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My whole entire life is fitting together perfectly.  Everything “makes sense” to me now…

I can remember “taking down the bully” in elementary school outside on the playground.  I just kind of camouflaged  in with others, awkwardly, during Junior High.  High School is where my life really started to spiral downward, specifically my Junior and Senior years- ages 17-18.  I graduated High School in 1983.  Finished  2 quarters of college at University of Toledo, dropped out.  Quickly planned a wedding and got married in Oct., 1984 and then divorced in March 1986.  Moved in with “male” friend in September of 1986.  Car accident in November 1986.  WOW!!!  Pretty dysfunctional, huh?

I can remember, at some point, feeling horrible for the homeless people, especially during cold temperatures in Ohio before leaving to “find myself”.  This sense of compassion has continued throughout all of these years I’ve lived in Florida, with me ALWAYS worrying about homeless people during the colder months.  Believe it or not, temps. can drop to as low as  the 20-30’s here in St. Augustine.  That’s frigid for us thin-blooded Floridians!

This year, everything seemed to happen in sync, setting things in motion…FINALLY!!!  I had been all over the place trying to spread awareness of my blog,, and my current fundraising ventures.

One evening after work I decided to go downtown to the shops on St. George St. looking for possible locations to sell my “TEAM USA” t-shirts.  I will NEVER forget meeting Rev. Reggie as I waited to speak with a store owner.  This gentleman walked by me with a smile on his face and then he paused to say, “please continue moving forward on your mission”!!!  WHAT???  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  I had never seen this man before in my life!  And I was certain that he didn’t know anything about me or my “mission”.  I could not believe what had just transpired!

Before going home, I had learned that Rev. Reggie, somehow, helped out downtown with providing assistance to the homeless.  I accompanied him to get the final count for meals provided at “The Mission” here in St. Augustine that evening and forward that number to…somebody…I assumed individuals responsible for…???  I wasn’t really sure who he had to report the total number to OR “WHY” he reported it to them.  Welcome to my world, folks!  🙂

Rev. Reggie told me about this “mansion” that some fella had just allowed him to move into.  I was a bit skeptical.  He was, however, a highly religious man desiring to help others in need.  I felt this.  And I heard this in the words he spoke.  Needless to say, I gave Rev. Reggie a ride home, to his “mansion” that evening.

This “mansion” was quite a bit South from the downtown area.  It was not in an area where I would have expected to find a “mansion”.  He directed me to turn into the drive of a run-down duplex.  This, indeed, was the “mansion” Rev. Reggie had spoke of.  I returned home that evening, deeply touched by the events that occurred that evening.

A short time had passed, perhaps 2 weeks, when it became VERY cold here in St. Augustine.  I remembered Rev. Reggie and “The Mission,” so I quickly phoned the company I had already worked  with on the “TEAM USA” t-shirts.  This was on the Monday of Thanksgiving week that I phoned M.M. Grinnan Company in Jacksonville, FL to inquire about “TEAM USA” sweatshirts, also in association with   I had hoped, beyond all hope, that we could rush order those sweatshirts to be completed by Thanksgiving Day…3 days away…for those individuals at “The Mission”!!!  IMPOSSIBLE!!!  But how meaningful, right?  To give out sweatshirts to those individuals eating Thanksgiving dinner at The Mission on Thanksgiving Day!!!  We just couldn’t make it happen that quickly.

The sweatshirts were quickly designed using the exact same logos from the “TEAM USA” t-shirts.  I, immediately approved them and placed an order based on the last known meal count at “The Mission”.  The order was expected to arrive in 7-10 working days.  All because of that one encounter with Rev. Reggie who could “see” that I was, indeed, on a “mission”.  He had inspired me.

To make a long story short…Ya see, Rev. Reggie HAD been homeless at one point, and was put into this “mansion” by a group called “People Helping Reduce Homelessness”.  Approximately 6 adults share the small living space in this home.  I believe they each have their “jobs” with…???  I am not exactly sure about anything involving…ANYTHING!!!

I ended up, however, driving to Jacksonville to pick-up these sweatshirts and dropped off all 8 boxes of sweatshirts  at Rev. Reggie’s “mansion,” somehow believing everything-THAT I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT- was somehow, completely legitimate and that everything would be “fine”!  🙂  This is, totally, MY world, folks!!!

