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3:54 am, ET as I realize, yet another…”SIGN?”…

In reading back through my recent posts I found a CRAZY,CRAZY detail amidst this past weekend’s unfoldings…My post on Thurs., 11/14 was regarding “to help…or…to not help” during an emergency.  In that post, 2 days before the accident,  I state that I would definitely help others in need…”NO QUESTIONS…” I would help.  Two days later,  I DID respond to “try” and help others in a very similar-type accident to that of mine on the exact same day, Sat., the exact same date, 11/16 of MY accident 27 years earlier.  Jaws-of-life…Lifeflight…blah, blah, blah!!!  Wow, folks!!!  All I can say is…”WOW!!”



THE AFTERMATH OF 11/16/2013…

Hello everybody!!!  I am just feeling a “NEED” to reconnect and answer that last question/ rumor, left lingering, at the end of my last post…”Perhaps there was a third victim in the back seat of that car…???”  The answer is “No.”  There had NOT been a third person in that demolished vehicle.  Thank you, Jesus!!!

The entire ordeal still seems so surreal.  I, often, find myself questioning if that day, Nov. 16th, 2013 had actually unfolded the way it appeared.  I had paid “$16” to rent a booth to sell “TEAM USA” t-shirts, inspired by the beginning of my life’s journey, marked by my car accident…on Sat., 11/16…THE EXACT DATE(11/16), EXACT DAY(Sat.)…27 years ago…during which both The Jaws of Life and Lifeflight Helicopter ambulance were required, as well…during the rescue process!!!

Be honest, folks.  Do you see the same eerie similarities that I see?  Now, here comes that famous line I often use on my husband, CHRIS…”IT’S A SIGN!  I KNOW IT’S A SIGN!!!”  Go ahead and laugh, folks.   My poor husband has had to put up with me exclaiming that same line to him so many times since May, often in the wee hours of the morning due to something-or-other happening that was, FOR SURE…”A SIGN.”

This has, truly, been a journey for me.  Which is finally shaping into something feasible, AT LONG LAST, due to this last course of action I chose to take.   And I’m not real sure “why,” either.  I had always chosen medical doctors, psychologists, or psychiatrists to identify and “fix” my problems.  Something was wrong with me.  I knew that.  God, finally opened my eyes to the truth after losing both parents.  My father passed in Dec. of 2005.  My mother followed on New Year’s Day, Jan 1, 2007.  God had always been nudging me towards Him since my accident in 1986.  And I knew that I believed in Him.  Sounds crazy, but I want to say that “life” got in the way.  Can anyone out there relate to that?  Life got in the way, thereby keeping me too busy, for…Him!  I know, that sounds crazy, but it’s how I perceive that truth to be for “ME.”  This time, however, I just HAD to meet with the Head pastor of our church.  And I will be forever grateful to him for helping  me to fit my life’s puzzle pieces together.  FINALLY!!!  After all these years…

This brings me to the last topic of this post…don’t we all “choose” how to perceive those signs from God- or wherever they come from?  We do, folks.  Many will often disregard things due to our lack of understanding “why” or “how” something could be true.  There just HAS to be a scientific explanation for why and how things occur!!!  Well, I say…”boloney!!!”  AND THAT’S SLANG  FOR…”NONSENSE!!!”

Folks, I’m simply trying to reiterate that life is so very difficult…for ALL of us.  And it is VERY SHORT, as well.  “It is what it is.”  To me, to you, to him, to her. Not everything is the same for ANYBODY, okay?  Please don’t try to “explain away”  my “sign” by your book knowledge.  This past Sat., Nov. 16th, 2013 was a “sign”… to”me”.  And I am choosing to allow this sign to increase my Faith and to push me forward on this…”MY JOURNEY!!!”  God is in the driver’s seat.  I am simply enjoying the ride… AMEN.