Daily Archives: November 3, 2013


“TEAM ALLEN” consists of 3 different sub-teams, uniting to form a “whole”:

#1)  This team consists of me and my Lord:  God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.

#2)  This team is comprised of my husband, Christopher, and myself.

#3)   This team includes our immediate family:  Christopher, myself, Danielle, and Chase.

1)  I guess you could say that I’m a “late bloomer” when it comes to my Christian Faith.  My life has been impacted by traumatic events.  I can now see how God has been there, sustaining me through the difficult times.  Gently guiding me along this journey I call “My Life”.  He is amazing.  He “opened my eyes”, revealing truths that have guided both, my journey of Life and my journey of Faith.  ALL GLORY BE TO GOD.  AMEN.

2)  Christopher Bartlett Allen is my “SOUL MATE”.  God, surely, is the Master behind our “chance” meeting. Chris from New Hampshire.  Me from Ohio.  Both just happening to be in Daytona Beach, FL at the exact same time, each on our separate paths…THAT COLLIDED!!!  Married 18 years, Chris has been that “rock” of stability required to get me and “us” through the roughest days of my journey.  I thank God for my husband, daily.

3)  Our immediate family, comprised of Christopher, myself, Danielle and Chase.  We make up a strong team with a solid base of Christianity, stumbling, but growing in Faith.  Danielle and Chase  are amazing, each in their own “light”.  Both teenagers, 16 and 14.  Together…there are no words to describe their bond as brother and sister.  Chris and I have been blessed beyond measure.

Now, “Team Allen” has existed for quite awhile.  We go through spurts, as with everything else in life, but mini “pep-rallies” are common at our house.  “GO TEAM ALLEN!!!” is the  cheer often chanted to begin our mornings in the right “mind-set”.  I have also been known to blast High School Musical’s song, “We’re All In This Together” while marching (as if I’m the sole leader out in front of a huge band, marching with knees HIGH, holding my imaginary conductor’s, wand-like, stick and singing along with the music…LOUDLY!!!)  Oh, heaven help me if either child has a friend over during one of these episodes!  Both kids have been tortured with embarrassment due to my whimsical displays in the presence of others!!!  Oh, and I sooooo enjoy embarrassing them!

So, there you have it…I AM A NUT…THE CRAZY ONE!!!  Pretty cool how I managed to combine 2 different objectives into this one post…1) introducing you to the concept of “TEAM ALLEN”, and 2) sharing another part of “MY World” at the same time!!!  🙂