Blind faith?  Stupidity?  I left every last sweatshirt at this “mansion” with a group of individuals I had just met!  I felt okay about this, however, because the sweatshirts were meant to be for people who “needed” them.  End of story.  So, the plan?  My kids would help me pass out “Team USA” sweatshirts at a Christmas celebration for the homeless at a local gymnasium, downtown on Dec. 24th.

Danielle, Chase, and I arrived at the gym and we were able to hand out sweatshirts to people who really needed them.  We sure have had a couple of real cold nights here in Northern Florida just recently.  And although those sweatshirts may not keep the recipients totally “warm” at night, I can sure smile knowing that they somehow  “help”.  Amen.

I find this completely amazing how I have ALWAYS  been concerned about homeless people being cold during winter months since approximately age 22…back in Ohio…and that same concern aches my heart still today at age 49…here in Florida.  I finally acted on this “ache” I felt in my heart all because of a “chance” meeting that occurred one chilly evening in a store in downtown St. Augustine on St. George St., sometime in early November, 2013…

Thank you, Rev. Reggie!





So…what is it that allows us to go ahead and do something that we think “might” be “wrong”?  Or what about doing something when we “KNOW” that it is “wrong”?  Tough question, huh?  The truth is,  we all do things that we think might be wrong.  Many of us do things that we know are wrong…

Well…just how bad are the wrongs that we do?  Some things, certainly, don’t “matter” as much as other things, right?  And what do we say to ourselves, EXACTLY, that makes it seem “okay” for us to go ahead and do something that we “think” or “KNOW” is wrong?

Wow…not real sure how we got here…but “let’s roll”( another 9/11 tribute )…

HERE I GO…AGAIN…with this notion that…”LIFE IS NOT FAIR”…for ANYONE!!!  Is it, perhaps, the unfairness of life that allows us to cross over that line and actually do something “wrong”?  “This” or “that” is NOT FAIR, so I am allowed…entitled…to do wrong.  Somebody owes you something for whatever reason…

This is so bothersome to me, folks.  I, truly, believe this is much of the problem our country faces today.  People feeling that they are owed something from others, instead of desiring to “give” TO others.

First of all, I will try to say this as nicely as possible, but…aside from money or moral obligations…NOBODY OWES ANYBODY… ANYTHING- especially as a “pay-back ” for wrong-doing by others.!!!  I feel for the pain of ALL individuals who have suffered, needlessly.  As people, we are still “LEARNING”.  LIVING…AND…LEARNING according to whatever “rules” we abide by, individually.  And remember…shhhh…”some people are slow learners”.  😉

Those of us living today had nothing to do with the “wrongs” committed many, many years ago.  Please allow the “healing” to occur by moving forward and taking advantage of today’s opportunities to be the best that you can be.  Set your goals HIGH, but try to reach  even HIGHER.  We can all move forward, together.  As equals.  The opportunities are endless.  Do not allow anger or hatred to deny you those opportunities.  Where there is a will…THERE IS A WAY.  It’s up to all of us to find those ways.  Individually…and as a team…TOGETHER!!!

“Giving” can include so many different things, such as time, things,  or money(EVERYTHING, somehow, involves the giving of money).  Time is money, right?  Things cost money, right?  And well, MONEY IS MONEY, right?  Money/WEALTH…a requirement for many things “good,” but the source of evil, as well.

We are now getting back to the reality that everything in life has both good and bad consequences depending on intentions and/or outcomes.  EVERYTHING must be weighed very carefully by each individual.  This is America.  You are still able to make many”choices” regarding your life.  Choose wisely.  EVERYTHING AFFECTS EVERYTHING.



Sunday, 12/22/13……….9:10 pm……….

The excitement is growing.  Christmas is coming.  Our special day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior.  December 25th.  Two days of work, filled with excitement and anticipation between “now” and “then”.  My poor husband is so, so “CRAZY” busy during the holidays as a wine sales rep.  Both kids are enjoying Christmas break from High School.  And then there’s me…working right up to the “wire,” totally enjoying this frenzied, hurry-up, chaotic rush to the “finish line” for “Christ”mas.

