Daily Archives: November 10, 2013


Today’s world is so fast paced.  Hurry up and get it done.  Faster, faster, faster!  More, more, more!!!  We keep getting “encouraged” to do more and more for less and less, especially on the job.  Faster, faster, faster!!!  Do more, more, more!!!

“I’d rather be a turtle,” slow, but sure.  Dependable.  Sure of where I’m going.  Sure of what I’m doing.  And…by MY standards.  We don’t, however, always get to choose our pace, do we?

And, is faster always better?  Who…is the winner?   Who…is the loser?   How…is the winner determined?  And, What…is the “cost” of that winning prize?  The answer to those questions could change depending on the specifics of each questioned asked.  For example,  the “winner” determined by who showed more profitable income may also be the “loser” determined by who spent more quality time with their family.  So, so much to be considered with every decision we make.  And every decision we make is based around “TIME”.

This is life, folks.  EVERYTHING affects EVERYTHING!  And everything has both good and bad consequences.  The reasons we do the things we do can be viewed as both good and bad, as well.  For example…spending so much time working to provide nice things for your family, thereby losing touch WITH your family.  OR… spending less time working to allow growth of those family relationships, thereby earning less income and lowering your ability to provide.  How do we manage our priorities in a manner consistent with our values?  Tough question. And choosing one over the other affects so, so much!

The answer for “ME” is to always give the best of myself at any given moment.   Make each moment really count no matter where I am, who I’m with, or what I’m doing.   I know that the “best of myself” changes daily and it may not always be good enough. I do not, however,  allow a bad day to get me down and keep me down.  TOMORROW…is always a NEW DAY.  And you know what?  “TOMORROW”…is ALWAYS better when I’m having a bad “TODAY!”

Keeping up with today’s pace is tough.  Faster, faster, faster!  More, more, more!!!  I still say…“I’D RATHER BE A TURTLE…” slow, but sure.  🙂

Good luck “pacing” yourself depending on those choices you make!  Keep things positive for yourself while being realistic.  And remember… always seek to improve yourself while seeking to increase the success of your team(s).