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This is so, so FUNNY folks!!!  Have you all seen that movie?  Well, there REALLY is one…A MOVIE…about…”traveling pants”!!!

SO, GUESS WHAT???  We, currently, have a pair of those “traveling pants”…blue jeans…at work!!!  I am 100% SERIOUS!  NO KIDDING!!!  I CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP, FOLKS!!!  I do not know the whole story, but it goes something like this…

One of the therapists, a COTA/L, brought a pair of brand new jeans in to work.  WHY???  I do not know, but they are still there…sitting on the long documentation “desk” used by ALL of us…approximately 15 therapists!!!  We each have a little “bin” with our name on it for our “STUFF”!!!  EX.:  My little “bin” has a piece of paper secured to the front that says…”Jill #1″  🙂  HA!  HAHA!!!  THIS IS HYSTERICAL!!!  I AM NOT KIDDING, FOLKS!!!  We each have our own little “bin” with our name on it to put…”STUFF” in…pens, paper, food, keys, phone, whatever “stuff” we want to put in our “bin” can go in our “bin”.  And we can always go right to our “bin” to get our “stuff”…WHENEVER we may want or need our…”STUFF”!!!  Sounds like a kindergarden classroom, doesn’t it???

MOVING ALONG…So, anyways, back to these “traveling  pants”, jeans…Now, we are a rehab. dept. comprised of many women…and just a few men.  We, truly, have “joked” about these traveling pants…AND…I believe that just about EVERY single female therapist has tried them on!!!  I AM NOT KIDDING!!!  Only a few can fit into them, uncomfortably.  EXCEPT…ATHENA!!!  ATHENA…STEDMAN!!!  THESE TRAVELING PANTS WERE TOO BIG ON HER!!! I believe they are size 2, BUT…they look “big” for a size 2.  And…did I mention that they are…”stretchy”???  (Boy…have they ever been “stretched!”)

Anyways, this is so, so funny!  We are having so much fun with our little “sisterhood of the traveling pants” saga at work.  Just keep it “fun” in the work environment, folks.  Have fun!  Make your own fun!  Enjoy your days!  We spend so very much of our time on “the job”.  I used to get upset just thinking about how I spend more time with co-workers at work, than I do with my family at home.  That REALLY bothered me when the kids were smaller.  My co-workers will attest to that.  I NEVER participated in anything outside of work, with co-workers…NOPE…outside of work was my sacred “family time”.  And thank goodness both my husband and myself have been that way regarding our “time” with family…until recently…

See, our “children” are growing up quickly.  They no longer “need” us like they used to.  This is so, so sad…but true.  The years go by quickly and you can NEVER get them back.  Our kids need to feel that they are important.  That they “matter” to us.  Time is so very precious, folks.  Try to give as much of it to those who “matter” the most.  This…REALLY…makes a difference.  Examine your priorities.  Please, PLEASE…make a difference in the lives of your children by giving them not only your LOVE, but some of that highly, extremely precious…”TIME” ALSO!!!

SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING…PANTS!  I sure hope you enjoyed this post.  It is about working together, finding some “fun” during your hectic daily schedules.  And if you can’t “find” fun at your job or work, than “MAKE” some!!!  This will prove beneficial.  I promise.  Make finding some enjoyment a regular part of your work day.  Start small…with funny comments, small talk, whatever you can do to lighten or brighten the “mood”.

Remember…EVERYONE…I MEAN EVERYONE…carries around their own personal plate of crap DAILY…EVERY DAY.  EVERYWHERE THEY GO!!!  Perhaps we can add a little “seasoning” to others’ plate of crap so that…maybe, just maybe…it won’t…”taste”…so bad???  WHAT???  “TASTE SO BAD”???  OH yuck!!!  That’s disgusting!!!  I am so, so sorry folks!!!  DISGUSTING!!!  Welcome to another part of  “MY” world folks!!!  IT’S LONELY HERE!!!  I NEED COMPANY!!!  🙂

Okay, you have your assignment:  Go to work and find or make some “FUN”…a little…”ENJOYMENT”!  LIFE IS GOOD, FOLKS.  Now go out there and ENJOY IT!!!