WOW!!!  I sure hope the content of this post is as powerful as the title!  I’m not real sure where to begin OR even where to end, but…  READY OR NOT, HERE WE GO…

Allrighty then…LIFE?  #1 killer?  Boy, that doesn’t make sense, OR…does it?  Think about that, folks.  Living life each day according to it’s demands?  STRESS, STRESS, and MORE STRESS!!!

The high-tech gadgets designed to…”make life easier”…have actually…INCREASED DAILY DEMANDS…thereby…”making life even more… DIFFICULT!!!”  This makes complete sense.  Completing tasks easier–“quicker” is what that really means– frees up our time to increase productivity!!!  MORE, MORE, MORE!!!

Okay folks, I can “hear” your rantings through this computer screen already, even though I have not published this post…YET!  “Our Government is punishing the successful people by legally “stealing”, via taxes, from the RICH to give to the POOR!!! ”  OR…”Those greedy business owners!!!  Boy, I summed that up pretty good, huh?  Here we go again…pitting the rich against the poor!  NONSENSE!!!   This is ridiculous, folks!!!

#1:  WHO, exactly, are those RICH? 

#2:  WHO, exactly, are those POOR?

#3:  WHO , exactly, benefits by taking from the RICH and giving to the POOR?

Ponder those questions for awhile, folks.  My next post will address each question individually.  Heavenly Father, please help me to find the “right” wording so that I do not hurt or anger the feelings of ANYONE!!!  In Jesus’ name I pray.  AMEN.