I MUST BE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, so sorry, folks.  But, I am asking you to come along with me on “this”   R-I-D-E…( RUN the other way while you still can!!!)  Yep…”WE’RE GOIN’ IN…” to, yet, another part of “MY WORLD”!!!

What did I say!!!???  I’m not sure where…, but I SWEAR I just read…SOMEWHERE…in this blog…where I wrote something like this:  “SUFFERING IS GOOD”!!!  WHAT!!!???  I MUST BE INSANE!!!  I will NOT be surprised if that white van shows up here, at this wee hour in the am…4:30…with those stick figure, skinny folks…to strap me into that solid white “STRAIGHT-JACKET,” drive me off and lock me AWAY in that “padded” room!!!  🙂

Not REAL sure where these ideas I get are coming from, but WOW!!!  “SUFFERING IS GOOD!!!”  DOUBLE WOW!!!  Do you “SEE” what I see?  I am, currently, picturing Jesus on that cross, spilling his blood…to pay for what?  OUR SINS???  So that we may have the opportunity, IF WE SO CHOOSE, to enjoy “ETERNAL LIFE”???  In the presence of God???  Our maker???  WOW!!!  That “SUFFERING” Jesus endured for us was a whole lot better than just…”GOOD”!!!  AMEN!!!

AGAIN…I sit here at this computer…STUNNED, if not AMAZED!!!