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Ok, I will now try to explain how I arrived back at this next, “cute” little story I am about to re-call about my days growing up in Fayette, OH…

I often re-read through my posts, checking and re-checking for grammatical or factual errors, and I came upon that post where I mentioned that I was 18 years old when I, OPENLY, started smoking…HAHAHA!!!  THIS IS HYSTERICAL, FOLKS!!!

ANYWAYS…there were a few of us…on our 6th grade camp-out at Harrison Lake State Park…(I’m chuckling deep inside myself at this)…who “admitted” to smoking cigs during that overnight event!!!  Yep, I WAS ONE OF THEM!!!

I remember the principal asking each of us, individually, if we had participated.  I COULD NOT LIE, even at the young age of…???  What…11?  I did not know God at that time in my life, however He was deep within me.  He knew my struggles.  Oh yes, He was with me.  Lying would have been easy.  And I WOULD have avoided punishment, however, LYING…WAS NOT AN OPTION.  I confessed to the truth and faced my punishment…like an 11 year old little girl!!!

So, the punishment?  Informing our parents…and returning to school with a hand-written note confirming that we had done so!!!  I’m just CERTAIN that I “practiced” forging this hand-written note–probably a few times before giving up.  I panicked the ENTIRE weekend, right up until Sunday afternoon!!!  I just HAD to do it and get it over with!!!  I broke down, IMMEDIATELY…crying and babbling like…an 11 year old girl caught smoking on the 6th grade camp-out at Harrison Lake State Park!!!

Boy, was that punishment horrible!!!  In retrospect, however, neither parent could say a word.  And I should have known that.  Ya see, both of my parents were “heavy” smokers.  Parent by example, right?  Wow, another realization…signs of my “inner turmoil” were actually being displayed at age 11.  DOUBLE WOW!!!

So anyways, I expect…and look forward to getting comments back from some of my 6th grade, delinquent buddies regarding memories of this event.  I do remember this as being a FUN time…at the campout…not smoking!  We each took, probably 1-3 itty-bitty “hits” off of a cigarette.  I don’t remember who brought them, but in all honesty…IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME!!!  I “snuck” cigarettes from my parents ALOT!!!  If they were Kent III’s, then I BROUGHT ’em!!!  Anyone remember?

Ah, it feels good to recount memories with a smile on my face!  WE WERE THE BEST, right?  Gorham-Fayette class of ’83!!!  OMG!!!  I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS!!!  I think my former classmates are together…RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE…at our 30 yr. HS reunion back in OH!!!  DOUBLE OMG!!!  I could not make this up, folks!!!  And I’ll BET that that 6th grade camp-out makes it into tonight’s discussion!!!  Oh, I miss you guys!!!  I am now going to FB Suzy and see if you all have access to a computer to read this post…right there…at… and DURING our 30 year reunion!!!  WOW!!!  God Bless you all!!!  It has been a very long, yet VERY short 30 years!!!




WOW!!!  Not sure that I am ready for this, folks, but I am being “nudged”.  And I WILL move…in the direction I feel that I am being “pushed” or “pulled”…

Again…I need to pray before beginning this post as I am uncertain as to it’s consequences.  Heavenly Father, guide me.  Please help me to find the “right” words for what I am about to say.  I do so, by desiring to “Help”  people on their journeys through this life…simply seeking to survive.  Please, Lord, protect all of those impacted by what I am about to disclose about the suffering I have endured along my life’s journey.  The suffering that, certainly, brought You into my life…walking beside me(with me)…walking in front of me(guiding me)…walking behind me(to catch me)…and MOST importantly…Carrying me during those difficult times when I was too weak or broken to continue moving forward..  Praise be to Jesus.  All glory be to God!!!  Amen.

Allrighty then, with added strength…I will move forward…As a young and fragile child, folks, my life was destroyed.  I learned how to NOT trust.  I became very confused.  Angry.  Controlling…”CRAZY”.  Delusional.  Perhaps…”PSYCHO”!!!  Nothing in life made ANY sense at all!  I was NEVER happy ANYWHERE   because I WAS NOT HAPPY WITHIN MYSELF!!!

