Finally!!!  I will now address that last question…

3.)  WHO, exactly, benefits by taking from the “RICH” to give to the “POOR”?

Hhhmmm…ANY ideas what MY opinion is, folks?  I will say this…I truly believe that goals are accomplished by emulating those tactics employed by people who are ALREADY successful.  “COPY” what they have done to get where they are!!!  Learn from and follow those who are already where you want to be!

Question…Why listen to and follow somebody who, supposedly, “supports” the POOR, but lives a lifestyle like the “RICH?”  Is it just me?  Or does something smell…”FISHY”?  Whew!  The odor is enough to KNOCK ME OVER!!!  Come on, folks!!!  Something STINKS!!!

In desiring to be an entrepreneur in this marvelous country, THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD…I think it makes more sense to follow a man who leads by example.  AND…if I want to be rich, than I want to follow a rich man who wants to allow “ME” to be rich, also,  and to enjoy the “fruits of my labor”.  Why would I follow a rich man who demonizes the rich, but yet lives a rich lifestyle?  Am I missing something?

I can “hear” your ranting, folks.  “Those horrible RICH people steal and cheat to get their riches!!!”  And, what can I say?  You’re right.  Some do.  Tell me, why is it that we only ever hear about those who stumble and lose their way due to “greed”?  Those nasty, horrible RICH people?

Well, what about ALL of those God fearing, tremendously giving individuals who truly use their money to “HELP” others?  There are ALOT of them, folks.  The media just never “highlights” those individuals.  WE RARELY HEAR ABOUT THEIR GOOD DEEDS.  WHY???  I DO NOT “GET” THIS, AMERICA!!!  If you want good…REPORT THE GOOD.  Don’t you see what happens when you only report the bad?  YOU GET BAD!!!  HELLO!!!  IS ANYBODY PAYING ATTENTION???

So, who benefits by taking money from the RICH and, supposedly, giving it to the POOR?  Hhhmmm?  Any guess what my opinion is?  That’s right!!!  The American Government!!!  They are ALL rich, but they are MAKING more and more of us POOR!  What a minute…don’t “THEY” work for “US”?  They get richer, while we as the people, get poorer?  They vote to legally steal more and more of our money via the guise of “taxes,” while also voting to give raises to THEMSELVES…USING OUR MONEY???  WHAT???  THEY WORK FOR US?  THEY’RE GETTING RICHER WHILE US HARD WORKING FOLKS GET POORER???  OMG!!!  There’s that “ODOR” AGAIN!!!

I do not have all of the answers, folks.  Something just doesn’t seem right.  And yes, I am white.  Please don’t call me racist.  You don’t know me.  I LOVE PEOPLE!!!  ALL PEOPLE!!!  This is, definitely, a topic for another post…”RACISM” in America.  But not now, folks.  MY HEAD HURTS!!!  Too, too many thoughts racing through my mind.  I have got to, somehow, turn my brain’s switch to “OFF” so that I can get some rest…

“TODAY” is already a “NEW” day!!!  My I-phone says it is 2:02 am, ET!!!  All I know folks is that I love America!!!  And I want to, somehow, HELP.  I plan on going to work this day and doing MY VERY BEST TO…”MAKE TODAY COUNT”!!!  (Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE my job???)  For myself.  For my family.  For my community.  For my state.  For OUR country.  For OUR world!!!