Daily Archives: October 25, 2013


We have started a weekly tradition at the nursing home where I work in an attempt to unite ALL of us:  Democrats, Republican’s, The TEA Party-“ers”, The Taking Back America-“ers”, Independents, and whatever -else-“ers” are developing across this country!!!  Bottom line, Folks…WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!!!  What are we doing???  I’ll tell you what we are doing…WE ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!!!  FROM WITHIN!!!  I just want to scream…”STOP!!!”

I work in the Rehab. Dept. at a local nursing home and we are all like family–across the board.  Administrator, administrative staff, front office staff, Dept. heads, nurses, CNA’s, therapists, kitchen staff, laundry staff, floor and maintenance staff and any others I may have forgotten.  I apologize if I overlooked anyone.  We are comprised of a very diversified group of individuals belonging to various groups, including age, gender, race, religion, socioeconomic background, etc.  WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT!!!  With different thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.  We do a marvelous job, however, working together to accomplish team goals.  WE ARE A TRUE TEAM.  With all the usual difficulties encountered between imperfect people.  LIFE WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER IF WE JUST DIDN’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH “PEOPLE”!!!

Staff, patients and visitors alike have been participating in a weekly tradition.  Fridays at 2:00 pm, ET.  We all meet in the facility’s dining room during our Activity Dept.’s regularly scheduled event and we all sing “God Bless America” together as a symbol that we are all Americans.  First and foremost.  We are also… ONE NATION UNDER GOD.  And OUR GOD IS HERE TO STAY!!!  Please join in this movement.  I’m hoping that this will become a tradition everywhere across the entire country.  This is still America!!!  The greatest country in the entire world!  It is time for us to UNITE!!!  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!  AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!  AMEN!!!