Child molestation.  Yep, I WAS A VICTIM!  Please do not get hung up on the “who”?  None of that matters anymore.  Believe me…NONE OF THAT MATTERS ANYMORE!!!  I AM A SURVIVOR, folks.  A survivor, seeking to help others survive.  I have come to believe that this is the “PURPOSE” of life…surviving and helping others to survive.  We all suffer our own, unique challenges, folks.  GOD IS WITH US!  Now, let go of the pain that is stopping you from being all that you can be. GIVE ALL THAT PAIN UNTO THE LORD.  LET IT GO.  HE WILL CARRY YOU THROUGH YOUR DARKEST HOURS.  HE  WANTS TO BE YOUR HERO!!!

WOW!  Difficult post.  I can only hope that I have hurt no one.




I “feel” it, folks.  America’s pride is returning!!!  And our God is HERE TO STAY!!! THIS IS AMERICA!!!  WE ARE ALL AMERICAN!!!  AND WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!! GO TEAM USA!!!  AMEN!!!

First and foremost…OUR GOD IS HERE TO STAY.  I am not “dissing” ANYONE or ANYTHING, but…THIS IS AMERICA!!!  ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!!  We do not have to let go of “WHO” we are in order to welcome others into this GREAT country with OPEN ARMS!!!  WE ACCEPT EVERYONE!!!  AND WE LOVE EVERYONE!!!  We are “losing” who we are, however, by trying too hard to make others feel accepted here.

People come here “because of” who and what we are.  WE WILL NO LONGER BE THAT [great country]…IF…WE KEEP CHANGING TO BE LIKE EVERY OTHER COUNTRY!!!  WE ARE AMERICA, folks!!!  Let’s hang onto those things that…MAKE…US…GREAT!!!  GOD.  COUNTRY.  FAMILY.  FREEDOM.

“Helping people.  Help people.  Helping people WANT to help people!!!”  THAT MAKES NOOOOO SENSE, BUT…I LOVE IT!!!  “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!”  I am feeling the need to play that song, “We’re All In This Together,” theme song from High School Musical (yes girls, the movie with Zac Efron…and yes guys…Vanessa Hudgens!!!)  while marching (as if I’m the sole leader out in front of a huge band, marching with knees high, holding my imaginary conductor’s wand and singing along…LOUDLY!!!)  🙂

Please let us not forget who we are.  Others have come here BECAUSE of who we are.  Now…”WHY”, on earth, would ANYBODY think of trying to change who we are???  Sorry.  But folks…”I JUST DON’T GET THAT!!!”  Let’s keep things simple, okay?  WE BECAME SOOOOO GREAT BECAUSE OF WHO WE WERE.  Now, how can we still be sooooo great…IF…WE BECOME WHO WE ARE NOT???  Hhhmmm, that sure makes ya think, doesn’t it?






This is going to be a good post, folks… IF I am able to “capture” all of those ideas that go along with it…

What was your first thought when reading the title for this post…”Conning…the professionals”?  Something negative, right?  Purposeful deceit.  A conscious decision to misguide someone’s thoughts or opinions, right?

In most instances, that is the case.  Purposeful deceit.  A conscious decision to misguide someone’s thoughts or opinions.  Gangsters!!!  Criminals!!!  Oh, yes…”these” are those few bad apples amongst the group…”Bad”…by choice.  This choice made, undeniably, as a result of an individual’s… “ISSUES,” A.K.A…:  “PLATE OF CRAP”!!!

What about those individuals who “con” professionals unknowingly?  And is that even possible?  Well, yes.  I propose that it IS possible.  And I can say that because “that”… is what I did.  It wasn’t purposeful, folks.  It was my mind’s unwillingness to accept the truth….OR…It was God protecting me until I was ready to handle that truth?  OR…was it God protecting others…from me…because He knew how I would respond to that truth?  Wow!  I’m uncertain of the answer to those questions.  They are making me think, however…

Hhhmmm.  Denial.  A protection mechanism?  Protecting whom?  The victim?  The perpetrator?  The supporting cast?  I am sinking into my own thoughts, folks.  Deeper…and…DEEPER…

I am lost, again…searching for answers to questions I’ve been asking for many, many years.  My heart aches right now, to be honest.  It aches because I am aware of my suffering.  I suddenly, however, feel uncertain as to whether God had been protecting “me” or not.  Wow!!!  I apologize, folks.  This is a difficult time for me.  I am  searching for “answers,” yet again.  Needing, desperately, to feel that I, too, “mattered” or was “worthy” of God’s protection…???  Perhaps I just need to “BE STILL”.  Yeah , that’s it.  I need to go and spend some alone time with God, my Savior…

Have a blessed evening, folks.  I feel truly blessed to have been inspired to share my life story and to use my suffering to, perhaps, “HELP” others along their difficult journey called “LIFE”.


