Daily Archives: October 30, 2013


So, how many different teams are you a member of?  Do you even want to be a member of all those teams?  Do you fully understand your role(s)?  Are you committed?  Today’s world is so fast paced and competitive that you need to be SURE of what teams you’re a member of and what role(s) you’re expected to fill.  Seek to offer the best of yourself , daily, to contribute positively to the success of that or those team(s).

Now,  our performance level may vary from time to time.   We all have bad days.  Ups and downs.  Twists and turns.  Speed bumps and blockades along the road of our journeys.  This is okay.  This is referred to as part of the difficult, or “down” side to life.  Just don’t let a bad day get you down and keep you down.  Pick yourself up and keep moving forward.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Remember, you are part of a team.  Just do your best at any given moment and remember…you can rely on other team members as appropriate.  Discuss issues openly and honestly.  Allow others that opportunity to “help,” either by just listening or by taking over some of your responsibilities.   You might be surprised.  People like to feel “needed” or “helpful.”  Those who don’t?  Well, they have “issues.”  Unresolved issues.  🙂

Now, the ideal teams to be a part of are those consisting of a good leader, one who has the knowledge and skill for building a successful team.  And committed team players as the  supporting cast.  This team will work together well, eagerly following their leader while doing their best.  Success, folks.  That’s what we all want, right? Individual team members should focus on ways of improving their individual performance as a means of improving team success.

And, what about those team members who don’t take their role(s) seriously?  You know them…the “slackers,” right?  Be a good example.  Be helpful.  Be a friend.  Try not to allow resentment (anger) to affect your performance negatively.  Don’t we all experience discontent on the job, perhaps anger, when other members don’t seem to be “pulling their weight?”  Of course we do!  We NEVER really know what is going on in the lives or minds of our teammates.  Perhaps they have family-related, financial, or personal problems completely unrelated to the job.  Remember…EVERYBODY has their “plate of crap” that goes with them EVERYWHERE, affecting EVERYTHING!!!  Perhaps team mates  don’t feel secure or competent in their abilities regarding certain tasks.  OR…PERHAPS THEY ARE JUST LAZY AFTER ALL!!!  Who knows?  But, be supportive and encourage their growth by helping as necessary.  Try to keep things positive and moving forward.  A negative response will yield a negative result.