Daily Archives: November 20, 2013


Wow, just re-read over my last post and I am, SOOOOO, feeling a huge desire to shout out my BEST cheer, complete with my, awkwardly disabled, cheerleading “jump” followed by my, VERY FAMOUS…CARTWHEEL!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Sorry folks, but I am dying right now!!!  Laughing hysterically, quietly and to myself here at 6:15 am, ET as both kids are still in bed.  My husband has been gone for awhile…holidays are his busiest time with work.  STRESS, STRESS, AND MORE STRESS!!!

I am just loving the fact that I “feel” like a cheerleader…anyone who “knew” the “me” I was while in school KNOWS that cheerleading was not “my thing”!  ALL Tom-boy, I sure was!  None of that girly stuff for “ME”!  Must admit that I was ALWAYS envious(jealous) of those very pretty and smart girls who were cheerleaders.   I never felt “qualified” to enter that arena, so sports it was…and I do think I was pretty good, too!  To each their own, right?

I kid you NOT, folks when I say that I played the role of our facility’s “cheerleader” during a skit  put on by the rehab. dept. where I now work.  This was SO, SO fun!  I, SERIOUSLY, did my own, disabled, version of a cartwheel during this event!!!  AND…the entire skit was captured on film by our facility Activities Dept.!!!  Yep, it is recorded in the “ARCHIVES,” somewhere at work…  🙂

All joking aside, I DO LOVE FEELING LIKE A CHEERLEADER…inspiring, motivating, and “ROOTING-ON” as many team members as I possibly can!!!



Okay, so how many of us are pondering, or HAVE pondered that fateful question…”WHY ME?”  Probably ALL of us have asked that question at some point in our lives.  Well I submit, “Why NOT you?”  Nobody escapes life’s difficulties or hardships.  The MOST trying times are what REALLY help to define “who” we become.  These are our very best qualities…they help to develop our sense of compassion. Suffering is good, folks.  Do not seek it, but welcome it.  LEARN from it and use that knowledge gained to help others.  Wow, I just love that, folks:  “Learn from [your suffering] and use that knowledge to help others.”  That gives me chills.

Please do not allow yourself to get stuck in that wallowing, feeling sorry for yourself, mode.  IT IS WHAT IT IS, NOW…DEAL WITH IT!!!  And move forward.  I got stuck, folks.  For many years.  I held onto anger and resentment for the hardships I faced.  That anger and resentment was like a flashing, red danger light indicative of my severe inner turmoil.  Anger could erupt out of me so quickly and viciously.  I was ALWAYS so ashamed of my childish outbursts which I could NOT control.  Uncontrollable angry outbursts are indicative of a deep inner turmoil, folks.  And this needs to be addressed professionally.

Please, please remember…”we are who we are based on where we’ve been and who we’ve become simply seeking to survive.”  There is a reason for everything, folks.  Life is a journey.  I believe it is our individual responsibility to identify our issues and deal with them in a way that promotes positivity, goal achievement…TEAM SUCCESS.