Amen.  All glory be to God.



Finally!!!  I will now address that last question…

3.)  WHO, exactly, benefits by taking from the “RICH” to give to the “POOR”?

Hhhmmm…ANY ideas what MY opinion is, folks?  I will say this…I truly believe that goals are accomplished by emulating those tactics employed by people who are ALREADY successful.  “COPY” what they have done to get where they are!!!  Learn from and follow those who are already where you want to be!

Question…Why listen to and follow somebody who, supposedly, “supports” the POOR, but lives a lifestyle like the “RICH?”  Is it just me?  Or does something smell…”FISHY”?  Whew!  The odor is enough to KNOCK ME OVER!!!  Come on, folks!!!  Something STINKS!!!

In desiring to be an entrepreneur in this marvelous country, THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD…I think it makes more sense to follow a man who leads by example.  AND…if I want to be rich, than I want to follow a rich man who wants to allow “ME” to be rich, also,  and to enjoy the “fruits of my labor”.  Why would I follow a rich man who demonizes the rich, but yet lives a rich lifestyle?  Am I missing something?

I can “hear” your ranting, folks.  “Those horrible RICH people steal and cheat to get their riches!!!”  And, what can I say?  You’re right.  Some do.  Tell me, why is it that we only ever hear about those who stumble and lose their way due to “greed”?  Those nasty, horrible RICH people?

Well, what about ALL of those God fearing, tremendously giving individuals who truly use their money to “HELP” others?  There are ALOT of them, folks.  The media just never “highlights” those individuals.  WE RARELY HEAR ABOUT THEIR GOOD DEEDS.  WHY???  I DO NOT “GET” THIS, AMERICA!!!  If you want good…REPORT THE GOOD.  Don’t you see what happens when you only report the bad?  YOU GET BAD!!!  HELLO!!!  IS ANYBODY PAYING ATTENTION???

So, who benefits by taking money from the RICH and, supposedly, giving it to the POOR?  Hhhmmm?  Any guess what my opinion is?  That’s right!!!  The American Government!!!  They are ALL rich, but they are MAKING more and more of us POOR!  What a minute…don’t “THEY” work for “US”?  They get richer, while we as the people, get poorer?  They vote to legally steal more and more of our money via the guise of “taxes,” while also voting to give raises to THEMSELVES…USING OUR MONEY???  WHAT???  THEY WORK FOR US?  THEY’RE GETTING RICHER WHILE US HARD WORKING FOLKS GET POORER???  OMG!!!  There’s that “ODOR” AGAIN!!!

I do not have all of the answers, folks.  Something just doesn’t seem right.  And yes, I am white.  Please don’t call me racist.  You don’t know me.  I LOVE PEOPLE!!!  ALL PEOPLE!!!  This is, definitely, a topic for another post…”RACISM” in America.  But not now, folks.  MY HEAD HURTS!!!  Too, too many thoughts racing through my mind.  I have got to, somehow, turn my brain’s switch to “OFF” so that I can get some rest…

“TODAY” is already a “NEW” day!!!  My I-phone says it is 2:02 am, ET!!!  All I know folks is that I love America!!!  And I want to, somehow, HELP.  I plan on going to work this day and doing MY VERY BEST TO…”MAKE TODAY COUNT”!!!  (Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE my job???)  For myself.  For my family.  For my community.  For my state.  For OUR country.  For OUR world!!!



THE “RICH”… VS. …THE “POOR”, con’t.

