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I MUST BE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, so sorry, folks.  But, I am asking you to come along with me on “this”   R-I-D-E…( RUN the other way while you still can!!!)  Yep…”WE’RE GOIN’ IN…” to, yet, another part of “MY WORLD”!!!

What did I say!!!???  I’m not sure where…, but I SWEAR I just read…SOMEWHERE…in this blog…where I wrote something like this:  “SUFFERING IS GOOD”!!!  WHAT!!!???  I MUST BE INSANE!!!  I will NOT be surprised if that white van shows up here, at this wee hour in the am…4:30…with those stick figure, skinny folks…to strap me into that solid white “STRAIGHT-JACKET,” drive me off and lock me AWAY in that “padded” room!!!  🙂

Not REAL sure where these ideas I get are coming from, but WOW!!!  “SUFFERING IS GOOD!!!”  DOUBLE WOW!!!  Do you “SEE” what I see?  I am, currently, picturing Jesus on that cross, spilling his blood…to pay for what?  OUR SINS???  So that we may have the opportunity, IF WE SO CHOOSE, to enjoy “ETERNAL LIFE”???  In the presence of God???  Our maker???  WOW!!!  That “SUFFERING” Jesus endured for us was a whole lot better than just…”GOOD”!!!  AMEN!!!

AGAIN…I sit here at this computer…STUNNED, if not AMAZED!!!



The beginning of my…”CAMPAIGN,2013″


My journey has continued on this path involving many attempts at “spreading the word” and increasing the public’s awareness of my blog at :  numberoneteam.net.  This has included such ventures as contacting radio and tv news programs; the local newspaper; various, high-profile, political personalities; local political figures; stores; restaurants,etc., etc., etc.  As well as handing out numberoneteam.net business cards.  Facebooking, tweeting, TALKING, talking, and more talking to EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE.

Many folks have asked the SAME question after receiving my business card…”Oh, are you running for office?”  Well…no…I am NOT running for “office” anywhere, for ANYTHING!!!  Well,  I sometimes get in “these” moods when I’m feeling kind of silly and I might actually “think” or “feel” like I’m…pretty funny!!!  So, while handing a business card to a cashier just yesterday, well, she gave me that “look”… so I immediately responded “JILL, FOR PRESIDENT!”  OMG!!!  This was hysterical!!!  We both laughed…HARD!!!  This felt pretty good!  Needless to say, I have continued on a very, business-like campaign ever since!!!  Co-workers, patients, visitors…EVERYONE at work has been subjected to my slow, but direct approach while extending my right arm, with the help of my left arm, for a firm hand shake, stating…”JILL, FOR PRESIDENT” with my head nodding  slowly as my lips and mouth puckered, quite notably!!!  This is so, so fun.

In keeping the “fun” alive, I actually “stalked” a police officer into a CVS store this morning at 6:15-ish am/ET.  I walked straight up to him while extending my right arm, with help from my left arm, for a firm hand shake while stating:  “JILL, FOR PRESIDENT!!!”…with my head nodding slowly as my lips and mouth puckered, quite notably!!!  Whew!!!  He laughed!  In retrospect, that probably wasn’t the best thing to do to a police officer at 6:15 in the am!!!  I sure hope he has visited my site!!!  🙂

I’m having fun with this, folks!!!  Please help me pass this “joke” along.  Simply post, tweet, text, message, or say this to EVERYBODY:  “JILL FOR PRESIDENT!”  in association with numberoneteam.net.  Let’s see how many people will help to spread my campaign!  Hmmmm, I wonder how far across this country, maybe even around the world, this slogan can travel? Or, How many people will actually see it!  HA!!!  I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!  Please help…tell everyone who sees this slogan to pass it forward.  And is there a way to keep track?  Remember, I know very little about these high-tech gadgets!!!

GO TEAM!!!  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!  Oh, I’m having fun!!!  Are you having fun???  LET’S DO THIS THING!!!  TOGETHER!!!