Ok, I will now try to explain how I arrived back at this next, “cute” little story I am about to re-call about my days growing up in Fayette, OH…

I often re-read through my posts, checking and re-checking for grammatical or factual errors, and I came upon that post where I mentioned that I was 18 years old when I, OPENLY, started smoking…HAHAHA!!!  THIS IS HYSTERICAL, FOLKS!!!

ANYWAYS…there were a few of us…on our 6th grade camp-out at Harrison Lake State Park…(I’m chuckling deep inside myself at this)…who “admitted” to smoking cigs during that overnight event!!!  Yep, I WAS ONE OF THEM!!!

I remember the principal asking each of us, individually, if we had participated.  I COULD NOT LIE, even at the young age of…???  What…11?  I did not know God at that time in my life, however He was deep within me.  He knew my struggles.  Oh yes, He was with me.  Lying would have been easy.  And I WOULD have avoided punishment, however, LYING…WAS NOT AN OPTION.  I confessed to the truth and faced my punishment…like an 11 year old little girl!!!

So, the punishment?  Informing our parents…and returning to school with a hand-written note confirming that we had done so!!!  I’m just CERTAIN that I “practiced” forging this hand-written note–probably a few times before giving up.  I panicked the ENTIRE weekend, right up until Sunday afternoon!!!  I just HAD to do it and get it over with!!!  I broke down, IMMEDIATELY…crying and babbling like…an 11 year old girl caught smoking on the 6th grade camp-out at Harrison Lake State Park!!!

Boy, was that punishment horrible!!!  In retrospect, however, neither parent could say a word.  And I should have known that.  Ya see, both of my parents were “heavy” smokers.  Parent by example, right?  Wow, another realization…signs of my “inner turmoil” were actually being displayed at age 11.  DOUBLE WOW!!!

So anyways, I expect…and look forward to getting comments back from some of my 6th grade, delinquent buddies regarding memories of this event.  I do remember this as being a FUN time…at the campout…not smoking!  We each took, probably 1-3 itty-bitty “hits” off of a cigarette.  I don’t remember who brought them, but in all honesty…IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME!!!  I “snuck” cigarettes from my parents ALOT!!!  If they were Kent III’s, then I BROUGHT ’em!!!  Anyone remember?

Ah, it feels good to recount memories with a smile on my face!  WE WERE THE BEST, right?  Gorham-Fayette class of ’83!!!  OMG!!!  I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS!!!  I think my former classmates are together…RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE…at our 30 yr. HS reunion back in OH!!!  DOUBLE OMG!!!  I could not make this up, folks!!!  And I’ll BET that that 6th grade camp-out makes it into tonight’s discussion!!!  Oh, I miss you guys!!!  I am now going to FB Suzy and see if you all have access to a computer to read this post…right there…at… and DURING our 30 year reunion!!!  WOW!!!  God Bless you all!!!  It has been a very long, yet VERY short 30 years!!!



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  1. Hey Jill ,
    Not together yet, but will be in an hour. I will read the post. Very defining moment for my life too. I was actually called out as the one who told….when I actually lied about knowing. Wonder what that means about God and my life ha,ha! We will miss you tonight. Please try and plan a trip back to ohio soon!

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