WOW!!!  Not sure that I am ready for this, folks, but I am being “nudged”.  And I WILL move…in the direction I feel that I am being “pushed” or “pulled”…

Again…I need to pray before beginning this post as I am uncertain as to it’s consequences.  Heavenly Father, guide me.  Please help me to find the “right” words for what I am about to say.  I do so, by desiring to “Help”  people on their journeys through this life…simply seeking to survive.  Please, Lord, protect all of those impacted by what I am about to disclose about the suffering I have endured along my life’s journey.  The suffering that, certainly, brought You into my life…walking beside me(with me)…walking in front of me(guiding me)…walking behind me(to catch me)…and MOST importantly…Carrying me during those difficult times when I was too weak or broken to continue moving forward..  Praise be to Jesus.  All glory be to God!!!  Amen.

Allrighty then, with added strength…I will move forward…As a young and fragile child, folks, my life was destroyed.  I learned how to NOT trust.  I became very confused.  Angry.  Controlling…”CRAZY”.  Delusional.  Perhaps…”PSYCHO”!!!  Nothing in life made ANY sense at all!  I was NEVER happy ANYWHERE   because I WAS NOT HAPPY WITHIN MYSELF!!!

Child molestation.  Yep, I WAS A VICTIM!  Please do not get hung up on the “who”?  None of that matters anymore.  Believe me…NONE OF THAT MATTERS ANYMORE!!!  I AM A SURVIVOR, folks.  A survivor, seeking to help others survive.  I have come to believe that this is the “PURPOSE” of life…surviving and helping others to survive.  We all suffer our own, unique challenges, folks.  GOD IS WITH US!  Now, let go of the pain that is stopping you from being all that you can be. GIVE ALL THAT PAIN UNTO THE LORD.  LET IT GO.  HE WILL CARRY YOU THROUGH YOUR DARKEST HOURS.  HE  WANTS TO BE YOUR HERO!!!

WOW!  Difficult post.  I can only hope that I have hurt no one.