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The beginning of my…”CAMPAIGN,2013″


My journey has continued on this path involving many attempts at “spreading the word” and increasing the public’s awareness of my blog at :  This has included such ventures as contacting radio and tv news programs; the local newspaper; various, high-profile, political personalities; local political figures; stores; restaurants,etc., etc., etc.  As well as handing out business cards.  Facebooking, tweeting, TALKING, talking, and more talking to EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE.

Many folks have asked the SAME question after receiving my business card…”Oh, are you running for office?”  Well…no…I am NOT running for “office” anywhere, for ANYTHING!!!  Well,  I sometimes get in “these” moods when I’m feeling kind of silly and I might actually “think” or “feel” like I’m…pretty funny!!!  So, while handing a business card to a cashier just yesterday, well, she gave me that “look”… so I immediately responded “JILL, FOR PRESIDENT!”  OMG!!!  This was hysterical!!!  We both laughed…HARD!!!  This felt pretty good!  Needless to say, I have continued on a very, business-like campaign ever since!!!  Co-workers, patients, visitors…EVERYONE at work has been subjected to my slow, but direct approach while extending my right arm, with the help of my left arm, for a firm hand shake, stating…”JILL, FOR PRESIDENT” with my head nodding  slowly as my lips and mouth puckered, quite notably!!!  This is so, so fun.

In keeping the “fun” alive, I actually “stalked” a police officer into a CVS store this morning at 6:15-ish am/ET.  I walked straight up to him while extending my right arm, with help from my left arm, for a firm hand shake while stating:  “JILL, FOR PRESIDENT!!!”…with my head nodding slowly as my lips and mouth puckered, quite notably!!!  Whew!!!  He laughed!  In retrospect, that probably wasn’t the best thing to do to a police officer at 6:15 in the am!!!  I sure hope he has visited my site!!!  🙂

I’m having fun with this, folks!!!  Please help me pass this “joke” along.  Simply post, tweet, text, message, or say this to EVERYBODY:  “JILL FOR PRESIDENT!”  in association with  Let’s see how many people will help to spread my campaign!  Hmmmm, I wonder how far across this country, maybe even around the world, this slogan can travel? Or, How many people will actually see it!  HA!!!  I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!  Please help…tell everyone who sees this slogan to pass it forward.  And is there a way to keep track?  Remember, I know very little about these high-tech gadgets!!!

GO TEAM!!!  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!  Oh, I’m having fun!!!  Are you having fun???  LET’S DO THIS THING!!!  TOGETHER!!!


Wow, just re-read over my last post and I am, SOOOOO, feeling a huge desire to shout out my BEST cheer, complete with my, awkwardly disabled, cheerleading “jump” followed by my, VERY FAMOUS…CARTWHEEL!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Sorry folks, but I am dying right now!!!  Laughing hysterically, quietly and to myself here at 6:15 am, ET as both kids are still in bed.  My husband has been gone for awhile…holidays are his busiest time with work.  STRESS, STRESS, AND MORE STRESS!!!

I am just loving the fact that I “feel” like a cheerleader…anyone who “knew” the “me” I was while in school KNOWS that cheerleading was not “my thing”!  ALL Tom-boy, I sure was!  None of that girly stuff for “ME”!  Must admit that I was ALWAYS envious(jealous) of those very pretty and smart girls who were cheerleaders.   I never felt “qualified” to enter that arena, so sports it was…and I do think I was pretty good, too!  To each their own, right?

I kid you NOT, folks when I say that I played the role of our facility’s “cheerleader” during a skit  put on by the rehab. dept. where I now work.  This was SO, SO fun!  I, SERIOUSLY, did my own, disabled, version of a cartwheel during this event!!!  AND…the entire skit was captured on film by our facility Activities Dept.!!!  Yep, it is recorded in the “ARCHIVES,” somewhere at work…  🙂

All joking aside, I DO LOVE FEELING LIKE A CHEERLEADER…inspiring, motivating, and “ROOTING-ON” as many team members as I possibly can!!!



