THE “RICH”… VS. …THE “POOR”, con’t.

And now…another response…

2.)  “THE POOR.”  This group definitely refers to the “homeless”.  Those citizens who are not working and are supported, strictly, by our country’s “welfare” program”.  And those who receive Gov’t aid, but also supplement that income with some-type of labor, as well, working “sometimes,”but not steadily.  The elderly?  The young adults?  The disabled?  The “abled”?  Americans?  Immigrants?  Legal?  Illegal?  Children?, etc., etc., etc.

Now… let’s just “toy” with the idea that this category…the “poor” ALSO includes the working, or middle class?  What?  How can this be?  But WAIT a minute…doesn’t our Gov’t “TAKE” from  those horrible rich people to “GIVE” to the poor people?

What about those of us who are managing, but barely?  Working hard, trying to keep up “appearances,” but experience that anxiety associated with the realization that we are “moving” backwards–in terms of our “savings” accounts.  Or our “retirement.”  Many of us may not even have anything “extra” to fall back on.  You know, those living “paycheck-to-paycheck”?

Now, ALL of these working, middle-class folks are surely considered the “poor,” right?  Barely making ends meet?  Slipping more and more…behind?  For how long?  When does this stop?  Will it ever stop?  Scary questions.  Too scary to ask?  Definitely TOO SCARY to even care about knowing or finding the answer, right!?!  Are we just, blindly, allowing this to happen…out of fear?  Not knowing  “IF” or “WHAT” to do to turn things around!  Who do we believe?  Who is wanting to help “who”?

WOW, folks.  My head hurts!  I need more time to think before addressing that 3rd, and FINAL question:  “WHO, exactly benefits from taking from the “RICH” to give to the “POOR”?

I, again, look forward to continuing this discussion…”LATER”…Please check back, folks…