacher, right?  WE ALL KNOW THIS, RIGHT?  Don’t we ALL know this???  Evidently NOT!!!  I am now transitioning to a “BIGGER” picture of the blame game…local, state, federal agencies…officials…”THOSE PEOPLE”…that we all like to blame when things go wrong.  The President, Governors, agencies(FEMA-I live in FL), etc.  They may even be pointing their fingers at one another when things go wrong.  Now, “THOSE” are the “PEOPLE” everyone likes to blame for, perhaps, not using “book knowledge” to prepare them for responding appropriately to situations NEVER EXPERIENCED before!!! Book knowledge helps…DEFINITELY!!!  BUT…it cannot train you like experience…for…ANYTHING!!!

And the different magnitudes of experiences encountered, definitely, account for that “lack” of preparation or what seems like a “slow” response.  People get “shell-shocked”!!!  Stunned!!!  You know…like…”OMG!!!  WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW???!!!”  How do you prepare, FULLY, for something you can’t even imagine?  We are human, folks.  And… LIFE… teaches us new lessons everyday!  All I’m asking is that we allow each other to…LEARN THOSE LESSONS.

Cut some slack…”most people”…DO NOT want to make a mistake!   When and if one happens…LEARN FROM IT so that you’re better prepared to respond appropriately the next time… to this EXACT same situation or to one of a lesser magnitude.

My main objective with this post is to try and get people to stop looking to blame somebody for being…HUMAN?  What???  How can we blame and then be upset with people for making mistakes?  For being imperfect.  WE ARE ALL IMPERFECT!!!  How’s that glass house you live in holding up?

LIVE…AND LEARN… allow yourself…AND…others that opportunity to live and learn.  How can we persecute folks for, perhaps, not responding exactly as they should have during their first encounter with a certain type or magnitude of a situation?  They will be better prepared next time, right?  Isn’t that what we’re expected to do?  Things will always get better as long as we keep learning from our mistakes.  EXPERIENCE, folks… IS THE BEST TEACHER!!!  Accept whatever failures we experience, keen and thankful for the lessons learned.

LIVING AND LEARNING.  This is life, folks.  Just keep doing the best you can do in a society where NOTHING ever seems to be good enough.   All I know is that I appreciate the effort all of us put into simply seeking to survive each day.  LIFE IS DIFFICULT!!!