Okay, so how many of us are pondering, or HAVE pondered that fateful question…”WHY ME?”  Probably ALL of us have asked that question at some point in our lives.  Well I submit, “Why NOT you?”  Nobody escapes life’s difficulties or hardships.  The MOST trying times are what REALLY help to define “who” we become.  These are our very best qualities…they help to develop our sense of compassion. Suffering is good, folks.  Do not seek it, but welcome it.  LEARN from it and use that knowledge gained to help others.  Wow, I just love that, folks:  “Learn from [your suffering] and use that knowledge to help others.”  That gives me chills.

Please do not allow yourself to get stuck in that wallowing, feeling sorry for yourself, mode.  IT IS WHAT IT IS, NOW…DEAL WITH IT!!!  And move forward.  I got stuck, folks.  For many years.  I held onto anger and resentment for the hardships I faced.  That anger and resentment was like a flashing, red danger light indicative of my severe inner turmoil.  Anger could erupt out of me so quickly and viciously.  I was ALWAYS so ashamed of my childish outbursts which I could NOT control.  Uncontrollable angry outbursts are indicative of a deep inner turmoil, folks.  And this needs to be addressed professionally.

Please, please remember…”we are who we are based on where we’ve been and who we’ve become simply seeking to survive.”  There is a reason for everything, folks.  Life is a journey.  I believe it is our individual responsibility to identify our issues and deal with them in a way that promotes positivity, goal achievement…TEAM SUCCESS.



3:54 am, ET as I realize, yet another…”SIGN?”…

In reading back through my recent posts I found a CRAZY,CRAZY detail amidst this past weekend’s unfoldings…My post on Thurs., 11/14 was regarding “to help…or…to not help” during an emergency.  In that post, 2 days before the accident,  I state that I would definitely help others in need…”NO QUESTIONS…” I would help.  Two days later,  I DID respond to “try” and help others in a very similar-type accident to that of mine on the exact same day, Sat., the exact same date, 11/16 of MY accident 27 years earlier.  Jaws-of-life…Lifeflight…blah, blah, blah!!!  Wow, folks!!!  All I can say is…”WOW!!”



THE AFTERMATH OF 11/16/2013…

Hello everybody!!!  I am just feeling a “NEED” to reconnect and answer that last question/ rumor, left lingering, at the end of my last post…”Perhaps there was a third victim in the back seat of that car…???”  The answer is “No.”  There had NOT been a third person in that demolished vehicle.  Thank you, Jesus!!!

The entire ordeal still seems so surreal.  I, often, find myself questioning if that day, Nov. 16th, 2013 had actually unfolded the way it appeared.  I had paid “$16” to rent a booth to sell “TEAM USA” t-shirts, inspired by the beginning of my life’s journey, marked by my car accident…on Sat., 11/16…THE EXACT DATE(11/16), EXACT DAY(Sat.)…27 years ago…during which both The Jaws of Life and Lifeflight Helicopter ambulance were required, as well…during the rescue process!!!

Be honest, folks.  Do you see the same eerie similarities that I see?  Now, here comes that famous line I often use on my husband, CHRIS…”IT’S A SIGN!  I KNOW IT’S A SIGN!!!”  Go ahead and laugh, folks.   My poor husband has had to put up with me exclaiming that same line to him so many times since May, often in the wee hours of the morning due to something-or-other happening that was, FOR SURE…”A SIGN.”

