Daily Archives: October 28, 2013


“Life is not fair.”  We’ve all heard that before, right?  Well, what exactly does that mean?  And how do people REALLY feel when it comes to the “fairness” of situations?  Let’s examine this a bit closer…

Children, ages 0 to 13-ish, often report things NOT being fair when it comes to competitive situations; anything requiring extra effort (work) on their part; or the division of portions, esp. candy, between 2 or more individuals.  Teenagers seem to get real hung up on the fairness of things, including curfews and their permissible attendance to certain events.  Parents often respond to their children’s complaints by saying:  “Well, life is not fair for anybody.  Period!”  This is generally a statement made in an attempt to make them realize that it really doesn’t matter if they think it’s fair or not , right?  “IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!”  And that’s another famous quote I use frequently!

So what about adults’ sense of “fairness?”  This gets pretty deep, folks.  Spouses may feel a sense of “un-fairness” regarding who makes more money, who does more for the kids, or who does more work around the house, etc.  Fairness may come into play on the job, as well, in terms of work load or responsibilities, perhaps salary comparisons- although this should not be a topic of conversation between co-workers. Employment specifics are disclosed and discussed before employment begins.  The agreement should have never been reached if the terms were not acceptable.  Bottom line.

And what about this last group of adults to be discussed:   American citizens, AKA “TEAM USA.”  So tell me, folks…WHAT IS FAIR?  Our country is divided, hugely.  What happened to “one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all?”  There is definitely injustice for ALL  of us!!!  We are so messed up as a nation that NOTHING IS FAIR FOR ANYBODY!!!

And what does our perception of fairness say about each of us?  Again, I am referring to adults ONLY.  Let’s take a look at the two major categories of which most Americans fit into:

1) Life = “Fair”:  These individuals are well-adjusted and reality-based.  They seldom get involved in conflict regarding the fairness of situations.

2)  Life = “Unfair”:  These individuals tend to be pessimistic.  They seem to be angry much of the time.  Always complaining.  Conflict surrounds them.

Now, people may fall anywhere in between those two groups as well, but I have only selected these two for the purpose of discussion.  Group #1:  Religious, happy, content, and motivated.  They attend church regularly.  These individuals begin and end each day with a sense of enthusiasm/accomplishment.  Group #2:  Non-religious, unhappy, discontent and un-motivated.  Never go to church.  Have difficulty making it to work on time and they miss work frequently.

Group  # 1 will be successful, giving, and caring.  Group #2 will struggle through each day, demand more assistance in life with their own life, and will not help others in need.  Why is this?  What causes this selfish behavior of expecting help, but not wanting to give help?  Here it is, folks…my famous line at work:  “They have issues!”  Unresolved issues.  And would probably benefit from being in my support group, “Tissues For Issues.”  🙂

Serious, folks.  This is life.  Everybody has a lot to deal with daily.  Look at your coping techniques for handling different situations.  I believe that extreme negativity indicates inner turmoil.  An inner turmoil that you may or may not be aware of.  Do not be afraid to seek help.  Medical, psychological, or any other treatment recommended that might be beneficial.  And as a Christian in progress, I highly recommend  that you turn to God for guidance.  Amen.