And now…another response…

2.)  “THE POOR.”  This group definitely refers to the “homeless”.  Those citizens who are not working and are supported, strictly, by our country’s “welfare” program”.  And those who receive Gov’t aid, but also supplement that income with some-type of labor, as well, working “sometimes,”but not steadily.  The elderly?  The young adults?  The disabled?  The “abled”?  Americans?  Immigrants?  Legal?  Illegal?  Children?, etc., etc., etc.

Now… let’s just “toy” with the idea that this category…the “poor” ALSO includes the working, or middle class?  What?  How can this be?  But WAIT a minute…doesn’t our Gov’t “TAKE” from  those horrible rich people to “GIVE” to the poor people?

What about those of us who are managing, but barely?  Working hard, trying to keep up “appearances,” but experience that anxiety associated with the realization that we are “moving” backwards–in terms of our “savings” accounts.  Or our “retirement.”  Many of us may not even have anything “extra” to fall back on.  You know, those living “paycheck-to-paycheck”?

Now, ALL of these working, middle-class folks are surely considered the “poor,” right?  Barely making ends meet?  Slipping more and more…behind?  For how long?  When does this stop?  Will it ever stop?  Scary questions.  Too scary to ask?  Definitely TOO SCARY to even care about knowing or finding the answer, right!?!  Are we just, blindly, allowing this to happen…out of fear?  Not knowing  “IF” or “WHAT” to do to turn things around!  Who do we believe?  Who is wanting to help “who”?

WOW, folks.  My head hurts!  I need more time to think before addressing that 3rd, and FINAL question:  “WHO, exactly benefits from taking from the “RICH” to give to the “POOR”?

I, again, look forward to continuing this discussion…”LATER”…Please check back, folks…





Okay, folks.  I posed some pretty difficult…and divisive…questions in my post on 11/24/2013, “LIFE=TODAY’S #1 KILLER”.  We are a team.  We’re all in this together, right?  If you have not read that previous post yet, then please do so now…

Before starting, I need to pray for a moment, asking for God’s guidance.  I am asking Him to expand my territory so that I may touch the lives of MANY, MANY more people in a positive manner, yielding positive changes for our beloved country.  I have experienced “challenges” in my life and  have chosen to utilize my difficulties…”suffering”… to somehow…Help.  “HELPING OTHERS, HELP OTHERS, HELPING OTHERS WANT TO HELP OTHERS!!!”  So, so random…doesn’t make ANY sense, but I LOVE THAT PHRASE!!!  Feel free to use it, folks!!!

Okay.  I know that I’m procrastinating, but this…”wrabbling” –writing idly or foolishly (I just made that up myself, folks)  🙂 –Get it?  Babbling?  Wrabbling?  Well…IT’S WORKING!!!  I’ve written enough now that I don’t need to write anymore, right?  WRONG!!!  WE ARE GOING IN, FOLKS!  FEET FIRST!  Now if ANYONE is offended by ANYTHING…address ALL complaints to my husband “Christopher”…he, sooooo, influences my opinion!  In fact…he MAKES my opinions FOR me!  That’s “IF” you don’t like or agree with this post’s content.  😉

We will now break things down to look at each question separately.  AND…to address possible answers…

1.)  WHO, exactly, are those “RICH”?

2.)  WHO, exactly, are those “POOR”?

3.)  WHO, exactly, benefits from taking from the “RICH” to give to the “POOR”?

And now…my response…

1.)  “THE RICH.”  This can refer to any person, business, corp., or entity that has substantial  funds or assets that continue growing in and of themselves.  This group pays the majority of taxes collected by our local and federal governments.  And why do they pay more?  Because they “have” more?  And is that really fair?  Does that encourage each of us to do more or to do less?

Now, let’s just consider something… what if this category…the “rich” can also be considered to include the working, or middle class?  You know, the ones of us who are hurt the MOST when those higher taxes on just the “rich” result in the higher cost of goods and services  purchased regularly…by all of us… OUCH!!!  I mean, the working “upper” and “lower”classes of the, so-called, “Middle-class”, are the people that get hit the hardest…, by supposedly, taxing only the wealthiest of Americans.  Don’t we also get stuck paying more because of those increased taxes?  It, somehow, trickles down to us to help “off-set” those hardships caused by increasing taxes in the first place.