This has, truly, been a journey for me.  Which is finally shaping into something feasible, AT LONG LAST, due to this last course of action I chose to take.   And I’m not real sure “why,” either.  I had always chosen medical doctors, psychologists, or psychiatrists to identify and “fix” my problems.  Something was wrong with me.  I knew that.  God, finally opened my eyes to the truth after losing both parents.  My father passed in Dec. of 2005.  My mother followed on New Year’s Day, Jan 1, 2007.  God had always been nudging me towards Him since my accident in 1986.  And I knew that I believed in Him.  Sounds crazy, but I want to say that “life” got in the way.  Can anyone out there relate to that?  Life got in the way, thereby keeping me too busy, for…Him!  I know, that sounds crazy, but it’s how I perceive that truth to be for “ME.”  This time, however, I just HAD to meet with the Head pastor of our church.  And I will be forever grateful to him for helping  me to fit my life’s puzzle pieces together.  FINALLY!!!  After all these years…

This brings me to the last topic of this post…don’t we all “choose” how to perceive those signs from God- or wherever they come from?  We do, folks.  Many will often disregard things due to our lack of understanding “why” or “how” something could be true.  There just HAS to be a scientific explanation for why and how things occur!!!  Well, I say…”boloney!!!”  AND THAT’S SLANG  FOR…”NONSENSE!!!”

Folks, I’m simply trying to reiterate that life is so very difficult…for ALL of us.  And it is VERY SHORT, as well.  “It is what it is.”  To me, to you, to him, to her. Not everything is the same for ANYBODY, okay?  Please don’t try to “explain away”  my “sign” by your book knowledge.  This past Sat., Nov. 16th, 2013 was a “sign”… to”me”.  And I am choosing to allow this sign to increase my Faith and to push me forward on this…”MY JOURNEY!!!”  God is in the driver’s seat.  I am simply enjoying the ride… AMEN.


11/16…NOVEMBER 16th

It is now 11:45 pm, ET as I begin this post on 11/16/13.  It will no longer be 11/16 when I finish and publish it.  I am taking this precious time to pay SPECIAL attention to this very significant day…November 16th…

This was a very difficult day for me.  11/16 of 2013.  My husband and I had set my booth up out at the Flea Market here in St. Augustine, FL.  A booth I had rented to sell “TEAM USA” t-shirts in association with my website:  Chris left at about 10:00 am to go to work.  Shortly after he left there was a loud crash/explosion-type sound heard coming from the direction of where Interstate 95 north and south-bound lanes pass the Flea market.  OMG!!!  Horrible accident!!!  One vehicle, a car on south-bound side, right next to median…thick metal rail separating North from South-bound traffic!!!

No questions…I ran out  of our covered pavilion onto the grass, through mud and up to a fence prohibiting my access to the highway.  One man quickly climbed up and over the flimsy fence with two rows of barbed-wire at the top.  I could NOT, however, make it up and over this obstacle course!  Others came to assist me as I screamed that I work in the medical field.  One lady apologized twice, at least, for putting her arms/hands in inappropriate places to stabilize my climb up and over this fence!  Finally…I WAS OVER!!!  I went straight to the car and observed two conscious victims…a young couple.  The male driver was injured badly.  The female passenger had no visible injuries, however was in TOTAL shock.  The metal median rail had completely penetrated the inside of the car from driver side over to the passenger side, taking a good chunk of the driver’s right leg with it.  Sorry for the visuals, but it was bad, folks.  Both were responding verbally.  We could do nothing for either  of them due to the metal median rail pinning them both in the car.  Authorities arrived and began clearing the immediate area to allow room for EMS arrival.

Whew!!!  Both victims alive and conscious. Thus began my trip back… “to the other side”…of that horrible, flimsy fence!!!  Many folks were on that other side, ready and eager to help me climb back up and over that flimsy fence with two rows of barbed-wire at the top!!!  And what did I hear?  That SAME lady apologizing…”AGAIN”…for the inappropriate placement of her arms/hands to stabilize my climb and descent, up, over, and back down that flimsy fence…with 2 rows of barbed-wire at the top!!!  I kid you not, folks!  I could not make this stuff up!!!  Nuts?  OF course!!!  This is MY life!!!  MY WORLD!!!  you know… that world I try to “welcome” everybody into???  “WELCOME TO MY WORLD, FOLKS!!!”

