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All right sisters…this one is strictly for the ladies…

It is way past time for us to come together and “PINKIE-SWEAR” the OATH of SISTERHOOD!  We, as women, need to understand the importance of keeping hands off our sisters’… men!!!  They are OFF LIMITS!!!  Please don’t pretend that you don’t understand the type of, deep-hurt, or pain you would be causing a “sister”.   Married men are simply OFF LIMITS!!!  And, ANY man is OFF LIMITS if you are married to somebody else!!!

You can enjoy a developing friendship…JUST…DO NOT LET IT GO BEYOND FRIENDSHIP!!!  And is this even possible?  To be close friends and not be intimate?  Perhaps “close friendships”  should be reserved for spouses only.  Unless you have that, rare, life-long friendship that has been in place for years…extending back to pre-school years!!!

Marriage is the ultimate commitment.  I believe this union should be solid and “it” will fulfill all of those “needs” a person can have from friendship…to “spouse-ship” (I just made that word up) and EVERYTHING in between, below or beside!!!???  What???  And “… EVERYTHING in between, below or beside???  sorry, folks.  My mind is “drifting” over…to another location…in this place called…”JILL’S WORLD”…”JOLLY JILL’S WORLD”!!!  (help…)

Now, in being completely forthcoming, I will admit to having had an affair during my first marriage, during those “difficult years”, 17-22, during which my life…”fell apart”…completely.  I am not proud of that…AT ALL!  I do realize, however, that it was a necessary part of this thing I call…”MY LIFE”…”MY JOURNEY”.  I am a sinner, folks.  And I have always been doing the best I can do to SURVIVE LIFE, seeking forgiveness and guidance along the way.  Amen.

SURVIVING LIFE…IS DIFFICULT.  God is with me.  I have put all of my Faith in the Lord.  I am not alone.  I AM NOT AFRAID.  And my journey through life has been made so much easier and more enjoyable since Christopher,my soul-mate, is traveling with me, as well…

LIFE IS DIFFICULT!!!  We have got to help each other…”Helping people.  Help people.  Helping people WANT to help people!!!”  Let’s support each other, ladies, by…TAKING THE OATH…OF SISTERHOOD…”MARRIED MEN ARE OFF LIMITS!!!”  🙂