And why even assume the risks associated with starting, owning or running a business at ALL If those increased risks aren’t financially beneficial?  Why do extra if you don’t get extra?  What makes doing more worth it?  Doing more definitely brings on more “headaches,” concerns and responsibilities.  NOBODY, in their right mind, willingly takes on “MORE” unless if offers something…”MORE,” right?  TIME is valuable.  LIFE passes by quickly.  Try to waste as little as possible.

Enough “wrabbling.”  The “real” rich people will ALWAYS be rich.  They didn’t get that way by accident.  They understand how to use their money to make more money.  And they have enough “extra” to do this.  Those of us in the “middle class,” however, are forced to pay more for less due to those increased taxes.  This causes us to slip backwards until we become a part of that working Poor category.  Many of which will eventually become part of the non-working Poor.

I propose that life is difficult, folks.  Giving up is easier than fighting to just barely “get by”.  Desperately hanging on  to what?  For what?  And why?  Dignity?  Self-pride? Wanting to…”  Help”?  Help who?  So, so many questions…

I am a proud American, folks.  A survivor.  WE ARE ALL SURVIVORS, surviving “LIFE”!!!  Everybody has “their story”.  What’s YOURS?  Have you paid  enough attention to the details of your story to “get” what it is that your life is all about?  And have you tried to read between the lines in order to “find that little “nugget” of insight, hidden somewhere, that reveals your purpose?

WOW!!!  Too much to think about for one post…please ponder the questions posed regarding this one group of individuals until I feel capable of addressing the other two (2) categories originally proposed.  I need to “think,” folks.  TOO, TOO MUCH flooding my brain right now.

Please, please keep hanging on, folks.  Give life your best shot.  If we all do our best, who knows…maybe something will have helped to make this day count…for somebody…somewhere.  I’m hanging on!  ARE YOU?  Come on, sounds fun, right?  WE CAN ALL “HANG”  ON TOGETHER!!! (Do you “see” what I “see”?  Sorry folks, but I am a “visual” thinker…I, literally “see” what I am thinking!  And that’s not always a pretty sight!!)  🙂

I look forward to continuing this discussion…LATER…  Please check back, folks…




I need a little more time to ponder yesterday’s questions before responding:

1.  Who are the “RICH”?

2.  Who are the “POOR”?

3.  Who benefits by taking from the rich to give to the poor?

I’m just not quite ready to tackle that  difficult task tonight…SOOOOO…the “filler” post will be regarding ANOTHER “CRAZY” incident , depicting the life of “JILL”… ME!!!

Okay, my daughter “lost her breakfast” early this am, but I made her go to school anyway.  She texted me about 20 min. before the first class started asking me to come and get her because she felt horrible.  I was Not ready for work yet.  My hair looked hideous, partially curled. I did not have one bit of make-up on!  I was over-tired from lack of sleep due to my brain’s current over-load of information for this blog. I was dressed in disheveled-looking scrubs that had been thrown in a clump of clean clothes on the couch!  My husband and I STILL argue over his lack of concern for “straightening” clean clothes after bringing them in from the dryer!!!  This is a monthly “hot button” for me, if ya know what I mean???  🙂  Oh, and have I mentioned that I had not brushed my teeth yet!!!  YUCK!!!

I decided to race out to the school and just pick her up, in the “parent drop-off/pick-up lane…with horrible hair, NOT ONE BIT of make-up on my face, disheveled-looking navy scrubs on my body, and horrible morning breath with un-brushed teeth!!!  I’m so proud of “me” for getting there so quickly…BEFORE SCHOOL…to pick her up without having to enter the building…BEFORE SCHOOL.  This was not the case, folks!!!  Danielle sent a message saying that I would need to go in to the front office, AFTER ALL, to sign her out…EVEN BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED!!!  What???  Are  you kidding me?  I swallowed my pride, folks, and entered that school as if I were feeling…CONFIDENT!!!  Horrible hair, no make-up, disheveled scrubs, morning breath, and un-brushed teeth!!!