So, so much to do.  The excitement is palpable.  Somehow, the mood “feels” different at work leading up to “the day”.  Perhaps I am the only one feeling this “excitement” in my heart, but it always seems to capture everyone at about this time of year…EVERY YEAR.  That is how I perceive it.  The happiness, or “JOY” ( “to the world” ) is palpable…TO ME.

There are always those “Scrooges,” of course.  And I am sure that you “Scrooges” out there KNOW exactly who you are.  What are your “issues”?  Why begrudge someone else’s excitement?  Scrooge or not, if Christmas is not a day that you choose to celebrate, then you have that “right,” here in America, NOT to celebrate.  Perhaps you can simply enjoy a day off work.   Why not try to enjoy the “calmness” of this day when most days are full of frenzied chaos?  Please try to find the “positive,” which surely exists, surrounding this holiday.  “LOOK”…and you shall “FIND”.

I hope you all enjoy what’s left of our “prep time” for Christmas. Enjoy.  Enjoy.  Enjoy.  This is going to be a truly special Christmas for our family…”GIVING” to those in need.  I am not real sure as to how much I will disclose, but “” is truly my mission.  People Helping People.  Choosing to give the best of yourself daily to contribute to your teams’ success.  Living life, folks.  Surviving life.  ENJOYING LIFE by helping others to survive it.

“GIVING” is truly better than receiving.

God Bless America.  Amen.



DENIAL:  Refusal to accept the truth, subconsciously, which allows one to disbelieve “something”…consciously. That is my definition for how I am referring to the word “denial” in my posts.

So…back to “DENIAL”…

I can remember “hearing” about denial utilized as a coping technique to “get individuals through traumatic experiences”.  I would have to say my analysis of this word, “denial,” probably first occurred somewhere in my 20’s.  (This is my best guess.  Made because this is the time when “MY JOURNEY” consciously began, looking for…”ME”…)

I remember that I never REALLY “bought into” this phenomenon of “denial”.  I simply could not relate to what that meant.  In short…I didn’t believe that one’s mind could actually “block-out” those things that were too painful to deal with.  Boy, I have found out, FIRST HAND, how denial is REAL.

So, denial is a valid coping technique???  To cope = “To struggle with successfully”.  Hhmmm…To struggle with???  Successfully?  Wow, I took that right out of the Webster’s dictionary, and I REALLY mean that I looked the word up in an actual dictionary…a book!  Not by Google search…I am LOW TECH, remember?

To struggle with?   Hhmmm…  Successfully?  Double hhmmm, hhmmm…  This is deep, folks.  This means that one’s “inner turmoil” in dealing with “something” has been handled, subconsciously, by one’s own mind, thereby allowing one to continue living “life”.  This is what I refer to as…”SURVIVAL” throughout this blog, folks.

MANY “something’s” occur throughout everyone’s life that each of us must be able to deal with positively in order to keep moving forward…to keep struggling…to keep living…LIFE.  Deep stuff, huh?  I still tend to “over”-analyze  EVERYTHING!  Everything “means” something…according to “Jill”(me)!!!

So… “to struggle with successfully”…subconsciously.  Wow.  How do we “struggle successfully”?  To keep living?  NOW…HERE WE GO…I propose that those negative habits, beliefs, idiosyncrasies we develop are what help us “struggle” with life “successfully”!  Drugs.  Alcohol.  Eating disorders.  Driving fast.  Bullying.  Stealing.  Cheating.  Adultery.  On…and on…and on…  This may not, FULLY, explain EVERYTHING, but if the shoe fits…WEAR IT!!!  I do think you might like to change both “shoes” if possible, right?  But wait…I need to change MORE than just 2 “shoes”!!!  😉

Look at your behaviors and habits realistically and try to find the answers that may “explain” them.  What, in life, are you running from that is causing you to struggle successfully in those negative manners…simply seeking to survive life?

So, so sad.  But this is “LIFE”.  One struggle after another.  Please keep that in mind, folks.  EVERYBODY “struggles” EVERYDAY!!!  There may be pauses between our struggles, but you can always rest assured that there will be another “struggle” somewhere up the road on your journey through life.

“Struggling” = “living”???  This is my proposal, folks.  LIFE IS DIFFICULT!!!  Now can we please try to help each other?  Help each other to survive life?  “P.H.P”:  PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.  This is my “VISION,” folks.  EVERYONE giving the best of themselves…Daily…to make this world a better place for EVERYBODY.  Helping each other to help themselves which enables “them” to help others, directly…AND INDIRECTLY!!!

