I need a little more time to ponder yesterday’s questions before responding:

1.  Who are the “RICH”?

2.  Who are the “POOR”?

3.  Who benefits by taking from the rich to give to the poor?

I’m just not quite ready to tackle that  difficult task tonight…SOOOOO…the “filler” post will be regarding ANOTHER “CRAZY” incident , depicting the life of “JILL”… ME!!!

Okay, my daughter “lost her breakfast” early this am, but I made her go to school anyway.  She texted me about 20 min. before the first class started asking me to come and get her because she felt horrible.  I was Not ready for work yet.  My hair looked hideous, partially curled. I did not have one bit of make-up on!  I was over-tired from lack of sleep due to my brain’s current over-load of information for this blog. I was dressed in disheveled-looking scrubs that had been thrown in a clump of clean clothes on the couch!  My husband and I STILL argue over his lack of concern for “straightening” clean clothes after bringing them in from the dryer!!!  This is a monthly “hot button” for me, if ya know what I mean???  🙂  Oh, and have I mentioned that I had not brushed my teeth yet!!!  YUCK!!!

I decided to race out to the school and just pick her up, in the “parent drop-off/pick-up lane…with horrible hair, NOT ONE BIT of make-up on my face, disheveled-looking navy scrubs on my body, and horrible morning breath with un-brushed teeth!!!  I’m so proud of “me” for getting there so quickly…BEFORE SCHOOL…to pick her up without having to enter the building…BEFORE SCHOOL.  This was not the case, folks!!!  Danielle sent a message saying that I would need to go in to the front office, AFTER ALL, to sign her out…EVEN BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED!!!  What???  Are  you kidding me?  I swallowed my pride, folks, and entered that school as if I were feeling…CONFIDENT!!!  Horrible hair, no make-up, disheveled scrubs, morning breath, and un-brushed teeth!!!

Of course I had planned to turn the craziness of the situation into a memorable event!  So, what did I do?  I walked right behind the long desk in that front office to hand my I-phone to a woman in charge for the purpose of capturing my frightful appearance on film as proof of what, exactly, I will do for my daughter!!!  You just call when you need me and I will be there!!!  Oh, and did I mention how I had only gotten a few hours of sleep due to my brain’s current “overload status of ideas to write about for this blog???  So now the picture is forming, right?  Very tired mom, horrible hair, NO make-up, disheveled scrubs, morning breath, and un-brushed teeth!!!  Entering High School to pick up my sick, 16 year-old daughter!!!  Office staff quickly responded in red alert mode:  Crazed, disheveled-looking mom seeking volunteer to photograph this moment in time right in the front office as proof that I had actually gone there…LOOKING like…THAT!!!

Needless to say…I did not get this moment captured on film.  This was not allowed inside the school. My daughter died of embarrassment and even refused to be in a photo with me out by my vehicle, in the school parking lot!  I just wanted proof that I had actually done this for her!  I guess you could say that I am the only one who saw the humor in this.  My original plan had been to shake hands and report…”Jill For President” while approaching slowly and extending my right arm, with help from my left arm, to shake their hand as my mouth/lips puckered, quite notable.  They were not gonna allow any of this craziness to occur in the school right before school started.  My daughter cried.  I felt “stupid,” but quickly replaced this feeling with unresolved drive and determination  to make this motivational team-building venture a success!  Stay tuned, folks, for new promotional items…COMING SOON!!!  In association with