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PERFECTIONISM… is often a guise which allows one to “complain” regularly to release the tension which is “REALLY” caused by unrelated, underlying hidden issues. 

WOW!!!  Do you follow me?  I have recently come to believe that “perfectionism” is a chosen characteristic which allows unhappy people to complain regularly and to release some of their inner turmoil.  “TOSS that idea around in your brain for a bit.”  Are you hungry???  “Chew on that!”  WOW!!!  It’s sure a possibility, isn’t it?

“PERFECTIONISTS” = Unhappy people who JUST NEED TO COMPLAIN…ABOUT ANYTHING!!!  (shhh…keep this quiet…”some” people just need to complain to feel…???…better???…)  WHAT!!!???  Complaining to “FEEL” better?  To feel better about what???  WAIT…complaining is a negative…or, “BAD”…thing, right?  Negative breeds “negative,” right?  BAD=BAD, right???  So, “WHY” focus on the negative???  NOBODY… in their “right” mind needs MORE…”negative,” right?

Is it possible…perhaps…that maybe “perfectionists” are NOT “in their right mind”?  Go ahead…”Toss that idea around a bit.”  Let’s think about this realistically, folks… “WHO” do these “perfectionists” think they are???  NOTHING or NOBODY… is PERFECT… in LIFE!!!  ONLY JESUS!!!  You don’t REALLY hold yourself to “THOSE” standards, do you?  Again…”WHO do you think you are?”  I want to say…”GET OVER YOURSELF!!!”

Hmmm, this makes you think, doesn’t it?  Could “perfectionists” simply be fabricating “things”…ANYTHING…to release their inner turmoil?  BE A FRIEND…open your heart up to those “SUFFERING” from “PERFECTIONISM”.  They are simply seeking to be miserable about…something…ANYTHING!!!

So, so sad…BUT TRUE…

I used to be a “PERFECTIONIST,” folks.  In my younger years.  My husband.  My soul-mate has helped me to let go of that stupid reason allowing me to be “unhappy” about “something” ALL THE TIME!!!  Right?  NOTHING IS PERFECT!!!  We already know this, don’t we?  Why, ON EARTH, put yourself through that???

Now, in taking this a step further…examine those “things” you tend to desire perfection regarding.  Do you demand perfection from yourself?  Thereby always being upset by your deficiencies…AGAIN???  OR…Do you tend to “expect” perfection from others?  Blaming others when things go wrong?  This is pretty deep, folks.

I submit that it is much more acceptable to try and demand perfection from ourselves, HOWEVER…it is NEVER acceptable to demand perfection from others.  IF YOU have “issues” that require impossible expectations, please place those huge BURDENS on yourself!!!  NOT OTHERS!!!

WOW!!!  I need to stop here, folks.  This is quickly leading me down another path…”THE BLAME GAME”…and I will address that topic in an entirely different post, dedicated to itself…

Now…let’s all go out there today…EACH OF US…giving the best of ourselves that’s available…FOR TODAY!!!