Life-Flight soon arrived and began circling overhead to identify a spot to land, which ended up being right on I-95 south-bound lane, just North of the accident.  This immediately reminded me of my accident, although I do not remember the helicopter ambulance ride at all.  Jaws-of-life quickly cut through and removed the metal rail, thereby freeing both victims.  This gave me my 2nd “return to my accident” as Jaws-of-life was also required to safely extract me from my vehicle.

Sitting back at my booth, I began sending posts on Facebook about the events…After awhile, I remember thinking to myself…”Hhhmmm, my accident was in…NOVEMBER…as well” and I quickly took this one step further as I screamed out loud…”What is today’s date???”  Folks quickly tried to come up with the date…”THE 16th”…I suddenly exhaled every last bit of breath I had in me as this realization hit me FULL FORCE!!!  November 16th…EXACTLY 27 years to-the-day…since my car accident during which both The Jaws-of-life AND Lifeflight helicopter ambulance had been utilized for MY rescue, as well!!!  This hit me hard.  I was suddenly back re-living my nightmare from 27 years ago…to the day!  Nov. 16, 1986.  MY LIFE WOULD NEVER, EVER, BE THE SAME…

My heart aches for this young couple.  She was transported via vehicular ambulance.  He went via helicopter ambulance.  I sat out at that flea market in “my spot” the entire time.  In my own little world.  27 years seems like such a very, very long time ago, however that dreadful day came right back to hit me in the face…EXACTLY 27 years later…TO THE DAY… and do you know what?  That horrible day, 27 years ago, sometimes seems like only “yesterday”.  Now…can you all feel my emotion as I ask, yet again…was this simply a coincidence…OR… something else???

I will say many, many prayers for this young couple whose lives have been forever changed, all by a fleeting moment in time.  Rumors run rampant after such horrible accidents as this.  One such rumor from today?  Perhaps there had been a third victim in the back seat of that car…???  I remain uncertain at this time…AMEN.


So, do you rush to help others in need?  Or do you simply pretend that you didn’t  notice  anything was wrong as you quickly vacate the premises?  Hhhmmm…think about that for a moment.  In an emergency, would you help somebody that you did not even know or would you look the other way?  Can you answer that question honestly?

No question.  Hands down!  I would  help anybody in any situation.  No doubt about it!!!  My husband and children get frustrated with me every now and then because of my desire to help others in any situation.  Yep, that’s me.   But wouldn’t everybody?  Help someone in need?  Well…wouldn’t they?

I guess the answer is “No.”  Not everybody does try to help those in need.  But doesn’t EVERYBODY hope to be helped when and if they need it?  How can anyone expect to be helped if they won’t help others?  Think about that hard.  You, first, have got to be willing to help others if you expect others to help you when needed.  This is simply logics, folks.  Logics!!!  We as people think logically, right?  Or not?  Well…perhaps not!



Starting to live at 42…slowing down to enjoy my life along the way…

I guess I’d have to say that my life was always lived in FULL SPEED, literally.  I can’t really explain how I always seemed to be in a rush to get somewhere.  Almost like I was going to be late for something.  Hurry, hurry, hurry.   It seemed like I “needed” to hurry and get done here so that I could rush over there for the next thing waiting to happen…whatever that was.  Sound crazy?  I just never seemed to be happy where I was.  My entire life.

Not being happy where I was…wow.  This familiar premise again…I, REALLY, had never been happy anywhere because I was not happy within myself.  This was me.  All through school.  Right up until my accident.  I just never realized it back then.  I can remember wondering if other people felt how I felt or thought what I thought, but all I could do was “wonder” about it.  I never dreamed of actually asking anybody anything.  Life just went along like that, with me.  Things got worse and worse.  I developed, let’s say, negative coping techniques just to get me through.  Ages 17-22 were the worst for me.  I began “openly” smoking cigarettes at 18.  I drank alcohol–lots of it at parties or bar dances.  I even experimented with marijuana.  THIS was considered “BAD” in those days.  I developed an eating disorder.  I, often, wonder how or why I was able to decline my first and last “prompt” to experiment with cocaine, but “things” were “bad” ENOUGH already.  Something had to give…I was truly living in a self-destruct mode.  And that “mode” was ALWAYS moving in HIGH GEAR… FAST SPEED.  Never slowing to enjoy any part of anything along the way.  And this pattern continued long after my accident, until age 42-43.