Many individuals get so overwhelmed by their “struggles” in life that they feel unable to continue “struggling”.  Yep, I am referring to suicide.  This destroys families…to the core.  Kids.  Teenagers.  Adults.  WE HAVE GOT TO HELP EACH OTHER!!!  Please, let’s “get ahold of ourselves” and  be the best each of us can be…for ourselves ( GO JILL!!!).  For our families (GO TEAM ALLEN!!!).  For our communities (GO TEAM ST. AUGUSTINE!!!).  For our states (GO TEAM FLORIDA!!!).  For our country (GO TEAM USA!!!).  For our world (GO TEAM WORLD!!!).  MY VISION IS BIG, folks.

Please be a beneficial member to all of your teams in life.  We are all teammates.  Our smaller teams come together to form bigger and bigger teams.  Please join me folks…let’s all be “IN IT TO WIN IT”!!!  TOGETHER!!!


Try to answer this next question…honestly…



OKAY, are you ready?



What do you think allows you to go ahead and do something wrong even when you “think” it may be wrong?  EVEN WHEN YOU “KNOW” THAT IT’S  WRONG??? 

Please, please ponder that question…and answer to yourself… HONESTLY… We will look at possible answers “TOGETHER”…   LATER  🙂



Stop and think about this for a moment…”Are you a selfish person?”  And answer truthfully…to yourself (now…”you” are the only one “listening” to “your” thoughts).  It’s pretty tough to admit to yourself that you’re a selfish person.  It’s tougher yet, to even recognize yourself as being such.  🙂

This goes along with the FACT that life is DIFFICULT.  And it’s difficult FOR ALL OF US!!!  So, so many of us try hard to make ourselves believe that life has been GREAT!  Who wants to admit that circumstances in life lead to some negative results?  Many of us don’t even choose to acknowledge that there were any difficulties at all.  This is DENIAL, folks.  “Sugar-coating LIFE.”  Shoving that pain deep inside, refusing to “deal” with reality.  “Denial”…sounds like a “topic” for another post, huh?  Later…

Right now we are looking at “selfishness”.  Children should grow out of this at some point during childhood.  This indicates healthy emotional/psychological growth.  Selfishness extending into adulthood, however, causes reason for concern.  Selfish adults  are  displaying their “inner turmoil,” mostly to themselves by keeping those negative feelings hidden, but also to others via uncontrollable outbursts .  This is so, so true folks.  Cut to the core.  Deal with reality.  These individuals are completely UNABLE to control their selfishness.  Emotions hit them suddenly.  Undesirably.  Uncontrollably. I know this…because I LIVED THIS.

Heightened emotional reactions to situations that make no sense to anyone.  But they are so, SO REAL.  Anger, jealousy, resentment.  Any negative emotion associated with any occurrence.  For example,   I can remember not wanting to share food with friends, co-workers, or EVEN my husband!  I would get “upset” by individuals asking to “share” MY food or I would get “upset” if I perceived others to be taking “more” than “their” share of food.

Now, does that sound absurdly ridiculous to YOU?  It sure does to ME!  And I’M the ONE typing “it” out!!!  What?  Getting upset (I REALLY meant “angry”) when it came to “sharing”…MY… “food”???   ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? (That REALLY means…”Am I kidding myself”?) Sharing had ALWAYS been difficult for me…sharing “my stuff” with others.  It’s kind of funny, but I never had difficulty borrowing from or “sharing” other people’s stuff!!!  HA!  DOUBLE HAHA!!!  BOY… that’s “selfishness” at its worst, isn’t it???

What was mine…WAS MINE!  HANDS OFF!!!  Food, clothes, boyfriends, or anything else that I might possibly consider being “mine”.  But, what was YOURS… COULD  ALSO BE MINE…TOO!!!  😉  I know that sounds “crazy,” but that was MY life.  This also ties in with my obsessive desire to “control” things, especially people and my weight.  “Control” issues…sounds like another “topic” for… another post, huh?  Later…

Wow, can  you see how one thing just seems to lead to another thing?  And on, and on, and on…  It never stops, folks.  Negative breeds negative.  Bad = Bad + more bad.  Things keep piling up.  And they seem to get worse and worse.

