Daily Archives: November 1, 2013


Just had one of those “moments” that makes you want to shout “TAH-DAH!”  The smaller teams that we’re a part of, ABSOLUTELY, have an impact on the over-all success of…”TEAM USA,” and ultimately, “TEAM WORLD.”  I know this is a HUGE concept, but please think about this for a moment…

Individual success = doing your best to improve your teams.  To add something “positive”.

Marital success = keeping that love alive.  Working towards combined goals…TOGETHER.

Family success = keeping this unit strong and TOGETHER!  This is our children’s first, and most important, example of commitment.

Job success = showing up on time, being professional, always be willing to “grow”, display a helpful attitude, get to know your co-workers, personally.  Keep things POSITIVE!

Community success, state success, country success, and…yep, even WORLD success are all dependent upon the success of the smaller teams within each bigger team.  This is so, so important, folks.  BAD things happen to GOOD people!  We all know this.  It’s how we deal with those bad things that directly impact EVERY OTHER team that we’re a part of, as well.  Remember…Negative breeds MORE negative.  Please, please TRY to find the good in EVERY situation.  This is difficult.  I know.  But also remember that positive breeds positive, as well.  There is a good side to everything.  This can turn your life around, folks.  Now challenge yourself to find the positive in situations.  And if you are unable to get to this point on your own than seek additional help.  Again, I tend to believe that a steady supply of anger or negativity implies an inner turmoil that needs to be dealt with, professionally.

And I feel compelled to conclude with my opinion that God is also a required element in MY life in order to achieve true success.  I am growing in my Faith daily.  I know that He is with me.  Always has been.  I will NEVER, EVER feel “ALONE” again!  HE IS WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!  Are you ready?   AMEN.