God revealed some truths to me around March of 2007 as I was able to deal with them.  Thus, allowing me to slow my life down a bit.  You know, “to stop and smell the roses.”  No more anxiety causing me to live in that “hurry-up mode”.  The past 6 years of my life have been truly amazing.  Living each day, enjoying each moment.  All because I’m finally happy within myself.

Thank you, Jesus.  All glory be to God.  Amen.



Today’s world is so fast paced.  Hurry up and get it done.  Faster, faster, faster!  More, more, more!!!  We keep getting “encouraged” to do more and more for less and less, especially on the job.  Faster, faster, faster!!!  Do more, more, more!!!

“I’d rather be a turtle,” slow, but sure.  Dependable.  Sure of where I’m going.  Sure of what I’m doing.  And…by MY standards.  We don’t, however, always get to choose our pace, do we?

And, is faster always better?  Who…is the winner?   Who…is the loser?   How…is the winner determined?  And, What…is the “cost” of that winning prize?  The answer to those questions could change depending on the specifics of each questioned asked.  For example,  the “winner” determined by who showed more profitable income may also be the “loser” determined by who spent more quality time with their family.  So, so much to be considered with every decision we make.  And every decision we make is based around “TIME”.

This is life, folks.  EVERYTHING affects EVERYTHING!  And everything has both good and bad consequences.  The reasons we do the things we do can be viewed as both good and bad, as well.  For example…spending so much time working to provide nice things for your family, thereby losing touch WITH your family.  OR… spending less time working to allow growth of those family relationships, thereby earning less income and lowering your ability to provide.  How do we manage our priorities in a manner consistent with our values?  Tough question. And choosing one over the other affects so, so much!

The answer for “ME” is to always give the best of myself at any given moment.   Make each moment really count no matter where I am, who I’m with, or what I’m doing.   I know that the “best of myself” changes daily and it may not always be good enough. I do not, however,  allow a bad day to get me down and keep me down.  TOMORROW…is always a NEW DAY.  And you know what?  “TOMORROW”…is ALWAYS better when I’m having a bad “TODAY!”

Keeping up with today’s pace is tough.  Faster, faster, faster!  More, more, more!!!  I still say…“I’D RATHER BE A TURTLE…” slow, but sure.  🙂

Good luck “pacing” yourself depending on those choices you make!  Keep things positive for yourself while being realistic.  And remember… always seek to improve yourself while seeking to increase the success of your team(s).




“BE STILL.”  Powerful words…in such a fast-paced world…

Consider your priorities…God, family, fun, job?  What comes first for YOU?  And does it even matter what comes first?  Is God even a priority at all?  Family responsibilities often take back seat to work demands.  And fun? OMG!!!  People either have too much or too little!

I almost go crazy sometimes, looking for guidance along my journey of life.  So much to do!  So little time!  Life just seems to get busier and busier.  Faster and faster. EVERYTHING seems to demand…MORE, MORE, MORE…STOP!!!

“BE STILL.”  Just sit.  Close your eyes. Inhale deeply.  Exhale slowly.  And…be still.  There is no pressure in this place of stillness.  Think calmly about your responsibilities and expectations.  You can almost feel that stress vacating your entire body  as muscles relax.  You gain confidence , quickly followed by a sudden burst of energy.  Ready?  Ready!!!  Now go out and tackle the days responsibilities with renewed vim and vigor!!!

My “being still”  occurs in a place where I go to be alone with my God.  Asking Him to help me handle each day’s demands.  Yep,  this is another part of that place I call “My  World,”  and I love it there!