Please ask yourself those questions that you may not want to find the answers to.  I truly believe that there is something that explains everything.  And finding those answers…just may…set you “FREE” to enjoy life the way God intended.  Ya see, I TRULY believe that there is a reason that explains everything.  I have been an “over-analyzer” my entire life.  EVERYTHING MEANT SOMETHING!!!  I analyzed every word, every mannerism, every facial expression…EVERYTHING!!!  And as a pessimist…EVERYTHING ALWAYS meant something… BAD!!!  No wonder I was never happy, huh?

This is why open and honest communication is so VERY important to me.  That kind of makes sense, huh?  Please try to explain yourself thoroughly.  DO NOT leave any room for interpretation…with ANY individual you encounter…DAILY.  Everything you say has a high likelihood of being translated into meaning something completely different from what you actually meant!!!  Ah, the difficulties of communication between any two or more individuals.  People will ALWAYS attach their own meaning to what you said.  And what they thought you “meant” by what you actually said can be completely opposite!!!  HA!!!  That makes you wonder if we EVER really “listen” to what people are saying or not?  Perhaps “not”.


My current theme…”P.H.P.”  People Helping People…this has been shortened a bit from my previous “random” statement:  “Helping people.  Help people.   Helping people want to help people.”  I know, I know… THAT IS SO RANDOM… IT MAKES NO SENSE,… BUT…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT “NO SENSE” STATEMENT!!!  Did you “get” my little joke there?  “No sense” = “No sense”…but I REALLY meant  “Nonsense”.  Get it???  No sense = Nonsense???  🙂  Yep, I’m “drifting”…OVER THERE… to another part of MY WORLD…SOMEWHERE OUT THERE… (yep, I am thinking of you, Laura…and “that” song)  😉

WOW!!!  I apologize, folks.  This one post touched upon many different “topics”.  I guess I went ALL-OVER-THE-PLACE with this one, didn’t I?!?  I hope you were able to follow it…AND ENJOY IT!!!




I am simply loving EVERY MOMENT of the holiday “chaos”.  Lots of traffic out on the streets…speeding…honking that “irritated” honk at another speeding vehicle on their way to…???  And then there’s the holiday “shoppers” in the stores.  Holiday shoppers are different from ALL OTHER TYPES OF “SHOPPERS”!!!

What makes them different?  Their focus!  Their passion!  Their tenacity!!!  Holiday shoppers WANT… what they… WANT!!!  AND…THEY KNOW…WHAT THEY WANT!!!  And heaven help you… IF…YOU…WANT…WHAT THEY WANT… TOO!!!

As an adult, I used to be one of those angry, frustrated “shoppers,” racing all over the place to get EVERY LAST item on my shopping lists.  I NEVER paid attention to anything except what I was doing or needed to do.  And I often got angry or frustrated with slow cashiers or “in-my-way,” other shoppers!!!  I guess you could say that I never stopped to enjoy ANY part of the holiday prep. time.  Thank goodness I, no longer, “rush” through the holidays!!!

Enjoying this “holiday prep.” part of the season can add some length to the holiday duration.  I now enjoy “watching” other people race around in order to prepare for the holidays.  This can be ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL!!!  People are so funny when they don’t know…or they don’t “CARE”…that they’re being watched!!!

Folks, please allow yourselves to enjoy some of the holiday chaos!!!  Holiday “peeps” are the funniest “peeps”… EVER…  to sit and watch…  WHILE… they shop!!!  Try to take note of the happenings around you during your next holiday shopping excursion…you will surely get a chuckle, if not two!!!

God bless you all!!!  And please try to enjoy as much of your holiday prep. time as possible.  THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, 2013…WILL SOON BE OVER!!!  Have some fun!!!  Hurry, Hurry, Hurry-up…and enjoy part of the chaos!!!





My very favorite time of the year!!!  It ALWAYS has been.  It ALWAYS will be!!!   Hhhmmm…I wonder WHY?

