Okay, folks.  I posed some pretty difficult…and divisive…questions in my post on 11/24/2013, “LIFE=TODAY’S #1 KILLER”.  We are a team.  We’re all in this together, right?  If you have not read that previous post yet, then please do so now…

Before starting, I need to pray for a moment, asking for God’s guidance.  I am asking Him to expand my territory so that I may touch the lives of MANY, MANY more people in a positive manner, yielding positive changes for our beloved country.  I have experienced “challenges” in my life and  have chosen to utilize my difficulties…”suffering”… to somehow…Help.  “HELPING OTHERS, HELP OTHERS, HELPING OTHERS WANT TO HELP OTHERS!!!”  So, so random…doesn’t make ANY sense, but I LOVE THAT PHRASE!!!  Feel free to use it, folks!!!

Okay.  I know that I’m procrastinating, but this…”wrabbling” –writing idly or foolishly (I just made that up myself, folks)  🙂 –Get it?  Babbling?  Wrabbling?  Well…IT’S WORKING!!!  I’ve written enough now that I don’t need to write anymore, right?  WRONG!!!  WE ARE GOING IN, FOLKS!  FEET FIRST!  Now if ANYONE is offended by ANYTHING…address ALL complaints to my husband “Christopher”…he, sooooo, influences my opinion!  In fact…he MAKES my opinions FOR me!  That’s “IF” you don’t like or agree with this post’s content.  😉

We will now break things down to look at each question separately.  AND…to address possible answers…

1.)  WHO, exactly, are those “RICH”?

2.)  WHO, exactly, are those “POOR”?

3.)  WHO, exactly, benefits from taking from the “RICH” to give to the “POOR”?

And now…my response…

1.)  “THE RICH.”  This can refer to any person, business, corp., or entity that has substantial  funds or assets that continue growing in and of themselves.  This group pays the majority of taxes collected by our local and federal governments.  And why do they pay more?  Because they “have” more?  And is that really fair?  Does that encourage each of us to do more or to do less?

Now, let’s just consider something… what if this category…the “rich” can also be considered to include the working, or middle class?  You know, the ones of us who are hurt the MOST when those higher taxes on just the “rich” result in the higher cost of goods and services  purchased regularly…by all of us… OUCH!!!  I mean, the working “upper” and “lower”classes of the, so-called, “Middle-class”, are the people that get hit the hardest…, by supposedly, taxing only the wealthiest of Americans.  Don’t we also get stuck paying more because of those increased taxes?  It, somehow, trickles down to us to help “off-set” those hardships caused by increasing taxes in the first place.

And why even assume the risks associated with starting, owning or running a business at ALL If those increased risks aren’t financially beneficial?  Why do extra if you don’t get extra?  What makes doing more worth it?  Doing more definitely brings on more “headaches,” concerns and responsibilities.  NOBODY, in their right mind, willingly takes on “MORE” unless if offers something…”MORE,” right?  TIME is valuable.  LIFE passes by quickly.  Try to waste as little as possible.

Enough “wrabbling.”  The “real” rich people will ALWAYS be rich.  They didn’t get that way by accident.  They understand how to use their money to make more money.  And they have enough “extra” to do this.  Those of us in the “middle class,” however, are forced to pay more for less due to those increased taxes.  This causes us to slip backwards until we become a part of that working Poor category.  Many of which will eventually become part of the non-working Poor.

I propose that life is difficult, folks.  Giving up is easier than fighting to just barely “get by”.  Desperately hanging on  to what?  For what?  And why?  Dignity?  Self-pride? Wanting to…”  Help”?  Help who?  So, so many questions…

I am a proud American, folks.  A survivor.  WE ARE ALL SURVIVORS, surviving “LIFE”!!!  Everybody has “their story”.  What’s YOURS?  Have you paid  enough attention to the details of your story to “get” what it is that your life is all about?  And have you tried to read between the lines in order to “find that little “nugget” of insight, hidden somewhere, that reveals your purpose?

WOW!!!  Too much to think about for one post…please ponder the questions posed regarding this one group of individuals until I feel capable of addressing the other two (2) categories originally proposed.  I need to “think,” folks.  TOO, TOO MUCH flooding my brain right now.

Please, please keep hanging on, folks.  Give life your best shot.  If we all do our best, who knows…maybe something will have helped to make this day count…for somebody…somewhere.  I’m hanging on!  ARE YOU?  Come on, sounds fun, right?  WE CAN ALL “HANG”  ON TOGETHER!!! (Do you “see” what I “see”?  Sorry folks, but I am a “visual” thinker…I, literally “see” what I am thinking!  And that’s not always a pretty sight!!)  🙂

I look forward to continuing this discussion…LATER…  Please check back, folks…