Of course I had planned to turn the craziness of the situation into a memorable event!  So, what did I do?  I walked right behind the long desk in that front office to hand my I-phone to a woman in charge for the purpose of capturing my frightful appearance on film as proof of what, exactly, I will do for my daughter!!!  You just call when you need me and I will be there!!!  Oh, and did I mention how I had only gotten a few hours of sleep due to my brain’s current “overload status of ideas to write about for this blog???  So now the picture is forming, right?  Very tired mom, horrible hair, NO make-up, disheveled scrubs, morning breath, and un-brushed teeth!!!  Entering High School to pick up my sick, 16 year-old daughter!!!  Office staff quickly responded in red alert mode:  Crazed, disheveled-looking mom seeking volunteer to photograph this moment in time right in the front office as proof that I had actually gone there…LOOKING like…THAT!!!

Needless to say…I did not get this moment captured on film.  This was not allowed inside the school. My daughter died of embarrassment and even refused to be in a photo with me out by my vehicle, in the school parking lot!  I just wanted proof that I had actually done this for her!  I guess you could say that I am the only one who saw the humor in this.  My original plan had been to shake hands and report…”Jill For President” while approaching slowly and extending my right arm, with help from my left arm, to shake their hand as my mouth/lips puckered, quite notable.  They were not gonna allow any of this craziness to occur in the school right before school started.  My daughter cried.  I felt “stupid,” but quickly replaced this feeling with unresolved drive and determination  to make this motivational team-building venture a success!  Stay tuned, folks, for new promotional items…COMING SOON!!!  In association with




WOW!!!  I sure hope the content of this post is as powerful as the title!  I’m not real sure where to begin OR even where to end, but…  READY OR NOT, HERE WE GO…

Allrighty then…LIFE?  #1 killer?  Boy, that doesn’t make sense, OR…does it?  Think about that, folks.  Living life each day according to it’s demands?  STRESS, STRESS, and MORE STRESS!!!

The high-tech gadgets designed to…”make life easier”…have actually…INCREASED DAILY DEMANDS…thereby…”making life even more… DIFFICULT!!!”  This makes complete sense.  Completing tasks easier–“quicker” is what that really means– frees up our time to increase productivity!!!  MORE, MORE, MORE!!!

Okay folks, I can “hear” your rantings through this computer screen already, even though I have not published this post…YET!  “Our Government is punishing the successful people by legally “stealing”, via taxes, from the RICH to give to the POOR!!! ”  OR…”Those greedy business owners!!!  Boy, I summed that up pretty good, huh?  Here we go again…pitting the rich against the poor!  NONSENSE!!!   This is ridiculous, folks!!!

#1:  WHO, exactly, are those RICH? 

#2:  WHO, exactly, are those POOR?

#3:  WHO , exactly, benefits by taking from the RICH and giving to the POOR?

Ponder those questions for awhile, folks.  My next post will address each question individually.  Heavenly Father, please help me to find the “right” wording so that I do not hurt or anger the feelings of ANYONE!!!  In Jesus’ name I pray.  AMEN.


I MUST BE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, so sorry, folks.  But, I am asking you to come along with me on “this”   R-I-D-E…( RUN the other way while you still can!!!)  Yep…”WE’RE GOIN’ IN…” to, yet, another part of “MY WORLD”!!!

What did I say!!!???  I’m not sure where…, but I SWEAR I just read…SOMEWHERE…in this blog…where I wrote something like this:  “SUFFERING IS GOOD”!!!  WHAT!!!???  I MUST BE INSANE!!!  I will NOT be surprised if that white van shows up here, at this wee hour in the am…4:30…with those stick figure, skinny folks…to strap me into that solid white “STRAIGHT-JACKET,” drive me off and lock me AWAY in that “padded” room!!!  🙂

Not REAL sure where these ideas I get are coming from, but WOW!!!  “SUFFERING IS GOOD!!!”  DOUBLE WOW!!!  Do you “SEE” what I see?  I am, currently, picturing Jesus on that cross, spilling his blood…to pay for what?  OUR SINS???  So that we may have the opportunity, IF WE SO CHOOSE, to enjoy “ETERNAL LIFE”???  In the presence of God???  Our maker???  WOW!!!  That “SUFFERING” Jesus endured for us was a whole lot better than just…”GOOD”!!!  AMEN!!!

AGAIN…I sit here at this computer…STUNNED, if not AMAZED!!!