I guess you could say that I was the one child, of us four, who got overly excited every year for Santa to visit our house… “ME”! Oh yeah, Christmas was AMAZING!!! Yep… I BELIEVED…

“Christ”mas… the beginning of my escape into my own little world inside my crazy, chaotic mind.  I could “dream” this holiday into being exactly what I needed!  For example, my siblings used to joke how one year…I swore Santa came into my room and kissed me on the cheek!  And “no,” it wasn’t my father OR brother…we just weren’t “like that,” if ya know what I mean.  That was just my crazy mind trying to…”make believe”…that I was… SOMEHOW… “SPECIAL”.  You know, kinda like I mattered to SOMEBODY…ANYBODY… even if I had to “make-believe” it!!!

The excitement of Christmas lives on…TOTALLY…inside of me.  I cannot explain that excitement I feel in the pit of my stomach or the warmth I feel in my heart and soul that provides a calmness, or…“STILLNESS” deep within me that is simply unexplainable.  This is MY excitement, MY warmth which causes a sense of calmness and stillness…AND I now, TRULY, believe that my childhood “dream-world” of Christmas had EVERYTHING TO DO WITH CELEBRATING THE BIRTH OF MY SAVIOR…OUR SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST!!!

 My current co-workers would testify that I am… STILL…OVER-THE-TOP… when it comes to “Christ”mas.  They get tired of “hearing” my bells “jingle” throughout the facility beginning the very day after Thanksgiving and continuing on until Dec. 25!!!  Yep, I attach a “jingle bell” to any part of my body that I can and each bell rings as appropriate…according to how I “move” my body.  I hope that you are picturing a “CRAZY” sight because that is what I look like while over-exaggerating body-part movements just to get a specific “JINGLE”!!! So there you have my holiday, work persona… JINGLE JILL”!!!  I kid you NOT, folks!!!  They REALLY call me “JINGLE JILL” at work…because I, REALLY…”JINGLE”…ALL THE WAY!!!

AND… I, truly, sing the following rendition of “Jingle Bells” at work:

“Jingle Jill.  Jingle Jill.  Jingle all the way A-A-A.  Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse, open sleigh…A-A-A!  Jingle Jill.  Jingle Jill.  Jingle all the way A-A-A.  Oh what fun it is to ride…” (now SLOW down  a  bit)    “in…a…ONE…HORSE…OPEN…SLEIGH…A-A-A!!!”  So there you have it…MY… rendition of “JINGLE BELLS” A.K.A. “JINGLE JILL”!!!  This is, but, ANOTHER way of adding some enjoyment to… “just another day at work”!!!

In looking back over the 49 years of my life…I am 100% sure that God, The Father, and The Holy Ghost have ALWAYS been with me…beside me(to walk with me), in front of me(to lead me), behind me(to catch me) and MOST importantly…HE carried me through my darkest days when I was too weak or broken to continue moving forward!!!  (A single tear rolls down my right cheek as I type this. )Oh yes, HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR ME, HOWEVER NEEDED!!!  And you know what?  I DO matter!!!  WE…ALL…MATTER!!!

I had “issues” growing up, folks…A.K.A… “MY PLATE OF CRAP” that I managed the best I could while trying to “fake” that life was “PERFECT”!!!  Bottom line… EVERYBODY IS TRYING TO JUGGLE THEIR OWN, PERSONALIZED, PLATE OF CRAP…DAILY…



Now…can we all…  just try… to… “HELP” each other along the way???  AND…AMERICA…CAN WE PLEASE LEAVE “CHRIST” in the word…“CHRISTMAS”??? We will, FOREVER, be that AMAZING COUNTRY established as… ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”!!! 

All glory be to God.  AMEN!!!








READY OR NOT…HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!  OMG!!!  What am I DOING???  Am I NUTS???  CRAZY!!!  I believe that it has already been established that… YES… I AM CRAZY!!!

This is such a difficult and controversial subject matter in America.  It seems to be getting worse.  Do you remember my speaking of how disturbed I had been by a “beach brawl” that occurred in Jacksonville, FL at a Memorial Day celebration?  What???  Violence at a celebration in honor of those GREAT men and women who have sacrificed their lives fighting for our FREEDOM!!!  I, simply, DO NOT “GET” THAT, folks!!!

And… “HELP ME, JESUS”… , but here I go…jumping in…HEAD FIRST!!!  I saw a report about this on the local news and I must say…shhhhh…  IT APPEARED…RACIST-DRIVEN!!!”  I do not wish to anger ANYONE, HOWEVER…I observed a gathering of, mostly-if not ALL-black individuals fighting, VERY AGGRESSIVELY, at this event…on the local news…in JAX Beach.  That event “threw me over the edge,” causing me to take actions that, have since,  resulted in the development of this blog. I am not sure as to “WHY” the fighting began in the first place at that Memorial Day celebration, but PLEASE…can’t we refrain from such behavior, especially during an event to honor America’s heroes?

That REALLY bothered me.  As a white citizen I guess I MUST be racist since I am voicing disapproval of behaviors displayed by the, mostly, black individuals attending that specific event, correct?  I would have been as, equally, disturbed had it been a white group of brawling individuals.  It was the meaning behind “why” individuals had gathered together in the first place…to honor America’s military heroes during a Memorial Day celebration…that  REALLY disturbed me.

I have not experienced suffering due to race-driven hatred, so I can’t understand that kind of “pain, and unfortunately, racism lives on…in “SOME” individuals.  How do we completely rid our country, our world, of this?  I do not have the answer.  HATRED is driven by Satan.  And Satan is real, folks.

“WE CAN OVERCOME.”  And I believe that we can “OVER-come” by “COMING TOGETHER” as “ONE NATION UNDER GOD.”  Reach for the bible, folks.  There is comfort in The Written Word.  “FORGIVENESS” will allow you to find “PEACE,” here on earth.  It REALLY does, folks…

The pain I have experienced in my life is different from that suffered by anyone else, however, the bible offers comfort for ALL types of pain.  “FORGIVENESS”… set me… FREE”… allowing me to live without anger and to enjoy… “LIVING” life today.  TOTALLY HERE…IN THE MOMENT.  I, truly, enjoy a calmness in my life today that I never knew existed outside of my inner, chaotic turmoil.  FINALLY!!!

AGAIN… I lived a life full of total chaos, FULL-SPEED AHEAD, until that car accident in 1986 prompted my journey to “find myself”.  Finding myself took over 20 years, folks…of actively “searching,” knowing there was something “wrong” with me.  Life is so, so short, but LIFE is good.  God meant for it to be that way.  “SOME”  people have lost their way, folks…for whatever reason.  But… THERE IS A REASON…FOR EVERYTHING…

GOD.  FORGIVENESS.  We are all people.  Living today.  Stumbling and falling…HARD!!!  We were all created equal.  It is my hope that we can ALL stand together…AS EQUALS…helping each other…SURVIVE…LIFE!!!  TOGETHER!!!  AMEN.





Please just know that no one escapes developing those dreaded “issues”!  We ALL have them, but MOST people don’t realize that THEY have ’em!!!.  MANY, MANY people may not like certain things about their behaviorisms, or idiosyncrasies.  Believe it or not…THERE IS SOMETHING THAT EXPLAINS THEM…SOMEWHERE…

I, truly, believe that everything we do has a reason, or purpose.  Otherwise, WHY DO IT?  We may react to situations in ways that we do not like, but yet, those reactions seem uncontrollable.  Instantaneous heightened emotional reactions to certain situations that make no sense…to ANYONE…but we experience them regularly and uncontrollably.  Okay ladies… “SOME” of this may be due to… PMS!  Jealousy.  Anger.  Fear.  These feelings are so, so real, but yet they  are so, so FALSE!!! (MOST OF THE TIME!!!).  “Issues” that are simply “fabricated” to release some of that “inner turmoil”.  Sound familiar?

Our minds tend to stay on HIGH ALERT…ready for that on-coming threat that we perceive exists, unnecessarily.  We stand…”ARMED”… and ready to “FIRE BACK” AT ALL TIMES!!!  WHY???  If we would just “get to know” the personality “quirks” of those teammates we have daily encounters with…than we might actually realize that most of what they say isn’t even directed “AT” us…it’s simply their added “seasoning” to add some flavor to what they are saying!!!  HA!  Double HAHA!!!

We all come from different backgrounds…what is “funny” to ME may be offensive to others and VICE VERSA… HERE I GO, FOLKS… DARE I?  WHY NOT???  🙂  No worries…I decided not to go there, but to you co-workers, family, and friends who REALLY “know” me:  “YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT”!!!  😉  Try to keep things “light, bright, and cheery”, okay folks?  WE NEED MORE ENJOYMENT IN LIFE!!!